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When he was informed of the death penalty in Bangladesh, Mr. Adnan Oktar called for a Campaign right away, stating: “Let us start an intensive Campaign with the hashtag “#BangladeşİdamıDurdur, but the English one is very important, #stopexecutionBangladesh.”

Upon this call, the entire world raised with their voices. Local and foreign politicians, journalists, human rights organizations all over the world gave support to the hashtags immediately. Right after the announcement of the hashtags, the decision for execution was postponed to the next morning and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu initiated the negotiations.

The hashtags #stopexecutionBangladesh and #Bangladeşidamıdurdur which were started by Mr. Adnan Oktar in his live broadcast on A9 TV became Top Trend in Twitter and this way he brought together significant politicians and officials from the Minister of Foreign Affairs on his side. While Abdel Qader Molla, one of the leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami, whose execution is postponed to tomorrow morning had not found much place in Turkey’s agenda, suddenly changed the agenda by means of the Campaign Mr. Adnan Oktar started in his live broadcast.

Tens of politicians, journalists and foreign minister officials retweeted the hashtags #stopexecutionBangladesh and #Bangladeşidamıdurdur all over the world.



DİDEM ÜRER: According to information received from TIMETURK, Abdel Qader Molla who was given a life sentence by international war crimes tribunal in February will be executed tonight. He was given a verdict of death penalty with the claims that he committed crimes against humanity during the war of independence in 1971.  

He was the Assistant General Secretary and rejected all the allegations. He had made an appeal to Supreme Court for the cancellation of the execution. But, they have decreed to execute him tonight. 

ADNAN OKTAR:  #BangladeşİdamıDurdur, let us see the English also. #BangladeşİdamıDurdur. Can we see that on the television screen? Everyone should give support for this. This is an immense oppression. Decrees for execution are being abolished all over the world. What is his crime? For what reason are you hanging him? Particularly, the English is very important. #stopexecutionBangladesh.

Our friends should give emphasis to this everywhere. Let us especially keep the English hashtag on the agenda. Make this number one in the world, so that they will pay attention, insha’Allah. 

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Rosendaal Mayor Mr J.A.M. Hans Verbraak was introduced and presented Atlas of Creation Rosendaal Mayor Mr J.A.M. Hans Verbraak was introduced and presented Atlas of Creation. He has given great interest to this valuable book which is available in 16 languages and he expressed that he would like to give his support to the related works.

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Mr. Adnan Oktar called the whole World to say "No" to the massacre in Egypt Following the decision of the Egyptian cabinet to intervene in the demonstrations carried out by the proponents of Morsi, during his live broadcasted program on A9TV Mr. Adnan Oktar called the whole world to say "No" to the probable massacre that might be carried out against the demonstrators in the Al-Adewiya and Nahda Squares. 

Yesterday Egyptian Ministerial cabinet instructed the Minister of Interior Affairs [of Egypt] Mohammad Ibrahım to evacuate Al-Adewiya and Nahda Squares.  In the written statement issued after the meeting of the Ministerial Cabinet, it has been stated that "minister of Internal Affairs Mohammad Ibrahim is instructed to take necessary precautions to put an end to ensure public security and to put an end to the dangers."  However the details of the task assigned to the Minister of Internal Affairs were not announced and it was not made clear whether or not the anti-coup demonstrations would be dispersed using force. 

This decision evoked the question "Is the Egyptian Army making preparations for a new massacre?" among the demonstrators in Nahda and  Al-Adewiya Squares and among some circles closely following the developments in Egypt.

Following the mentioned statement of the Egyptian Ministerial Cabinet, on his live broadcast program on A9TV on the night of July 31st , Mr. Adnan Oktar said  "This might be a preparation for another massacre against Muslims in Nahda and Al-Adewiya Squares; so let us start a hashtag on Twitter saying  #MısırdaKatliamaHayır #NoToMassacreinEgypt. Our brothers and sisters should spread this hashtag in rapid succession".

After this announcement of Mr. Adnan Oktar, thousands of Mr. Adnan Oktar's followers on social media and thousands of Twitter users on the side of Muslims in Egypt supported this hashtag. And both of those hashtags appeared as the first topic on both Turkey and Worldwide TT Lists. 

