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The impact of Adnan Oktar's messages of friendship and brotherhood: relations with Armenia are improving

In his books and articles, statements in the press and at all other available opportunities, Adnan Oktar emphasizes the importance of friendship and brotherhood and stresses that all forms of dispute and other problems can be resolved immediately through love and dialogue.  In recent television interviews in particular he notes that through the Turkish-Islamic Union friendship will prevail across the world, and that to that end Turkey and Azerbaijan must unite as two states, one nation. Adnan Oktar states that such a unification will be instrumental in bringing goodness and enlightenment to the whole region particularly in countries such as Armenia, Georgia and Russia, and goes on to describe how the various problems between Armenia and Turkey can be solved. He also states that the Turkish nation harbors no feelings of hostility toward anyone, that events of the past are best left in the past, that the 21st century will be an age of love and peace, that the Turkish nation has forgotten and forgiven the unfortunate incidents that happened in the past, and that the nation must treat its Armenian neighbors with love, tolerance and forgiveness. 

There have recently been very positive and welcome developments between the two countries, of exactly the kind described in the statements by Adnan Oktar. This became even more apparent during Turkish President Abdullah Gul's visit to Armenia. The way that the Armenians never referred to the so-called genocide during his trip, the way the lights at the so-called genocide monument were turned off, the way the Mount Agri logo was removed from the Armenian national football team’s shirts, and the way an official iftar meal was given for President Gül and his retinue are all very excellent developments. Current events also indicate that these positive steps will progress still further and that historic events will soon take place in the region. 


"THEY ARE ALSO OUR BROTHERS; let us live in the midst of one another.  Our commercial, artistic, scientific and cultural activities should be interconnected. We need each other in art, science, technology and all fields. Why should we live separately from one another? Let us found universities together, let us establish factories, and let us found scientific centers. Let us found universities in Armenia, and let Armenia found universities here.  Let art and science flourish. The days of iron curtains, stone walls are over. They must be torn down.” (Azerbaijan Respublica TV-September 2, 2008)

"The Armenians are our brothers. They are also very dear to us, insha’Allah. Armenia will also takes its place in the Turkish-Islamic Union, insha’Allah. They are making themselves unhappy over nothing. WE REGARD THEM AS BROTHERS. WE REGARD THEM AS FRIENDS. Insha’Allah, they will also assume their place in the loving arms of the Turkish-Islamic Union.  They will live in peace. Their security will be established. Insha’Allah, our Armenian brothers will be willing and happy to open up that Lachin corridor.  This gesture on the part of Armenia will cause us to love the Armenians even more, insha’Allah. They will pull back from Nagorny Karabagh, but they will come to Turkey in return for this, and they will come to Azerbaijan, and will do business and settle there as they wish. Let them be free to worship there as they wish. But there is also an unhealed wound. There is the closure of the Lachin corridor, the occupation of Nagorny Karabagh, and these are unnecessary... There is no hatred of Armenians in Turkey. Our Armenian brothers rose to the highest, most key points in the Ottoman Empire. Some of the best-known artists and doctors were Armenians. They are the People of the Book. They are our immaculate brothers. There is absolutely no need for such concerns. They may be hurt by things that happened in the past, but there was a war going on; Armenians and Muslims slaughtered each other. But we forgive them... WE HAVE FORGIVEN THEM, AND THEY MUST NOW LET IT GO. THERE MUST BE BILATERAL RECONCILIATION. THERE IS FORGIVENESS IN ISLAM, AND ALSO IN CHRISTIANITY. LET US LOVE ONE ANOTHER.” (Erzincan TV-July 14, 2008)

Adnan Oktar, who says that the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union will be a positive progress for all the countries in the region stated:

"This power will not work against them. It means greater wealth for Russia. It means greater wealth for Armenia. It means brand new factories and facilities in Armenia and Russia.  It means Armenian oil, Turkish oil, Turkish minerals being sold to Armenia or Russia, and a great increase in all the means at their disposal. Markets and trade will expand. Militarily, the risk will decline because Turkey has a friendly attitude toward Russia, not a hostile one.” (Azerbaycan Gazete 525-August 27, 2008)

"Armenia will be rich and more at ease as a result of this. At the moment it is poor and weak, industrialization is weak and they are not relaxed. The problems in |Armenia have been going on for a long time.  As a result of Turkish unification with Azerbaijan, Armenia will be many times wealthier than it is now, and much more at ease. Because Turkey will invest there and Azerbaijan will invest there. European investors will invest there. Armenia will be unrecognizably wealthier and more advanced, and will develop to its fullest extent in terms of industry, art and science.  That is what Armenia wants, too. The unification of Turkey and Azerbaijan poses no threat to Russia and Armenia; it rather represents a system that will eliminate any threat and bring them security.” (Azerbaijan State news-August 14, 2008)

Yeni Asya, 6 September 2008
“May the climate of friendship flourish”

Milliyet, 7 September 2008
“An optimistic start”

Bugün, 4 September 2008
“The public tell Gül to ‘Go to Yerevan’.”

Hürriyet, 5 September 2008

“Everyone will envy the picture in Yerevan”

Bugün, 5 September 2008

“We do not want enmity”

Türkiye, 5 September 2008

“Armenia is happy”

Türkiye, 5 September 2008

“Support from the business world for Gül’s visit to Yerevan”

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