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As 2012 winds to a close, and we bid farewell to this year with it's ups and downs, let us take a few minutes to focus on a pop-culture phenomenon which has become the subject of discussion and debate over the past several years, and which has certainly become a subject of great interest, this year in particular: The 2012 phenomenon.

The 2012 phenomenon is both an erroneous New-Age idea as well as an apocalyptic concept, and now that the month of December is upon us, we would do well to examine this false belief in greater detail, so that we may have a greater understanding of what is sure to be a theme that we will encounter in the mass media with greater frequency as we get closer to December 21st of this year.

Therefore, let us begin with the actual facts, starting with the vanished civilization of the Mayans.

 The pre-Columbian Mayans were a fascinating people well-known by modern archeologists for their fully-developed writing system, their art, architecture and their highly developed mathematical and astronomical observations. Though the Mayan civilization itself is no more, the Mayan people still exist to this day and can be found in Guatemala, southern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, Belize, El Salvador, and western Honduras; indeed, there are some seven million people of Mayan descent found throughout the Central American region. Their civilization reached its zenith between the years 250 to 900 A.D. and gradually declined over the following centuries.

Aside from the impressive ruins of great Mayan cities such as Palenque and Chichen Itza, the Mayans also bequeathed to those civilizations who followed them a legacy which has survived well into the 21st Century; the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar.

The Mayans themselves did not invent the Long Count Calendar; it is believed by most archeologists that it was actually invented by the Olmecs, an earlier vanished civilization. However, the Mayans adapted this calendar to suit their own particular mythological beliefs, and it is from the Mayan adaptation that the 2012 phenomenon begins. Thus, it behooves us to examine what the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar is, and how it functions.

The Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar is a linear calendar operating on a base 20 function. Thus, 20 days form a uinal; 18 uinals form a tun composed of 360 days (close to one solar year); 20 tuns make a k'atun, and 20 k'atuns form a b'ak'tun or a period of 144,000 days or about 394 solar years. Therefore, a Mayan calendar date of represents 6 b'ak'tuns, 5 k'atuns, 2 tuns, 10 uinals and 12 days.

So what does this have to do with December 21st, 2012 in the Western calendar and some apocalyptic or transformative event? In short, very little. The Mayan calendar goes forward far beyond the completion of the 13th b'ak'tun, the cycle which comes to its end this year, as can be seen in the west panel of the Temple of Inscriptions in the ruins of Palenque; it calculates the date commemorating the coronation of the Maya ruler K'ininch Janaab' Pakal (which occurred on July 27th, 615 A.D) all the way forward to October 21st, 4772 A.D, which is over four thousand years forward from the time of that long-deceased king. Indeed, another truly fascinating, and genuinely mind-boggling example can be found on Stele 1, in the ruins of the city of Coba (present-day Mexico) which projects forward to a calendar date inscribed as, or twenty units above the b'ak'tun placing it at 41 octillion years in the future, which would be three quintillion times the known age of the universe according to astrophysicists. This represents a prodigious feat of mathematical computation, to put it mildly, and all the more so for a society which lacked metal tools, pulleys or for that matter, the wheel.

Then where does this belief in some apocalyptic event arise?

The Mayans left us with not only a written language, but a literary tradition as well. In Mayan literature and myth, there is a strong tradition of “world ages”; much of what we know about this stems from the Popol Vuh, a compilation of the creation myths of K'iche' Maya. In their creation accounts, the imaginary Mayan gods created three previous worlds, with our world being the fourth. The third world ended after thirteen b'ak'tun, or roughly 5,125 years. The Mayans Long Count “Day Zero” corresponds to August 11th, 3114 B.C.; this means the fourth world (our world) will reach the end of its thirteenth b'ak'tun on Mayan date or December 21st 2012 in the Western Calendar.

 And it is at this point that a good deal of speculation comes into play. How would the Mayans have considered the end of the cycle? As the end of time itself? Or perhaps as a reason to celebrate?  Sadly, the available Mayan literature is largely silent on the matter, as it was more concerned with recording actual historic or past mythical events than it was with making prophecies. Students of Mayan culture and history, anthropologists, and other experts have almost no consensus as to what, if any, significance this turning of the 13th b'ak'tun would have had for Mayan civilization, as that civilization is no more. Indeed, the modern Mayans have openly and publicly ridiculed the notion that the world is coming to end on December 21st 2012, considering such ideas to be a grotesque misinterpretation of their culture, mythology and folklore. And in fact, there is only one reference in all of classical Mayan literature to the 13th b'ak'tun, which is to be found at the Tortuguero site in the southern part of the Mexican state of Tabasco on a monument known as Monument 6; sadly, the inscription itself has been partially defaced. Its translation is as follows:

It will be completed in the 13th b'ak'tun

It is 4 Ajaw 3 K'an'kin

and it will happen a [possibly the word “seeing”]

It is the display of B'olon-Yokte' [an imaginary Mayan deity]

In a great investiture.

There is debate among scholars as to what exactly this means. Some scholars have concluded that a person would be dressed up as this imaginary Mayan deity B'olon-Yokte' and paraded around; other scholars dispute this interpretation. Thus, we have no way of knowing with any certainty what the closing of the 13th b'ak'tun meant to the Mayans. So, if the Mayans themselves left no distinct record of the significance of this date, or even its meaning within the context of Mayan civilization, then how did this mistaken belief in some cataclysmic event occurring on December 21st 2012 come into being? For that, we must look not to the Mayans, nor other Mesoamerican civilizations, but rather a little closer to home.

European identification with the Mayans and the end of the world goes back all the way to the time of Christopher Columbus. During his voyage of 1502, he was at work writing a book called the Libro de las profecias when he first heard about the Mayans. Columbus believed that his discoveries of distant lands and peoples were prophesied, and that they were somehow signs of the Christian apocalypse. Indeed, during the time of the Spanish Conquest of the New World, eschatological fears were running riot throughout Europe, in particular a false astrological prediction for a second Great Flood which was forecast to occur in 1524. Of course, this didn't happen, nor did any other such world-shattering catastrophe. It goes without saying that in every age there have been predictions of doom, disaster, mass destruction and whatnot, and all of them thus far have maintained an enviably consistent record of being spectacularly wrong. Then in the early 1900s, German scholar Ernst Förstemann represented the end of the world coming about through a  global deluge based on his interpretation of the last page of the Dresden Codex, a Mayan document found in the ruins of Chichen Itza. It is Herr Förstemann and the Dresden Codex which arguably forms the basis of the current obsession with the year 2012.