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Just like Adnan Oktar stated previously, the world's leading economists now say the crisis will not end before 2014In his statements Adnan Oktar has said that the economic crisis that has affected the whole world began in 2007 and will come to an end in 2014. In the wake of Adnan Oktar's statements the world’s leading economic institutions, especially the IMF, and economists have issued similar announcements. For example, a report by the IMF stated that the national revenues of many countries, including the USA, Great Britain and Ireland will only begin to rise again as of 2014. The deputy Japanese finance minister said that there might be some improvements during this process, but that these will be temporary, and that the crisis will persist until 2014. Adnan Oktar has also been expressing this reality in statements and on various TV channels ever since November 2008. Mr. Oktar's analyses and statements have once again been shown to be highly accurate.

Kackar TV, 25 November 2008

ADNAN OKTAR: Indeed, our Prophet (saas) has set out in some detail how this economic crisis will take place in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). He said it in the hadith. Look, let me tell you one of them. “Stagnation in the markets and bazaars is one of the portents of Doomsday. I said, what does stagnation in the markets mean? These things, complaints of low earnings is a portent of the coming of the Mahdi (as), that and great storms…” This is one of the major portents of the End Times and will last a long time, according to the hadith and the indications in the Qur’an. There was a famine in the time of the Prophet Yusuf (as), as you know. That is referred to in Surah Yusuf and there are allusions to the Prophet Yusuf (as) attaching importance to agriculture. For example, the surah refers to oxen and wheat, the importance of the ox in livestock raising and of wheat in agriculture, storing wheat and using it economically, avoiding waste in other words, and a timing with a seven. AND THIS CRISIS ALSO BEGAN WITH A SEVEN, IT BEGAN IN 2007 AND WILL CONTINUE UNTIL 2014.


Kon TV, 25 January 2009

REPORTER: What do you say about the global, financial crisis centered in America and that is plaguing the whole world? Are there political plans and ruses behind it, Mr. Oktar? ADNAN OKTAR: No, this is an economic crisis described by our Prophet (saas) as occurring in the End Times. This is widely indicated in the Qur’an. Almighty Allah says, “Wherever We have sent a messenger we have produced economic crises and high costs of living so that people there will beg for help.” Would America want to be in that position? The wealthy in America are currently in desperate straits. They do not oppress and humiliate themselves that much. Banks, workplaces and factories are folding one after the other. And there is total panic in America, Russia and China. And they cannot stop it. They are falling like dominoes, one after the other. This is not something that can be stopped. It is one of the events before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) in the End Times. It is one of the portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). It is an event that will engulf the capitalist system, it will swallow the whole system in the way the Prophet Musa’s (as) staff swallowed the snake. And nobody will be able to withstand it. IT BEGAN IN 2007 AND WILL LAST FOR 7 YEARS. It will lead to global famine. That is why it is indicated in the Qur’an. The Prophet Yusuf (as) says, “Store wheat, because there will be famine.” “And after famine there will be abundance” he says. REPORTER: Do you foresee a particular timing regarding this? ADNAN OKTAR: IT STARTED IN 2007. THIS CRISIS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL 2014. I say that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be physically visible in 2014.

 Milliyet, 25 April 2009

National revenues will not reach pre-crisis levels in 2014

Tercuman, 25 April 2009

Turkey will not return to pre-crisis levels until 2014

Cay TV, 31 January 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: It will swallow them all. This is a devastation that will last for 7 years. Allah will destroy them all within 7 years. Watch the papers and the television. You will hear reports every day, reports about somewhere collapsing, and this will not stop for 7 years.
PRESENTER: Countries have even gone bankrupt.
ADNAN OKTAR: IT BEGAN IN 2007. IT WILL SWALLOW THEM, SWALLOW THE WHOLE SYSTEM, UNTIL 2014. And they will be very poor and helpless, and will bend the knee and beg to be saved. And famine will emerge as a result. So they will have nothing, no goods or possessions, to boast about or show off with, to be proud and arrogant over, and none of their own glory. Like Kharun, Allah will bring down their whole system. The story of Kharun in the Qur’an is happening now in the End Times. In other words, all of Kharun’s treasure is now sinking. Kharun’s treasure was very famous, as you know, and the Qur’an describes it as very great. It says his power, his economic power was very great. And these people’s economic power was very great. But they have now entered that period of famine referred to in Surah Yusuf.


