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Africa is also heading towards the Turkish-Islamic union

The Ottoman Empire, which at its height covered an area of 24 million km2, was a truly global empire that spread peace and security as far as Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Indeed, the security and well-being constructed under Ottoman rule are still remembered with love and aspiration even today. African states and nations, and not just those of North Africa, are looking to the foundation of an alliance under Turkish leadership and have embarked on a historic process. 

There can be no doubt that Adnan Oktar’s cultural mobilisation aimed at the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union has played a major role in this process. This is the first time in the history of the Republic that Turkey has pursued such an active and influential policy, and it is also the first time that its policies have received such widespread support. Adnan Oktar's book A Call for an Islamic Union, published in 2003, articles on the subject by him in various newspapers and journals, web sites about the Turkish-Islamic Union based on Mr. Oktar's works, and particularly in statements made during newspaper and television interviews have had a significant impact on public opinion. Adnan Oktar's call for unity and friendship in both former Ottoman territories and also in other regions involved employs a joyous love and excitement and is spreading in waves across the face of the world. In the wake of recent initiatives towards a Caucasian Alliance, intended to establish union in the Caucasus, an African Union meeting was held in Istanbul, and an African alliance under Turkish leadership was translated into reality. One noteworthy aspect during the course of these historic developments is that states lying outside the Turkish-Islamic world, Russia and the USA in particular, have supported these alliance initiatives and that non-Muslim states nevertheless lying in the region (such as Georgia and Armenia) are also keen to take their place in the alliance. This is confirmation that the states concerned have recognized that the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union so emphasized by Adnan Oktar will also be to the benefit of Russia, China, America and Israel, in short of the whole world.


Asia RFA Radio, East Turkestan-June 14,2008

Asia RFA: What areas do you mean when you refer to the Turkish-Islamic Union?

Adnan Oktar:
Everywhere from the Adriatic to China. Including the Caucasus and including Turkestan. It includes East Turkestan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan and Iran, all of them. ... There is one sole union. The Turkish-Islamic Union. It is a union established on the most flawless, glorious, powerful and credible foundations. It is a union that everyone will agree to and that includes everywhere within it. The Turkish-Islamic Union will defend Armenians, and the Jews of Israel. And Buddhists. And atheists. It will defend and protect them all.

Vatan TV, December 20, 2007

Adnan Oktar: My opinion is that the general world trend will be a good one. There will be union and unification, especially in the Turkish-Islamic world. Turkey will be the leader of the Islamic and Turkic worlds. I expect this will happen in 10-20 years...

Bosna TV-June 3, 2008

Adnan Oktar: The climate is now ideal for the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union. There are just about no obstacles at the moment. It could happen this very moment if we all gave the go-ahead. My colleagues published a newspaper notice the other day, calling for Azerbaijan to unite with Turkey. Excellent, positive messages poured in from all over the place. The president of Azerbaijan wants it. We speak with Palestine and they want it, an Islamic Union. Syria wants it, Iraq wants it, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, they all want it. Nobody is reluctant to see it. It merely needs to be given a name... 

Sabah, 18 August 2008
“Turkey Takes the Initiative in Africa”

Sabah, 19 August 2008
“Turkey Takes the Initiative in Africa”

Yeni Safak, 18 August 2008
“Turkey Hosts Africa”

“We are the successors to the Ottomans, and we love Africa.” These words, spoken by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan during the African Union Summit in Istanbul, were noteworthy in highlighting the peace and security brought to the region by the Ottomans. The Prime Minister went on to say: ”We look at Africa in a different way as the successors to the Ottoman Empire,” thus emphasizing Turkey’s leadership quality and the great historic responsibility attendant upon it.  In his writings and books, and also in  a number of recent interviews,  Adnan Oktar has also stressed that Turkey is the successor to the Ottoman Empire and has significant historical experience. One of Mr. Oktar's statements on the subject reads:

Al Baghdadi TV-April 30, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
The whole region was at ease in Ottoman times. In the general sense, though it was not total perfection. Mistakes were made. But we are not talking of resurrecting the Ottoman Empire and placing it at the helm again. We are not talking of the same Ottoman model being implemented again. Of course the mistakes and deficiencies of the Ottomans constitute an important source of experience. It will not repeat them, but will set in place evern better and even more accurate measures. History means experience. Avoiding the mistakes of the past gives rise to perfection. But in general terms, everyone is aware of the peace at that time, of the peace in Palestine. Everyone knows of the well-bring enjoyed by everyone in the whole Islamic world, in Morrocco, Tunisia and Algeria, in Ottoman times. They lived in peace, in wealth and plenty.

Vatan, 20 August 2008
“We are the successors to the Ottoman Empire, and we love Africa.”
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