 In fairness to both Christopher Columbus and Ernst Förstemann, neither of them mentioned the year 2012 or the 13th b'ak'tun whatsoever. Herr Förstemann also pointed out it was quite unclear as to whether the Dresden Codex itself is referring to a future event, or something that might have happened in the distant past or an event in Mayan mythology. However, Herr Förstemann's ideas were repeated (and considerably embellished upon) by the archeologist Sylvanus Morley in his book, The Ancient Maya, first published in 1946. These notions floated about in a rather nebulous form until the early 1970s, which saw the rise of the so-called “New Age” movement, that false and pernicious pseudo-religious movement in the service of the dajjal. It was the New Age movement,  a crazy catch-all of false Eastern religions, superstitions, and crank ideas which seized upon the Mayan concepts and transformed them out of all recognition to the culture on which these ideas were based.

By 1975, the idea of the 13th b'ak'tun and its possible meaning was being explored by several New Age authors, who were generally of the opinion that a “global transformation of consciousness” would emerge at the end of the 13th cycle. Of course, this was combined with the “Age of Aquarius” notion that had become so widespread throughout American popular counterculture in the mid to late 1960s. Interestingly, the “Age of Aquarius” has no basis in science; it is purely astrological in origin, not astronomical. There are many interpretations of what this “global transformation of consciousness” will entail, from the occasionally sublime to the downright preposterous such as the Earth passing through a “galactic synchronization beam” which would result in “galactic entrainment” of people “plugged into the Earth's electromagnetic battery”. Others have spoken of the Earth's alignment with the center of our galaxy, or a planetary alignment; neither of these ideas are supported by astronomy. Astrophysicists will tell you that it's virtually impossible to calculate when the Earth will align with center of our galaxy, and they will also tell you there is no planetary alignment scheduled for December 21st, 2012.

Now certainly these ideas, though utterly false and unsupported by science, are far less dire than the recent slew of doomsday scenarios which have come to dominate the discussion as of late. In examining this aspect of the 2012 phenomenon, we have to look at a curious overlapping of disparate concepts, namely:

                1)   New Age superstitions

2)      Secret knowledge

3)      American Evangelical Christian eschatology

As noted earlier, the end of the 13th b'ak'tun in the Long Count Calendar will arrive on December 21st, 2012. However, as to what significance the original Mayan civilization would have assigned to this is purely a matter of speculation. For that which is unknown, there is always something to fill the breach, and the false New Age movement has certainly done that many times over. Rather than rely on scholarly interpretations from anthropologists, archeologists, linguists, and experts in the field, the New Age movement has created their own interpretations and impressions of Mayan civilization, and instead of being able to have a serious and intelligent discussion about Mayan culture with a non-academic, what we get instead is people whose heads have been filled with fatuous notions and pseudo-science; instead of a discussion of how genuinely remarkable the Mayans were at astronomic calculations, we are treated to discussions on how the Mayans were allegedly able to calculate not only the exact center of our galaxy, but that they also knew of the supermassive singularity which (it is believed) lies at its epicenter, something modern astrophysics has only quite recently come to hypothesize about. Instead of giving due credit and a sense of respect to the Mayans for erecting their pyramids, palaces and cities with little more than stone and wood tools and raw manpower, we are told that these pyramids and other impressive structures were erected not by the Mayans, but by telekinetic little green men.  In this fashion, the New Age movement has distorted not only Mayan culture, but the historic record and achievements of Mayan civilization, and reduced the remarkable people of this ancient civilization to little more than colorful extras in a B-grade science fiction film.

The New Age movement also relies quite heavily on the concept of secret knowledge, which is essentially the idea of hidden or previously unknown knowledge from distant times and places. No doubt we have all heard of some charlatan who claims to have experienced their “past lives” in such fanciful locales as Lemuria or even perhaps on distant planets in other galaxies, or seen on television a spiritual snake-oil salesman who will disclose the secret of eternal happiness to you, which he gleaned by discussing the matter with some extraterrestrial being while zipping around Alpha Centauri in a UFO, for the mere sum of $2,500. Quite aside from the obvious fact that the entire New Age movement is nothing but the dajjal's way of leading mankind astray from our Almighty Lord, Allah (and the fact that it also serves to enrich it's peddlers beyond the dreams of avarice), the idea of secret knowledge holds a distinct appeal to those lost souls who are deeply suspicious of mainstream Western thought, and ultimately feel a good deal of antipathy toward the culture in which they live. As an example, a certain British author and public speaker has recently been selling out seminars in the United States where he disseminates his “secret knowledge” that our planet is nothing but a hollow sphere, that reptilian extraterrestrials are manipulating world events from their undersea bases, that the Moon is some manner of spaceship, and that the Queen of England, the U.S. President and other world leaders are, in fact, reptile/human hybrid monstrosities determined to enslave us all. That any rational human being would believe such lunacy (not to mention actually paying money to attend such a seminar in order to hear what are essentially the ravings of a paranoid madman) serves as a clear warning sign that something has gone terribly wrong in the sociocultural milieu. It is indicative of a deeply underlying cultural paranoia.

The third ingredient in this heady, if toxic, brew is American Evangelical Christian eschatology, and in particular the emergence of dispensational premillennialism as a dominant End Times scenario among certain sects of fundamentalist Christians in the United States and its accompanying cultural impact.

Briefly, dispensational premillennialism is the doctrine that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will return to take up Christians into heaven in an event known as the Rapture (it should be noted here there is nothing in the Gospel to support this point of view; those who believe in it generally cite First Thessalonians, Chapter 4, verse 17. However, mainstream Christians such as Orthodox Christians, the Roman Catholic Church, and mainstream Protestant churches maintain this particular verse is simply a general reference to the Day of Judgment),  which will be followed by a seven-year period of war, death, pestilence, destruction, famine and general unpleasantness known as the Tribulation, after which the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will return with the saints to reign for a thousand years.