Kon TV, 1 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: That means there is something wise and important, if it has reached their ears in waves in this way. And they are now saying this. As I remember, a columnist on daily Aksam also says it will last between 7 and 10 years, and his statement came weeks after mine. That means they have understood correctly. That means that such an opinion has formed in America and in Turkey, and shows how correct those words were.
Presenter: This is just the right time to ask. Why 7?
Adnan Oktar: This is described comprehensively in Surah Yusuf. Seven years of famine, 7 years of plenty. THE CRISIS BEGAN IN 2007 AND WILL CONTINUE UNTIL 2014. In 2014 we will feel the presence of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Nobody will be able to say he has not felt him or understood. They will understand very clearly. There will be a 7-year period of awakening and coming to life from 2014 to 2021.

Financial Times, 25 June 2009,


Philippine Trade Union Congress Publication, 18 May 2009,

Kral Karadeniz TV, 6 March 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: But note that all these marvels will keep on happening. For example, I said that it would not rain, and the rains have not come. They immediately came up with a pretext, blaming it on global warming. So why are all the dams full? The dams are full to bursting. Last year there was a drought. But now they are full up and there is plenty of rain. The same as in the hadith. So where does global warming come in? This is a feature of the End Times. A feature of the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). We are told this will happen in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). It has happened at just the right time. And the date when the crisis started is just right, 2007, and it will last for 7 years. It will continue until 2014. The date when it started is crystal clear. Look, I am telling you it will destroy the capitalist system. Every day another large company collapses, every day, literally, a state goes under; states are going under.


Kral Kradeniz TV, 3 April 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: Even if America had all the boron mines in the world that would still not be enough to save it. Let me state it openly, America’s position is catastrophic. Europe’s position is catastrophic. China and Russia will all collapse. There is absolutely no way out, and they have collapsed even as of now. THEY HAVE COLLAPSED RIGHT FROM THE OUTSET. THIS WILL KEEP ON INCREASING UNTIL NEXT YEAR, BUT I EXPECT AN EASING IN 2013, AND INSHA’ALLAH IT WILL STOP AFTER 2013, IN 2014, BY ALLAH’S LEAVE. You will see it happen just like I have said. But there will be huge wealth in around 2021. Really extreme wealth. People will have so much they will have nothing to spend money on. But this will be with the abundance from Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as), insha’Allah. Tell our brothers to put this CD away. The period from 2013-2021 will pass very quickly, in the blink of an eye. Tell them to hide the CDs of this interview in their homes. They will see it all happens exactly as I have said. Exactly. We are in a metaphysical age.

 Cumhuriyet, 20 May 2009

Cay TV, 11 March 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: But the economic crisis is of course a portent of the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) in the End Times. This will happen in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). In the Qur’an, Almighty Allah says, “Whenever We sent an messenger (a warner, a Mahdi) We have also produced an economic crisis so that they should beg (return to Allah, surrender to Allah.)” Allah says He has produced high costs of living. He says He has given rise to famine. This is the greatest and most important of events, this event in the End Times. It is a global phenomenon. It will grow and grow. It is growing apace now. Let me say it will be even more severe this year. It will grow much worse. It began in 2007, as you know. The crisis will start to slow down around 2013 in all likelihood, and will come to a total end in 2014. We will feel the presence of Hazrat Mahdi (as) in 2014, of his system. But we will see our Azeri brothers here around 2021, and our Kazakh brothers, our brothers from Turkestan, our Syrian and Iraqi brothers, and we will go to them, and the Turkish-Islamic Union will have been established. And there will be an amazing wealth, and amazing abundance, and peace and plenty, insha’Allah.


