DARKDANGERBIGOTRY.COMhttp://darkdangerbigotry.comdarkdangerbigotry.com - Conferences - Recently AddedenCopyright (C) 1994 darkdangerbigotry.com 1DARKDANGERBIGOTRY.COMhttp://darkdangerbigotry.comhttp://harunyahya.com/assets/images/hy_muhur.png11666QUR'AN LEADS THE WAY TO SCIENCEGod summons humanity to investigate and reflect upon the heavens, the earth, mountains, stars, plants, seeds, animals, the alternation of the night and the day, the creation of man, the rain and many other created things. Examining these, man comes to recognize the artistry of God's creation in the world around him, and ultimately, to know his Creator, Who created the entire universe and everything in it from nothing.

Religion not only encourages scientific study, but also permits that, supported by the truths revealed through religion, scientific research be conclusive and expeditious. The reason being, that religion is the only source to provide accurate and definitive answers as to how life and the universe came into being.

There is one fact that must be recognized clearly: science can achieve reliable results only if it adopts as its main objective the investigation of the signs of creation in the universe, and strives solely towards this end. Science may reach its ultimate goal in the shortest possible time only if it is pointed in the right direction, that is, if it is rightly guided.
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ISLAMIC UNIONThis conference deals with the Muslim world's need for the establishment of an Islamic Union and its importance for world peace in the light of the political, sociological and economic facts. The current situation clearly suggests that Muslims will influence the developments of the twenty-first century in one way or another. However, what really matters here is that this influence must benefit the Islamic world in particular and humanity in general. The first thing that comes to mind at this stage is whether the Islamic world can play such a role, given its present condition. No doubt, Muslims have the necessary ability and awareness to shoulder this responsibility. Since the era of the Prophet Mohammed (may God bless him and grant him peace), Muslims led the way in science, reason, thought, art, culture, and civilization, and produced many benefits for humanity. Muslims taught the world science, reasoning, medicine, art, hygiene, and countless other subjects. In order to restart the rise of Islam, powered by the Qur'an's light and wisdom, present-day Muslims have to acquire guidance based on the Qur'an's morality and the Prophet's (may God bless him and grant him peace) Sunnah (His example, or way of life). The Islamic world's disunity and fragmentation is an even more urgent and vital problem that must be resolved. The fact that the Muslims have not been able to create a powerful and active Islamic Union is a major contributor to many of today's ills. When a strong Islamic Union is formed, such problems will either not arise or will be resolved far quicker than anticipated.]]>http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Conferences/4611/islamic-unionhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Conferences/4611/islamic-unionWed, 22 Aug 2007 06:39:18 +0300ISLAM DENOUNCES TERRORISMTerrorism is a crime against humanity. It is a brutal attack on innocent people. Islam is a religion that means "peace". In the Koran, the Holy Book of Islam, God commands believers to bring peace and security to the world. Terrorism and all other mischief on Earth are the very acts that Muslims are commanded by God to stand against. The Islamic morality is the cure for terrorism, not the source of it. Those who resort to or support terrorism in the name of Islam are in a great error. They are committing a crime which God has cursed in the Koran. All true Muslims denounce terrorism of any kind, and share the sorrows of its victims.]]>http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Conferences/4610/islam-denounces-terrorismhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Conferences/4610/islam-denounces-terrorismWed, 22 Aug 2007 06:35:02 +0300THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSERuling over the world of science in the 19th century, the materialist philosophy had proposed that the universe is an uncontrolled heap of matter that existed since infinite time. The discoveries made in the twentieth century, however, entirely refuted this materialist claim. Today, science has proven that the universe had a beginning, that is, it was created from nothing. With this beginning called the Big Bang, both matter and time were created from nothing.

Moreover, the discoveries made in the last 30-40 years have revealed that the physical balances of the universe are organized in an extraordinarily precise way. All physical balances of the universe from the rate of the explosion (Big Bang), to the values of the four basic forces of physics, from the nuclear reactions in stars to the structure of atom, are tailored to support human life. The structure of the earth, its place in space, and its atmosphere are all designed just as they have to be. The physical and chemical properties of atoms such as carbon and oxygen, or molecules such as water are ordered to make human life possible. Shortly put, there is no room for coincidence in the universe. The entire universe is created according to a certain purpose and in a glorious equilibrium, harmony and order. This is the exalted and flawless creation of Allah, "the Lord of All Worlds".
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THE CREATION OF MANThe human body is the most complicated machine in the world. We see with it, hear with it, breathe with it, walk and run with it, and sense pleasure with it. Its bones, muscles, arteries, veins and internal organs are organized with marvellous design, and when we examine this design in detail we find even more amazing facts. Every part of the body, though each may seem to be so different from another, is made up of the same material: cells.

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