 Until the last quarter or so of the 20th Century, dispensational premillennialism was adhered to largely by Calvinists and assorted Christian fundamentalist denominations. However, starting in the 1970s, this peculiar (and erroneous) doctrine burst onto the public scene through the publication of The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey, though it had been propagated earlier through the Scofield Reference Bible and Lewis Chafer's eight-volume tome Systematic Theology. After the 1970 publication of The Late Great Planet Earth, which was a bestseller (28 million copies), the doctrine entered mainstream American religious discussion and is still with us to this day; for example, the continuing popularity and cultural influence of the Left Behind series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins. It has also been spread through the work of influential American evangelists such as the late Jerry Falwell, Ray Comfort, Dwight Pentecost, and a good many others.

This particular variant of Christian eschatology is exceptionally violent, and involves a good deal of suffering, destruction, and the shedding of oceans of blood (may Allah forbid). As Christian fundamentalists became a stronger force on the American sociopolitical and cultural scene towards the end of the 20th Century, it was perhaps quite natural that their particular interpretation of the End Times would come to have a cultural impact. And it has, indeed.

 One particular example can stand out. Prior to the changeover from 1999 to the year 2000, there was much hysteria, particularly in the U.S., about the so-called “Y2K bug”, an alleged software defect that would supposedly cause trains to derail, airplanes to fall from the sky, the world's arsenal of nuclear-tipped ICBM's to spontaneously launch, and in short, cause us to all die horribly. Needless to say, this didn't happen. But there was certainly a distinctly apocalyptic scent in the air, for those readers old enough to recall that time. And there were quite a few fundamentalist Christians who maintained that “Y2K” was indeed the dread fulfillment of Biblical prophecy; many well-known Christian personalities took to the airwaves in the run-up to the changeover from 1999 to 2000 and spread a good many rumors, stories, false statistics and outright misrepresentations, which of course did nothing to allay fears. As it turned out, the only problems encountered were wholly insignificant and easily fixed.

 Thus, through a trifecta of New Age nonsense, an increasingly paranoid society that is profoundly distrustful of its own institutions, and the cultural impact of a belief in a violent eschatological event, many find themselves looking ahead to a particular date toward the end of this year with a sense of the strongest foreboding. Though it may manifest itself in different hypothetical scenarios, from the arrival of the next solar maximum (actually not due until 2013), to our planet colliding with another celestial object (the so-called Planet X/Nibiru theory, easily debunked as an object the size of a small planet would already be clearly visible in the skies, even in daytime), to a host of other ideas including, but not limited to, an extraterrestrial invasion much like the film “Independence Day”, people are genuinely preparing for some kind of apocalyptic scenario to play out. This can be observed by the simple fact that recent statistics out of the United States show Americans are stocking up on:

1)      Non-perishable foodstuffs

2)      Firearms and ammunition

Indeed as to the latter, there has been a recorded 32% increase in the sale of firearms in the last quarter of 2011 according to the American F.B.I. Until quite recently, there was a major shortage of ammunition available on the American market, this shortage being created by overwhelming consumer demand. Similar sales increases corresponding to those of firearms have also been noted for non-perishable foodstuffs, including U.S. military surplus MRE's (Meals Ready-to-Eat) to civilians. This begs a legitimate question; what are people afraid of? Are Americans genuinely afraid that their civilization is somehow going to collapse in the next 12 months? Are they truly anticipating some kind of cataclysmic event? Is it merely widespread cultural angst reflecting a degree of political paranoia?

Or have they been deceived by the New Age movement?

If we take a brief look back at some recent trends in American pop-culture, we can see that a  spate of television shows, films, and books have surfaced in the last few years, all of them dealing with the 2012 phenomenon.  The History Channel, an American cable network, aired the following programs; Decoding the Past, 2012: End of Days, Last Days on Earth, Seven Signs of the Apocalypse, and Nostradamus 2012. A trip to any reasonably well-stocked bookstore will reveal scores of titles dealing with the subject, and of course, we must mention Roland Emmerich's hugely entertaining blockbuster disaster film, “2012”, which went on to gross over 750 million dollars worldwide. All of this amounts to a sort of conditioning; people begin to believe that some sort of unprecedented catastrophe is going to take place imminently which will lead to the either the destruction of the world, or at the very least the end of human civilization. If the sociocultural consensus comes to anticipate something so strongly, it creates an extraordinarily tense and doom-laden cultural atmosphere; the society which has allowed itself to become fixated on the certainty of a violent  apocalyptic event basically becomes a powder-keg in search of a spark. This is the way of the dajjal. By poisoning the minds of men and turning them away from Almighty Allah, he inevitably guides them down the path which ends in their ruin.

Fortunately, some of our Christian brothers have recognized this danger, and have themselves launched a counter-offensive to tell people they have nothing to fear on December 21st 2012. They quote from the Gospel (correctly) that no man knows the hour of the Day of Judgment, as that knowledge lies with Allah alone. They point out that much of the fear associated with the Mayan Long Count Calendar is the result of deliberate New Age deceitfulness at worst, or a blatant misinterpretation of Mayan culture at best.

We, as Muslims, naturally look forward to the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), and the Golden Age in which all mankind, be they Muslim, Christian or Jew will live together in harmony, peace, and prosperity. We look forward to the arrival of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) not as events filled with terror, bloodshed, and violence, but as events as foretold by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saas) who said that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would not even “awaken a sleeper” or “cause so much as a nose to bleed”. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come soon, insha'Allah, and they will bring love, gentleness, and peace to the world. And surely that is something worth praying for, and we continue to do so five times a day.

One last note on the 2012 phenomenon. The government of Mexico is planning on using the year 2012, without its apocalyptic connotations, to hopefully revive Mexico's ailing tourism industry, which has been lately beset by difficulties caused by narco-gang wars and increasing crime. Their tourism initiative hopes to draw on the popularity of the ruins of the long-vanished Mayan civilization and their appeal. As tourism forms a good-sized part of Mexico's annual revenues, let us wish them well; many people, particularly in small towns and villages near the Mayan ruins, depend on the tourist trade for their livelihoods. And let us also hope that the tourists, in turn, will discover a far more honest and historically accurate representation of Mayan culture and gain a better appreciation of this fascinating people, who accomplished so much with so little.