Ekin TV, 16 February 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: The characteristic of the Golden Age is that it is like a birth pain. The spread of corruption, terrible bloodshed, the invasion of Iraq, the invasion of Afghanistan, the occupation of Iraq by many foreign countries, bloodshed in Palestine and incidents in Jerusalem, our Prophet (saas) has described all these in detail. He says that Allah will be openly denied. Before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), he says. There have been posters openly denying the existence of Allah on the sides of busses in England, so that has happened, too. I wrote about that 20 years ago in my book, describing that as a portent of the End Times, and it has happened to the letter. Out prophet (saas) says in the hadith that there will be an economic crisis, prior to Hazrat Mahdi (as), and that has come about. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear after all kinds of corruption, of strife and fire. Allah will make Hazrat Mahdi (as) His instrument in putting those fires out. That is his distinguishing feature, because if there is no fire, no strife, no slaughter and injustice, then Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not appear. This is the reason for Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) existence, the reason for his appearance. It is the reason for the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as). That is why such things are happening, in order to make people think, to draw them closer to Allah, and there is wisdom behind them all. For example, there was a war in Bosnia, but everyone became very devout. Everyone became devout as a result. There was a war in Iraq, and all those who used to puff on their hookahs, take drugs, go to the Communist Party and harbor Stalinist ideas have now all become Muslims. Syria is also full of devout believers now. Palestine used to be somewhere that communists were trained in. But now it is overflowing with religious believers. That means that troubles and suffering draw people closer to Allah and are instrumental in their turning to faith. These are all features of the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). All these famine, scarcity and poverty will come to an end in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as), and injustices will come to an end. An age of peace and security will come. But THIS ECONOMIC CRISIS BEGAN IN 2007 AND THE QUR’AN, THE HADITH AND THE TORAH INDICATE THAT IT WILL LAST UNTIL 2014. IT WILL LAST FOR 7 YEARS. It will be like the flood of Nuh, meaning that it will grow and expand all the time. The only salvation from that flood is with the faith of the Turkish-Islamic world, gratitude and economy.

The Huffingtonpost, 20 Mayıs 2009

Kanal 35, 18 January 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: Now this crisis is a metaphysical one; all the economists, scientists, industrialists, capital investors in the world and everyone are desperately trying to put a stop to it, but they cannot and will not be able to. It will bring the entire system down. You will see that all the major companies in the world collapse, one by one. And this will go on for 7 years, which is not little time, 7 years. There will be famine in many countries. The Qur’an indicates as much. It suggests that wheat should be stocked and importance attached to livestock raising. As you know, the Prophet Yusuf (as) was in charge of the economy in his day. He said that famine would begin, and that it would last for 7 years. He therefore recommended that wheat be stored away, and stocks of wheat were made ready. And verses also point to the importance of raising livestock. Things happened just as the Prophet Yusuf (as) said they would. And there was a huge famine that lasted for 7 years. The same thing is happening again now.
REPORTER: There was a major collapse on the London Stock Exchange in 1987. We are again looking at numbers connected to the figure 7.
ADNAN OKTAR: The crisis began in 2007. The law of Allah is that it will last until 2014. And the crisis will persist until the whole global system has collapsed. And it will force people to see the might of Allah.


Kanal 35, 1 February 2009

PRESENTER: When will this union be completely established?
ADNAN OKTAR: It will take a bit of time, in my view. I think it will take until 2014. That is what the course of events and history suggests. But my main scale of measurement is the hadith. That is what appears from the measures in the hadith. IN OTHER WORDS, THE ECONOMIC CRISIS WILL HAVE CALMED DOWN AND COME TO A STOP IN 2014. A strengthening and development will begin in political and economic terms, and the Turkish-Islamic Union will then become a reality, insha’Allah.


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As Adnan Oktar has said, Turkey is playing the role of older brother to the whole Islamic world
ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey’s duty is to lead the Turkish-Islamic world. The Turkish nation has a huge responsibility. Leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world is of the greatest duties in history. This is one of the crucial tasks falling to the Turkish nation. We, the Turkish nation, have a duty not just to save Turkey, but to save the entire Turkish-Islamic world… (Konya TV-February 28, 2008)

Recent developments have once again shown that Mr. Oktar’s analyses are exceedingly accurate and that the good news he has imparted about the future of the Turkish-Islamic world has begun coming true. One of these developments is the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan coming together in Turkey under Turkish inspiration. This development, described in the press as “Turkey has done what the West could not,” shows that the whole Islamic world looks at Turkey with love and respect and regards Turkey as its natural leader. Indeed, Afghanistan Foreign Minister Rangin Spanta’s words, “Turkey is a modern, Muslim and democratic country. It definitely plays an important role as a friend of the two countries...” highlight the importance they attach to Turkey. Former Afghanistan Interior Minister Ali Jalali has described how it is essential that Turkey be involved in the peace process, stating that they “will welcome all kinds of positive participation from Turkey.”