Men ask you concerning the Hour.  Say, “The knowledge of it is with Allah alone. And what may make you perceive? Perhaps the Hour is near.” 
(Surah Ahzab, 63)

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Winglets, a technology “stolen” from the birds  

Author: Emilian Toska
The bird's flight has always fascinated the man since ancient times. Their grace and elegance in spreading their wings and fly-off, has been a reason of deep thinking for the man who seeks answers. Since the Ancient Greece time, the great philosophers of that era reflected on the fact that how it was possible for some creatures to rise up in the sky and cover amazing distances with such a great harmony. A famous greek mythology legend states that Icarus was the first man to fly. 
The attempts for man to fly has been unsuccesful until December 17th, 1903 when Wright Brothers managed to accomplish the fateful task so much desired by the men of all the times. This first flight lasted 61 meters at a speed of about 43 km/h using a rudimentary airplane built by the same two brothers. From that day, the technological advance has allowed the improvement in an exceptional way of that first rudimentary attempt to imitate the bird's flight. Today, we can see airplanes of different sizes and shapes fly in the skies of the Earth like birds. As probably everyone of us know, the airplanes' wing perfectly imitate those of the birds. Like the bird's wings, those of the airplanes do have the upper part curved and not just flat. In this way, when engines generate a thrust, that particular shape makes possible for the air that flows in the upper part of the wing travel faster than that in the lower part. As a consequence, a vertical thrust is generated which allows to overcome the gravity force and in this way the plane can lift up and fly like a bird.
That description presented above is a semplified one, since a lot of complex mathematics and physics is need to acurately describe the dynamic of flight, but that allows to grasp the simple principle that is behind the technology that everyone or almost of us have personally experimented. But man didn't stop here. He wanted again to draw inspiration from the masters of flight which are the birds. Big birds like eagles, hawks, vultures etc. do have wings with a particular structure with respect to the many other varieties of birds. At their wing's extremities, they have some “winglets” of different sizes which allows to eliminate the vertical vortex created around the wing and this fact can reduce the drag experimented by the wing (fig. 2, 3). Indeed, during the flight these winglets curve-up almost vertically making the wing non-planar and so greatly reduce the drag. With such a particular wing structure, these big birds can fly with the minimum effort and without consuming a lot of energy. Only recently man has realized this fact and could “copy” and implement this astonishing detail for his own purposes. Now, a great number of air companies equip their airplanes with this apparently simple device (fig. 1,4). Just like those of the birds, these man-made winglets make possible to eliminate vortexes (fig. 1) that are created around the plane's wings and with the consequence that:
-the airplane's fuel consumption is reduced so it also pollutes less
- using these winglets, the airplane needs smaller wings to generate the same vertical lift compared with that which doesn't have them. In this way, one can build smaller airplanes that consume less fuel and need smaller airports
As we have seen till now, the birds are perfect flying machines, designed in the most efficient and perfect possible way. From these marvelous creatures, man has been able to draw his inspiration and build his own flying machines and realize his biggest dream: to fly like a bird. With the discoveries about these winglets, Allah has showed us again His infinite power and wisdom.
"Do they not see the birds controlled in the atmosphere of the sky? None holds them up except Allah . Indeed in that are signs for a people who believe. " (Surat An-Nahl, 79)
"Haven't they looked at the birds above them, with wings outspread and folded back? Nothing holds them up but the All-Merciful. He sees all things." (Qur’an, 67: 19)
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Faith in difficult times Author: Jubair Ali al-Sayed 

When we look at today's headlines in the newspapers and magazines, or perhaps hear a brief news report on the radio or television, or read the latest news updates on the internet, it is quite easy for a person who does not have the Qur’anic perspective and thus fails to consider that there is good in everything that Allah creates to be overwhelmed with a feeling of the darkest foreboding.

Unemployment is on the increase in many of the world's largest economies; financial markets are unable to shake off their doldrums for very long; the twin scourges of homelessness and hunger are on the rise. It seems to many that the days of limitless economic growth and the boundless wealth associated with it are coming perilously close to a shattering end. People are now feeling great anxiety about not only their own but their children's futures; recently, in London, England rampaging mobs of looters took to the streets to express themselves through wanton theft and lawlessness. All around us, it seems that the machinery of civilization is coming to a halt. We see signs of increasing immorality, of a hardening of attitudes in the hearts of men throughout the world, of the abandonment of the most helpless amongst us by not only their respective governments, but seemingly by their fellow men as well.

At difficult times like this, it is of the most vital importance for the believers to never forget that all these manifestations are not cause for us to resign ourselves to feelings of nihilism. We must always remember that it is our Lord, Almighty Allah, Who is in supreme control of all affairs, and all things happen through His All-powerful Will. Indeed, the life of this world is but a place of testing for the true life to come, the Hereafter.

One of the reasons so many people feel despair and hopelessness in their lives is that they have fallen prey to one of satan's greatest traps; they have put their faith, not in Allah, but in the transitory treasures of this world. They have replaced faith in our Lord with faith in the New York Stock Exchange. They long not to read the Word of Almighty Allah, the Qur'an, but instead their quarterly dividend statement. They wish to hear only the honeyed words of their financial advisor, and pay no heed to the call to prayer. They turn for help to economists, financial pundits and investment bankers, oblivious to  the only One Who can grant them assistance, Allah, the Creator and Owner of all things. As a result, their lives are an unending quest for ever-greater riches in the life of this world, all the while forgetting the eternal life to come. When events no longer proceed in the manner in which they foolishly assumed would continue for the rest of their lives, their hearts are seized with disillusionment, despondence, fear, and anger.

All too many people today have fallen into this snare set for them by satan; they have succumbed to his infernal whisperings. They live their lives in an egocentric manner, obsessed with the accumulation of riches and the acquisition of “the finer things in life.” They care not for their fellow men; they turn away when they see a homeless man or woman begging in the streets. They avert their gaze and walk by as though these needy people did not exist, and do not even give them a kind word if perhaps they haven't the money to spare them. In the worst cases, they privately (or even publicly) castigate these indigent people and wish them ill. These people have truly fallen into the lowest levels of moral degeneracy.

However, it is incumbent upon us as believers to profess our great devotion and deep faith in Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, He upon Whom all things depend, and for us to give our constant praise and thanks to our Lord for all the innumerable blessings which He has chosen to bestow upon us through His endless munificence. In times of difficulty, it is of course natural for us to turn to Allah for help in removing our afflictions; but we must also never forget to turn to Allah in heartfelt thanks in times of plenitude and show Him our deeply felt gratitude for the boundless blessings He has granted us. In these volatile times, we must also humbly implore Almighty Allah to give us the strength we need so that we may remain steadfast and continue on His path, and to seek refuge in Allah from the  “.......whisperer who withdraws, who whispers into the hearts of men among jinn and men.” (Surat an-Nas, 4-6).