Daily Zaman, 25 November 2008

“Turkey is again to bring the leaders
of Afghanistan and Pakistan together”

Cumhuriyet, 21 November 2008

“The Afghan administration will be delighted”

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey’s role as older brother has begun spreading ever more widely, and everyone accepts it. For example, Georgia and Armenia accept Turkey as an older brother, and that is most welcome. The region is very fond of Turkey. They love Turkish soldiers. There is an unbelievable affection for Turkish troops in the world. It is known as a very blessed army. In my view, the roads are open right to the very end, and it seems to me that the Turkish-Islamic Union will be founded comfortably within the next 10 years at most. (Hatay TV-September 7, 2008)

NTVMSNBC, 6 December 2008

“Tripartite Turkey-Afghanistan-Pakistan summit”

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey always behaves very honestly. … It seeks to do the most honest, most correct and most virtuous thing. Any careful observer can see that, because Turkish troops are welcomed in whichever country they go to. That means they are as honest as can be. That means they are as well intentioned as can be. Otherwise those people would be unhappy. Turkish troops are very popular in Afghanistan. They went to Bosnia and were popular there. They are popular wherever they go to. That stems from their honesty, from the honesty of Turkish troops. (Al Hurra TV-April 8, 2008)

Türkiye, 23 November 2008

“Kharzai and Zardari coming for the second time”

"Turkey succeeds in bringing together for a second time [the leaders of] Afghanistan and Pakistan, who U.S. President George Bush could not even make shake hands in the White House."

"Turkey will have put its name to another first."

Reporter: Muslims are exposed to mass slaughter. Earlier in Bosnia. And now in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Palestine. What do you think needs to be done?

ADNAN OKTAR: It is obligatory, according to the Qur’an, for Muslims to act together, as brothers, and to gather around a single leader, again as brothers. Muslims are not doing that. Not doing that opens the door to all kinds of affliction. Muslims should abide by that obligation. That is why I say there must be a Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership, under the leadership of the Turkish nation. Every state can remain as a separate nation state. Every state can behave freely within its own borders, but there should be a spiritual leader. That is because the Christians have their leader, the Pope. It is essential that Muslims also have a spiritual leader. If this spiritual union has a leader, all this corruption and strife can easily come to an end. In that event, if a single hair of any Muslim anywhere in the world is hurt, the incident will come to an immediate end since all Muslims will act in concert. But if there is this fragmentation, if they act according to a policy of divide and swallow up, then it will of course be a simple matter to swallow up the small components. But it is impossible to swallow up the whole block of the Muslim world. Muslims must observe this obligation at once. (Al Baghdadi TV-June 29, 2008)
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The impact of Adnan Oktar's statements encouraging the ideological struggle against DarwinismFor some 30 years, ever since 1979, Adnan Oktar has been waging a great intellectual struggle against Darwinism. And that struggle has been one of the main instruments in Darwinism’s intellectual collapse. In the 1970s, the level of people believing in Darwinism stood at some 90%, while today Turkey has the lowest level of belief in Darwinism in the world.  Adnan Oktar’s more than 100 books on the subject of the theory of evolution, dozens of web sites and documentaries based on his works and hundreds of articles and newspaper announcements have of course had a great influence on this. All these activities have led to public awareness of the invalidity of Darwinism. 

Mr. Oktar's works and scholarly activities have elicied an enormnous response, not just in Turkey but across the world. Leading Western scientific journals have described Adnan Oktar as an “international hero” on account of his work on the subject of Darwinism.  The Atlas of Creation, one of his most recent works, in particular has been instrumental in causing panic among European and American Darwinists, and this magnificent book has been referred to as “a book with an earthquake effect,” “a book exploding like thunder” and “a book that has stunned the authorities” in the Western press.

One subject that Adnan Oktar particularly emphasizes in these works that have such a profound impact and that he frequently refers to in interviews is that all Muslims must play an active part in the intellectual struggle against Darwinism. Adnan Oktar dealt with that subject on its own in his book The Importance of the Intellectual Struggle against Darwinism and frequently reminds Muslims of this significant responsibility incumbent them in interviews with various television channels and newspapers. These statements by Adnan Oktar in which he sets out the importance of the intellectual demolition of Darwinism at first place in order to properly preach the oneness of God and the moral values of the faith are having a greater impact with every passing day.

Muslim thinkers, scholars, opinion leaders and large sections of the public have turned towards intellectual activities against Darwinism, especially of late. One of the latest examples of this is the book “The Debate of Evolution and Creation in 110 Questions!” by  Prof. Arif Sarsılmaz. The existence of and increase in such activities is a significant development for the Muslim Turkish world and one of the important consequences of Adnan Oktar's 30 or so years of scholarly struggle.


Al Baghdadi TV-June 29, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
Philosophy is of the greatest importance in this century. The philosophy of Darwinism, Darwinism and materialism, referred to as naturalism by Said Nursi, is the worst idol of this century. THIS GREATEST IDOL HAD TO BE BROKEN. AND WHAT I DID WAS TO BREAK THAT GREATEST IDOL. There was a real shock in Europe. All the foreign press in Europe, France and Italy announced this in amazement and astonishment. Great, clear results were obtained. We can see from public opinion polls that Darwinism has really collapsed in Europe. Thanks be to God. God has made such a success possible. That means that God grants success to scholarly activities if people are determined. We can see that, insha’Allah. 

Azerbaijan TV-June 11, 2008

It is very interesting that to date no Islamic scholar has ever come out and opposed Darwinism and chosen to struggle against it.  It is very interesting that not one has done so. Have they regarded it as unimportant, or is it you that regards it as so important? Why do you concentrate on this issue alone? What will happen if everyone give up Darwinism?

Adnan Oktar:
In my view Islamic scholars may not have become involved because they felt they could not defeat Darwinism intellectually. That is the truth of the matter.  But I realized I could easily defeat it intellectually. And I have really done so. And how! They have been crushed, and I give thanks to God. Alhamdulillah.  What you say is true, this is a theory that emerged in this century and no Islamic scholar has fully engaged in a comprehensive struggle against it in the way I have.  There have merely been faint references. Vague mentions. And for that I give thanks to God.

What will happen when there is no more Darwinism, no more theory of evolution, when people no longer believe in it? Will everyone believe in God when no-one believes in Darwinism?

Adnan Oktar: There can be no vaccuum. Belief will fill it. There is no other alternative. 

MPL TV-April 23, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
That is the most crucial matter. MUSLIMS ARE GENERALLY UNAWARE OF THE SOURCE OF THE SCOURGE. IN OTHER WORDS, THERE IS ACID RAIN, BUT WHERE DOES IT COME FROM? FROM THE AIR? THIS ACID RAIN, THIS SCOURGE COMES FROM DARWINISM. Wherever Muslims are oppressed.... If there were no Darwinism there would be none of these forms of corruption.  

Is that where this corruption starts?

Adnan Oktar:
Of course, of course. Darwinism lies at the root of World War I, World War II, communism, fascism and all the terror at the moment.  Darwinism is the main philosophy of Freemasonry. If you take away Darwinism, Freemasonry will be left up in the air. Communism will disappear. There will be no sense to fascism.

Samanyolu Haber, 4 September 2008

 “Scientific answers to your questions from the Creationist front”

Haber 3 web site, 27 August 2008

“The errors of the theory of evolution in 110 questions!”
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The impact of Adnan Oktar's messages of friendship and brotherhood: relations with Armenia are improvingIn his books and articles, statements in the press and at all other available opportunities, Adnan Oktar emphasizes the importance of friendship and brotherhood and stresses that all forms of dispute and other problems can be resolved immediately through love and dialogue.  In recent television interviews in particular he notes that through the Turkish-Islamic Union friendship will prevail across the world, and that to that end Turkey and Azerbaijan must unite as two states, one nation. Adnan Oktar states that such a unification will be instrumental in bringing goodness and enlightenment to the whole region particularly in countries such as Armenia, Georgia and Russia, and goes on to describe how the various problems between Armenia and Turkey can be solved. He also states that the Turkish nation harbors no feelings of hostility toward anyone, that events of the past are best left in the past, that the 21st century will be an age of love and peace, that the Turkish nation has forgotten and forgiven the unfortunate incidents that happened in the past, and that the nation must treat its Armenian neighbors with love, tolerance and forgiveness. 

There have recently been very positive and welcome developments between the two countries, of exactly the kind described in the statements by Adnan Oktar. This became even more apparent during Turkish President Abdullah Gul's visit to Armenia. The way that the Armenians never referred to the so-called genocide during his trip, the way the lights at the so-called genocide monument were turned off, the way the Mount Agri logo was removed from the Armenian national football team’s shirts, and the way an official iftar meal was given for President Gül and his retinue are all very excellent developments. Current events also indicate that these positive steps will progress still further and that historic events will soon take place in the region. 