Let us briefly reflect on what faith means to us as Muslims. The vast majority of Islamic scholars teach that faith is far more than simply a mental agreement with certain facts or mechanical adherence to a particular set of rules, but rather it is a believer's dedication to the Will of Allah and the recognition of His Sovereignty; this has profound implications for the believers’ behavior in their families, in society at large, and in the State as well. Certainly, Islam is more than just a mere external membership in a particular creed, or a simple theoretical agreement with certain sets of principles. For the believers, faith is something that is felt with every fiber of our being; it is what guides our actions, our speech, our behavior towards others and how we interact, not only with other believers, but also how we interact with everyone else in the world. As believers in our Lord, and as His servants and the followers of His eternal commandments, it is our faith that guides us at every moment of our lives until the very last breath we draw in the life of this world. Therefore, we must always strive to deepen and strengthen our faith, as doing so not only stands us in good stead in the Hereafter through earning the good pleasure of Allah, but also serves us well in this world for the very same reason. It is faith that not only sustains us in times of hardship, but it is faith that allows us to appreciate the times of plenty all the more, as we give thanks to our Lord for His provision which He, in His infinite benevolence, has bestowed upon us so that we may use it in His way. Likewise, in times of hardship, it is our faith which informs us that our current difficulties are but the means by which Almighty Allah tests us in the life of this world, and we should use such opportunities as a means of broadening our religious convictions and fortifying ourselves spiritually. In this way, we are able to draw ourselves closer to Him.

Additionally, it is also important for us as believers to remind ourselves in times of difficulty the lessons we may learn from the glorious examples of the Prophets of Allah, all of whom faced enormous difficulties on His way. We need only think of the example of our Prophet (saas), who faced slanders, lies, threats of physical harm against him, and expulsion from his home. Yet through all these tribulations, our beloved Prophet (saas) remained wholly steadfast in his faith in our Lord, and his profound faith was rewarded by Almighty Allah, not only in this world but in the Hereafter as well. We may reflect upon the Prophet Moses (pbuh) who faced difficulties in Allah's path chiefly through the machinations of that most arrogant of men, Pharoah, a disbeliever whose arrogance led him so far as to consider himself a living god, and to compel his subjects to worship him (surely Allah is beyond that). We should ponder upon Prophet Abraham (pbuh), who faced the threat of death not only from his own people but from his own father, when he reproached them for their persistent worship of false gods. Let us contemplate Prophet Noah (pbuh) who was mocked by his people although he persistently appealed to them to repent of their mistaken ways and to worship Almighty Allah alone. And let us not forget the example of the Prophet Lot (pbuh) a righteous man and devoted servant of Allah who stood against the perverse and defiant wickedness of the people of his city. All these Prophets were despised by their respective peoples when the Prophets made every effort to turn their respective peoples away from the Wrath of Allah, and to set them on the path to the True Religion. Indeed, no matter the difficulties we may face in our everyday lives, they surely pale in comparison to the enormities encountered by the Prophets in their heartfelt attempts to turn their fellow men on to the path of our Lord.

As we observe the lives of those who disbelieve, we can see how far they have fallen away. Quite recently, on the website of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, there appeared an article describing how young women in the United States are resorting to a form of prostitution in order to pay for their higher education. The details of this  sstory suffice to illustrate the depths to which someone will sink when one has no sense of morality and concerns s him or herself  chiefly with financial matters.

Even an excerpt from the story shows that  all too many students are all too willing to sell their bodies for the sake of simply paying their debts. It goes without saying, of course, that this immoral and squalid behavior is in flagrant contradiction to the laws of Allah, who commands as follows in the Qur'an; “And go not nigh to fornication; surely it is an indecency and an evil way.” (Surat al-Isra', 32)

The lives of the disbelievers are further made insufferable through drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and violence; however there is no need to dwell further upon these ills prevalent in societies far removed from the principles of the True Religion . When we examine in detail the root underlying cause for these nightmarish social ills, we find one common denominator; the materialist philosophy.

In brief, materialism, the philosophy of the dajjal, has been with us for a very long time. It has been noted in surviving historic texts dating back to the Axial Age (cca. 800-200 BC). It emerged to the fore during the time of the European Enlightenment (the 18th Century), and achieved its highest theoretical exposition under the founder of Communism, Karl Marx. This godless philosophy states that the only thing that truly exists is matter; simply put, matter is the only substance with any reality (surely Allah, the Creator of not only matter but all things, is beyond that). Materialism went on to spawn Darwinism (the theory of evolution), Communism, Fascism, National Socialism and has led to an unending series of wars of conquest, economic and physical exploitation,  the wholesale slaughter of innocent men, women and children who committed no offense against their heartless executioners  and every manner of human misery. Materialism, and Darwinism in particular, hold that man is nothing more than a common animal, engaged in a never-ending struggle to survive even at the expense of his own kind, and this core philosophy has provided the underlying rationale for every nightmare the world has beheld since it was unleashed upon the minds of men by the eternal enemy, Iblis (satan) the loathsome jinn expelled from Paradise due to his willful disobedience and arrogance.

When we take a moment to see the lives of those without faith, it is materialism that forms the basis of their erroneous thinking, and has distorted their hearts and souls and turned them from the love of Almighty Allah. Not only are these wretched people doomed to an eternity of punishment in the fires of Hell (unless they turn in sincere repentance towards our Lord and implore Him for His forgiveness), but are equally doomed to an abominable existence in this life as well. It is easily observable that the lives of disbelievers are filled with loneliness, emptiness, hopelessness, despair, and feelings of abasement and self-loathing. They seek escape through narcotics, strong drink, violence, and by the pursuit of the most debased forms of depraved sensuality and mindless hedonism. These rotten fruits of the materialist philosophy are the harvest of horrors we see every day in the mass media; stories of murder, rape, and brigandage; parents, children and siblings ruthlessly turning against one another and throwing aside the bonds of familial love in unthinkable acts of betrayal; civilized lands such as Norway and England in shock and mourning because of individuals who think nothing of perpetrating the mass-murder of innocents, or in looting and maliciously destroying the property of their fellow men. When a person regards another person as a mere animal to be used for achieving one’s ends, these kinds of dreadful events are the natural and inevitable consequence.

O brother and sisters in Islam! We must not let us ourselves become disheartened or discouraged by the deplorable conditions we see around us in this world; we must always remember that the true life is the life to come in the Hereafter. However, we must not neglect our duties to our Lord in the life of this world, either.

As believers, we know that we will stand before our Almighty Lord on the Day of Judgment, and will be given a full accounting of what we did, and did not do, as His humble and faithful servants. Therefore, who amongst us wishes to stand before Almighty Allah knowing in the depths of his heart that he did not do enough?

In this blessed season of Ramadan, we fast as we were commanded to by our Lord. We are thus reminded of what it is to not have enough to eat or drink, of what it is to be amongst the poorest and most vulnerable. And though we break our fast at the setting of the sun, we must remember that for far too many in this world, destitution never ends except with their deaths.

We must always remember that it is also our duty to help our fellow men. Part of this responsibility is to not only help our fellow Muslims stay on the true path of Allah, but to reach out to others, especially in these trying times when so many have gone astray. We cannot allow ourselves to look upon others, particularly disbelievers, with hatred and contempt; when we feel hatred and contempt, we invariably dehumanize our fellow man and thereby fall into the materialist trap laid for us by satan, who forever seeks to turn peoples against one another.

We must also bear in mind that regardless of our theological differences, it is the People of the Book with whom we share a common history and lineage; though they are in error, they are nonetheless our natural allies in the struggle against the pernicious philosophy of the dajjal, and we must not allow ourselves to be ensnared by the retreating whisperer who seeks to inflame the dark passions of man and cloud his reason in order to cause enmity and hatred; it is through causing such malefic emotions to emerge in the hearts of men that the eternal enemy advances his evil agenda. Let us, as Muslims, live by the command of Allah when He says in the Qur'an, “Say; O People of the Book! Come to common terms as between us and you; that we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with Him; that we establish not from amongst ourselves lords and patrons other than Allah.” (Surah Al 'Imram, 64). Let us look at the Christians and the Jews as our cousins, not our adversaries; we have but one adversary, satan, and on that particular matter of theology, there is absolutely no point of dispute whatsoever.

In regard to the disbelievers, we must reach out to them with compassion and love. Not all the disbelievers will necessarily heed the call of Allah, but there are those amongst them who are desperately and genuinely searching for a way out of their unspeakable condition. It is incumbent upon us, as devoted servants of Allah, to extend to them not a clenched fist and threatening shouts, but rather, a hand opened to them in a gesture of love and kind words. While we as Muslims must, at all times, enjoin the good and forbid that which is evil, we must also endeavor to serve as examples of the love that Allah commands us to show, and which was so magnificently illustrated by our Prophet (saas) and his companions (may Allah be pleased with them) who never once ceased inviting the disbelievers to the path of Allah; they did so not for the sake of their own prestige or to satisfy their own egos, but because their hearts were overflowing with the all-consuming love which their faith in our Lord gave them. And while we may invite, we must never  compel; as it says clearly in the Qur'an, “Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth has been made clear from error. Whoever rejects false worship and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks.” (Surat al-Baqara, 256)

The difficulties we face and overcome (by His leave) in order to earn the good pleasure of Allah and our deep faith and endless devotion to Him and His commandments will allow us (insha'Allah) to be amongst those of whom it is revealed in the Qur'an; “Some faces, that Day, will be radiant (in brightness and beauty), looking towards their Lord...”  (Surat al-Qiyamat, 22-23). Therefore, in these turbulent times, let us not yield to melancholy, but rather let us discover the happiness in our love and abiding trust in Almighty Allah, and His love for us, and let these times serve to deepen our faith in our Lord, The Ever Merciful and Endlessly Compassionate. 

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/46361/faith-in-difficult-timeshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/46361/faith-in-difficult-timesSun, 21 Aug 2011 10:43:20 +0300
The abjad value of the particular part of the verse 56 of Surah Yusuf ''WE GAVE YUSUF POWER IN THE LAND..'' indicates year 1999 And thus WE GAVE YUSUF POWER IN THE LAND. He could settle in it wherever he wished. We extend Our mercy to whomsoever We will, and We do not let the reward of the righteous people to go to waste. (Surah Yusuf, 56)


Wakathalika makanna liyoosufa fee al-ardi yatabawwao minha haythu yashao nuseebu birahmatina man nashao wala nudeeAAu ajra almuhsineena

We gave Yusuf power in the land …

Wakathalika makanna liyoosufa fee al-ardi

111+ 30 + 156  + 90 +  1032  = 1419 ; 1999 (Without Shadda)



http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41514/the-abjad-value-of-thehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41514/the-abjad-value-of-theWed, 04 May 2011 10:46:53 +0300
The abjad value of the particular part of the verse 21 of Surah Yusuf ''... Allah is in control of His affair...'' indicates year 2040 The Egyptian who had bought him told his wife, ‘Look after him with honour and respect. It’s possible he will be of use to us or perhaps we might adopt him as a son.’ And thus We established Yusuf in the land to teach him the true meaning of events. ALLAH IS IN CONTROL OF HIS AFFAIR. However, most of mankind do not know. (Surah Yusuf, 21)


Arabic Transliteration: Waqala allathee ishtarahu min misra liimraatihi akrimee mathwahu AAasa an yanfaAAana aw nattakhithahu waladan wakathalika makkanna liyoosufa fee al-ardi walinuAAallimahu min ta/weeli al-ahadeethi waAllahu ghalibun AAala amrihi walakinna akthara alnnasi la yaAAlamoona


waAllahu ghalibun AAala amrihi

6 +     66    +   1033  + 110 +  246  = 1461 / 2040 (Without Shadda)



http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41513/the-abjad-value-of-thehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41513/the-abjad-value-of-theWed, 04 May 2011 10:42:15 +0300
Verse 86 of Surah Yunus points out the end times


Surah Yunus, 86

Wanajjina birahmatika mina alqawmi alkafireena

6  +   104   +     670        +   90  +   177   +    392  =  1439  (Without Shadda)

6  +   107   +     670        +   90  +   177   +    392  =  1442  (With Shaddda)


With Shadda; 1442/2021

Without Shadda; 1439/2018


http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41512/verse-86-of-surah-yunushttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41512/verse-86-of-surah-yunusWed, 04 May 2011 10:38:56 +0300
There are important signs pointing the end of times in the verse 39 of Surah Taha "Place him into the box and throw it into the sea and the sea will wash it up on the shore, where an enemy of Mine and his will pick it up.” I showered you with love from Me so that you would be brought up under My supervision."