"THEY ARE ALSO OUR BROTHERS; let us live in the midst of one another.  Our commercial, artistic, scientific and cultural activities should be interconnected. We need each other in art, science, technology and all fields. Why should we live separately from one another? Let us found universities together, let us establish factories, and let us found scientific centers. Let us found universities in Armenia, and let Armenia found universities here.  Let art and science flourish. The days of iron curtains, stone walls are over. They must be torn down.” (Azerbaijan Respublica TV-September 2, 2008)

"The Armenians are our brothers. They are also very dear to us, insha’Allah. Armenia will also takes its place in the Turkish-Islamic Union, insha’Allah. They are making themselves unhappy over nothing. WE REGARD THEM AS BROTHERS. WE REGARD THEM AS FRIENDS. Insha’Allah, they will also assume their place in the loving arms of the Turkish-Islamic Union.  They will live in peace. Their security will be established. Insha’Allah, our Armenian brothers will be willing and happy to open up that Lachin corridor.  This gesture on the part of Armenia will cause us to love the Armenians even more, insha’Allah. They will pull back from Nagorny Karabagh, but they will come to Turkey in return for this, and they will come to Azerbaijan, and will do business and settle there as they wish. Let them be free to worship there as they wish. But there is also an unhealed wound. There is the closure of the Lachin corridor, the occupation of Nagorny Karabagh, and these are unnecessary... There is no hatred of Armenians in Turkey. Our Armenian brothers rose to the highest, most key points in the Ottoman Empire. Some of the best-known artists and doctors were Armenians. They are the People of the Book. They are our immaculate brothers. There is absolutely no need for such concerns. They may be hurt by things that happened in the past, but there was a war going on; Armenians and Muslims slaughtered each other. But we forgive them... WE HAVE FORGIVEN THEM, AND THEY MUST NOW LET IT GO. THERE MUST BE BILATERAL RECONCILIATION. THERE IS FORGIVENESS IN ISLAM, AND ALSO IN CHRISTIANITY. LET US LOVE ONE ANOTHER.” (Erzincan TV-July 14, 2008)

Adnan Oktar, who says that the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union will be a positive progress for all the countries in the region stated:

"This power will not work against them. It means greater wealth for Russia. It means greater wealth for Armenia. It means brand new factories and facilities in Armenia and Russia.  It means Armenian oil, Turkish oil, Turkish minerals being sold to Armenia or Russia, and a great increase in all the means at their disposal. Markets and trade will expand. Militarily, the risk will decline because Turkey has a friendly attitude toward Russia, not a hostile one.” (Azerbaycan Gazete 525-August 27, 2008)

"Armenia will be rich and more at ease as a result of this. At the moment it is poor and weak, industrialization is weak and they are not relaxed. The problems in |Armenia have been going on for a long time.  As a result of Turkish unification with Azerbaijan, Armenia will be many times wealthier than it is now, and much more at ease. Because Turkey will invest there and Azerbaijan will invest there. European investors will invest there. Armenia will be unrecognizably wealthier and more advanced, and will develop to its fullest extent in terms of industry, art and science.  That is what Armenia wants, too. The unification of Turkey and Azerbaijan poses no threat to Russia and Armenia; it rather represents a system that will eliminate any threat and bring them security.” (Azerbaijan State news-August 14, 2008)

Yeni Asya, 6 September 2008
“May the climate of friendship flourish”

Milliyet, 7 September 2008
“An optimistic start”

Bugün, 4 September 2008
“The public tell Gül to ‘Go to Yerevan’.”

Hürriyet, 5 September 2008

“Everyone will envy the picture in Yerevan”

Bugün, 5 September 2008

“We do not want enmity”

Türkiye, 5 September 2008

“Armenia is happy”

Türkiye, 5 September 2008

“Support from the business world for Gül’s visit to Yerevan”

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Signs of the peace that Turkish-Islamic union will bring to the Middle East have begun appearingThe concepts of love and understanding represent very important effects of the Turkish-Islamic Union described by Adnan Oktar. Mr. Oktar has for years been setting out in detail in his books and articles the way that peace will come to the Middle East, and has frequently described, especially of late, how Muslims should regard Jews and how peace and justice can be brought to the region. As Adnan Oktar says, only through the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union can the difficulties and suffering of the Palestinian people come to an end, can Israel’s doubts and fears be resolved, and can all communities,  Muslim, Jewish and Christian, live together in joy and security in these holy lands, the lands of the prophets.  Because this union will be one of love friendship and will bring a solution to all disputes in the most just manner and by the most peaceful means.