Mustafa Altunok


http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41511/there-are-important-signs-pointinghttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41511/there-are-important-signs-pointingWed, 04 May 2011 10:36:47 +0300
The abjad value of the particular part of the verse 56 of Surat al-Ma'idah ''it is the party of Allah who are victorious!.'' indicates year 2037

As for those who make Allah their friend, and His Messenger and those who have iman: IT IS THE PARTY OF ALLAH WHO ARE VICTORIOUS!. (Surat al-Ma’idah, 56)

Arabic Transliteration: Waman yatawalla Allaha warasoolahu waallatheena amanoo fa-inna hizba Allahi humu alghaliboona

it is the party of Allah who are victorious!

fa-inna hizba Allahi humu alghaliboona

80 + 101 +   17  +   96    +   45  +    1120  = 1459 ;  2037 (With Shadda)



http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41510/the-abjad-value-of-thehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41510/the-abjad-value-of-theWed, 04 May 2011 10:33:50 +0300
The abjad value of the particular part of the verse 20 of Surah Al'Imran ''then what rests with you is only to convey the Message fully.'' indicates year 1995  

If they still remonstrate with you, say (to them, O Messenger): "I have submitted my whole being to God, and so have those who follow me." And ask those who were given the Book before, and the common folk who know nothing about the Book: "Have you also submitted (to God)?" If they have submitted, then they are indeed rightly guided; but if they turn away, THEN WHAT RESTS WITH YOU IS ONLY TO CONVEY THE MESSAGE FULLY. God sees the servants well. (Surah Al’Imran, 20)


Arabic Transliteration: Fa-in hajjooka faqul aslamtu wajhiya lillahi wamani ittabaAAani waqul lillatheena ootoo alkitaba waal-ommiyyeena aaslamtum fa-in aslamoo faqadi ihtadaw wa-in tawallaw fa-innama AAalayka albalaghu waAllahu baseerun bialAAibadi


... fa-innama AAalayka albalaghu...

80 +  142   +  130  +   1064  = 1416 / 1995 (With Shadda)



http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41427/the-abjad-value-of-thehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41427/the-abjad-value-of-theSun, 01 May 2011 16:33:36 +0300
The abjad value of the particular part of the verse 88 of Surah Yusuf ''Your Eminence! Hardship has hit us and our families...'' indicates year 2007 which points out the big economic crisis appeared in that year.  

"So when they came into his (Yusuf) presence, they said, ‘YOUR EMINENCE! HARDSHIP HAS HIT US AND OUR FAMILIES. We bring scant merchandise, but fill the measure for us generously. Allah always rewards a generous giver.’" (Surah Yusuf, 88)


Arabic transliteration: Falamma dakhaloo AAalayhi qaloo ya ayyuha alAAazeezu massana waahlana alddurru waji/na bibidaAAatin muzjatin faawfi lana alkayla watasaddaq AAalayna inna Allaha yajzee almutasaddiqeena


ya ayyuha alAAazeezu massana waahlana alddurru

11 + 17 + 125 + 151 + 6  +87 +31 = 1428 / 2007




http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41009/the-abjad-value-of-thehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41009/the-abjad-value-of-theMon, 18 Apr 2011 10:17:59 +0300
Calculation of the abjad value of the expression ''BY THE HEAVEN AND HIM WHO BUILDED IT, BY THE EARTH AND HIM WHO SPREAD IT.'' in verses 5 and 6 of Surat ash-Shanms gives a date of 1929 which shows the Hubble Telescope invented on that year. "By the heaven and Him Who builded it," (5)

Waalssama-i wama banaha. Without Shadda 239

Arabic transliteration: 5 ) Waalssama-i wama banaha

alssama-i wama banaha

133  + 6+ 41 + 59  =  239

"By the earth and Him Who spread it," (6)

Arabic transliteration: 6 ) Waal-ardi wama tahaha

Waal-ardi wama tahaha

6  +   1032 +  6 +  41  +    24  = 1109

Total abjad value of verses 5 and 6 :

1109 + 239 = 1348 / 1929 Without Shadda

In the year 1929 American astronomer Edwin Hubble made one of the greatest discoveries of the astronomy history. Hubble detected that stars emits a light which slides to the colour red, according to their distances. This discovery shook the foundations of the universe perception, which is  generally accepted until that day.



http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41008/calculation-of-the-abjad-valuehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41008/calculation-of-the-abjad-valueMon, 18 Apr 2011 10:14:33 +0300
The abjad value of the particular part of the verse 24 of Surat as-Sajdah ''We appointed leaders from among them, guiding by Our command when they were steadfast...'' indicates year 2053.

"WE APPOINTED LEADERS FROM AMONG THEM, GUIDING BY OUR COMMAND WHEN THEY WERE STEADFAST and when they had certainty about Our Signs." (Surat as-Sajdah,  24)

Arabic Translatiretion: WajaAAalna minhum a-immatan yahdoona bi-amrina lamma sabaroo wakanoo bi-ayatina yooqinoona

WajaAAalna minhum a-immatan yahdoona bi-amrina

6  + 154  + 135 +442 + 75 + 2 + 292 +

lamma sabaroo

71 + 299  = 1476 / 2053 Without Shadda


Mustafa Altunok

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41007/the-abjad-value-of-thehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41007/the-abjad-value-of-theMon, 18 Apr 2011 10:08:38 +0300
The abjad value of the particular part of the verse 52 of Surat ash-Shura ''you are guiding to a Straight Path.'' indicates year 2018  

"Accordingly We have revealed to you a Ruh by Our command. You had no idea of what the Book was, nor faith. Nonetheless We have made it a Light by which We guide those of Our slaves We will. Truly you are guiding to a Straight Path" (Surat ash-Shura, 52)


Arabic transliteration: Wakathalika awhayna ilayka roohan min amrina ma kunta tadree ma alkitabu wala al-eemanu walakin jaAAalnahu nooran nahdee bihi man nashao min AAibadina wa-innaka latahdee ila siratin mustaqeemin


latahdee ila siratin mustaqeemin

30 + 419 + 41 +  300  +    650  = 1440 / 2018

Hijri 1440 / Gregorian Calender 2018


Mustafa Altunok

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41006/the-abjad-value-of-thehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/41006/the-abjad-value-of-theMon, 18 Apr 2011 09:57:58 +0300
Calculation of the abjad value of the expression ''AS FOR THOSE WHO MAKE HIJRA FOR ALLAH'S SAKE WE SHALL GIVE THEM GOOD LODGING IN THIS WORLD'' in verse 41 of Surat an-Nahl gives a date of 2051 "As for those who make hijra for Allah’s sake after being wronged, We shall give them good lodging in this world, and the reward of the Next World is greater still if they only knew." (Surat an-Nahl, 41)


Arabic Transliteration: Waallatheena hajaroo fee Allahi min baAAdi ma thulimoo lanubawwi-annahum fee alddunya hasanatan walaajru al-akhirati akbaru law kanoo yaAAlamoona

allatheena hajaroo fee Allahi... lanubawwi-annahum fee

791   +   216   +  90 +  66    +       184            +  90 + 

alddunya hasanatan

96  + 518 = 2051 (Without Shadda)


http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40756/calculation-of-the-abjad-valuehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40756/calculation-of-the-abjad-valueSat, 09 Apr 2011 14:01:27 +0300
Calculation of the abjad value of the expression 'For sure a Messenger from among themselves had come to them, but they denied him...' in verse 113 of Surat an-Nahl gives a date of 2007 "For sure a Messenger from among themselves had come to them, but they denied him, and in consequence, the punishment seized them while they were doing wrong."  Surat an-Nahl, 113

Walaqad jaahum rasoolun minhum fakaththaboohu faakhathahumu alAAathabu wahum thalimoona

laqad jaahum rasoolun minhum fakaththaboohu

134  +   50     +   296  +   135   +  80  +    733  = 1428 /  2007



http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40755/calculation-of-the-abjad-valuehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40755/calculation-of-the-abjad-valueSat, 09 Apr 2011 13:53:22 +0300
Calculation of the abjad value of the expression '... Are the messengers obliged to do anything other than deliver [their message] clearly?' in verse 35 of Surat an-Nahl gives a date of 2005

"Those who worshipped others alongside Allah say, ‘If Allah had willed, we would not have worshipped anything but Him, nor would our fathers. We would not have declared anything forbidden without His sanction.’ Those before them said the same. Are the messengers obliged to do anything other than deliver [their message] clearly?"

Surat an-Nahl,35


Arabic Transliteration: Waqala allatheena ashrakoo law shaa Allahu ma AAabadna min doonihi min shay-in nahnu wala abaona wala harramna min doonihi min shay-in kathalika faAAala allatheena min qablihim fahal AAala alrrusuli illa albalaghu almubeenu


"Are the messengers obliged to do anything other than deliver [their message] clearly"

fahal AAala alrrusuli illa albalaghu almubeenu

80 + 35 + 110 + 521  +  62  +   1064  +   133 = 2005 (With Shadda)



http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40754/calculation-of-the-abjad-valuehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40754/calculation-of-the-abjad-valueSat, 09 Apr 2011 13:48:09 +0300
Calculation of the abjad value of the expression '... ALLAH CHOSE HIM AND GUIDED HIM TO A STRAIGHT PATH..' in verse 121 of Surat an-Nahl gives a date of 2002  

"He was thankful for His blessings. ALLAH CHOSE HIM AND GUIDED HIM TO A STRAIGHT PATH."

Surat an-Nahl, 121


Shakiran li-anAAumihi ijtabahu wahadahu ila siratin mustaqeemin

412  +  6  + 15  + 41 + 300  +   650  = 1424 / 2002




http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40753/calculation-of-the-abjad-valuehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40753/calculation-of-the-abjad-valueSat, 09 Apr 2011 13:40:32 +0300
Calculation of the abjad value of the expression ''... IN THAT WAY HE PERFECTS HIS BLESSING ON YOU,'' in verse 81 of Surat an-Nahl gives a date of 1995  

"Allah has made shaded places for you in what He has created and He has made shelters for you in the mountains and He has made shirts for you to protect you from the heat and shirts to protect you from each other’s violence. IN THAT WAY HE PERFECTS HIS BLESSING ON YOU so that hopefully you will become Muslims."  Surat an-Nahl, 81

Arabic transliteration: WaAllahu jaAAala lakum mimma khalaqa thilalan wajaAAala lakum mina aljibali aknanan wajaAAala lakum sarabeela taqeekumu alharra wasarabeela taqeekum ba/sakum kathalika yutimmu niAAmatahu AAalaykum laAAallakum tuslimoona

770      +   490   +    565    +   170  = 1995 (With Shadda)



http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40752/calculation-of-the-abjad-valuehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40752/calculation-of-the-abjad-valueSat, 09 Apr 2011 13:36:10 +0300
Calculation of the abjad value of the expression ''you ARE ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEAR TRANSMISSION..' in verse 82 of Surat an-Nahl gives a date of 1998 "But if they turn their backs, YOU ARE ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEAR TRANSMISSION.."Surat an-Nahl, 82



Arabic transliteration: Fa-in tawallaw fa-innama AAalayka albalaghu almubeenu

innama AAalayka albalaghu almubeenu

92 +130  + 1064   +  133  = 1419 / 1998 (Without Shadda)



http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40751/calculation-of-the-abjad-valuehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40751/calculation-of-the-abjad-valueSat, 09 Apr 2011 13:25:41 +0300
Calculation of the abjad value of the expression '... THOSE WHO WERE STEADFAST WILL BE RECOMPENSED ACCORDING TO THE BEST OF WHAT THEY DID..' in verse 96 of Surat an-Nahl gives a date of 2015

"What is with you runs out but what is with Allah goes on for ever. THOSE WHO WERE STEADFAST WILL BE RECOMPENSED ACCORDING TO THE BEST OF WHAT THEY DID."

Surat an-Nahl, 96



Ma AAindakum yanfadu wama AAinda Allahi baqin walanajziyanna allatheena sabaroo ajrahum bi-ahsani ma kanoo yaAAmaloona

lanajziyanna allatheena sabaroo ajrahum bi-ahsani ma

200      +    821   +   299   +    249   +   121  +  41 +   kanoo yaAAmaloona

78     +    206  = 2015 (With Shadda)



http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40750/calculation-of-the-abjad-valuehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Beautiful-deeds-from-you/40750/calculation-of-the-abjad-valueSat, 09 Apr 2011 13:21:11 +0300