In his works and statements, Adnan Oktar describes how the Jews are the children of the Prophet Yakup, how they have the most legitimate rights to want to live in the lands of their ancestors and have the right to do business, worship and exist as they wish in those territories. Muslims and Christians also enjoy all those same rights, of course. These broad lands are big enough for everyone once feeling of brotherhood, peace and friendship have been strengthened, and there will be no need for conflict between anyone.  Muslims and Jews and Christians will live as brothers in these lands, just as in the time of the prophets. Discrimination, conflict and trying to remove another group from these lands are both totally unnecessary and totally incompatible with religious moral values. The Turkish-Islamic Union is the guarantee that both communities can live together in peace. This great union will allow both Jews and Muslims to enjoy the days they are longing for. 

Adnan Oktar's statements on this subject have had a major impact on both Jews and Muslims, have been instrumental in softening hearts and have led the way to the taking of peaceful and rational steps forward. One of the most recent examples of this is the significant and positive statements by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, for long known for the harshness of his policies, which ran contrary to his previous remarks and policies. Olmert has said they are in favor of peace in the Middle East and might even withdraw from East Jerusalem is necessary. This is without doubt a very positive thing to say, and even the fact that the subject has been raised by a Jewish politician is a major step forward.


Adnan Oktar: Why should Israel be wiped off the map? They are the children of the prophets, the children of the Prophet Musa, the children of Yakup. Why should they be wiped off it? They pray to and beseech God in their synagogues. They worship day and night. Let them settle there completely. Let them live in peace and security. Let them build factories. Let us build factories and open facilities there. Let us be brothers. Let us draw close to one another. Let us set tables together. One can eat meat they have slaughtered. One can eat at their tables. One can be friends with them. One can marry their women. What does that mean? It means an interdependent life. What does it mean? It means brotherhood. So there can be no question of wiping off the map, but rather of consolidating the map right.. Many issues will be completely resolved, insha’Allah.

Vatan, 30 September 2008

There can be no peace without sharing Jerusalem

Let us give those lands back
Let us share Jerusalem

Adnan Oktar: The most perfect thing to do is to establish the Turkish-Islamic Union... At the same time there is Turkey’s playing the role of older brother in the region, in other words, also striving to protect Armenian interests and to enrich them. The protection of Israeli interests, bringing peace to Palestine, bringing peace to the region, playing the role of older brother in all directions. That is its most urgent duty... The Turkish-Islamic Union will definitely come about in the next 10 or 20 years. Let them say Mr. Oktar spoke about it, let them remember it, I say. Let them note it every year; all right, there will be pain and angst, but these are birth pains, and the birth will be perfect. A wonderful light will illuminate the whole Islamic world, insha’Allah. Islamic moral values will rule, and the Islamic world will see the coming of the Mahdi and the appearance of the Prophet ‘Isa (a.s.). We are heading toward a breathtaking civilization, a breathtaking age of happiness. All this pain and suffering are set out in the hadiths. All this pain is described in detail as birth pangs. They do not need to be alarmed. The Turkish world, the Arab world and our other brothers are heading toward a world of happiness and well-being. America is suffering at this. But America will attain peace, and its sufferings will be lifted. Israel’s sufferings will be lifted and the whole region will be at ease; It is important that all Turkish nationalists, the conservative and religious section of society, supporters of  Atatürk, rational leftists, consistent leftists, we all act in the consciousness of this brotherhood. (Türkmeneli TV-April 22, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: The Turkish-Islamic Union needs to be sped up. It has to be really accelerated… This will also allow Israel to relax. It will mean the immediate end to all the conflict in the region. Because, as you know, Palestine is suffering; but Israel is suffering, too, and there is the ever-present possibility of a bomb dropping on their heads. Israel lives behind walls. They are literally prisoners. But they have made themselves prisoners. They have locked themselves behind walls. Let us tear those walls down. Let commercial vehicles roll up there. Let busses and lorries go there. Let ships go, let things be made easier by sea.  This can happen by love and friendship... (Asia RFA Radio-June 14, 2008)

Türkiye, 30 September 2008

Olmert: We must pull back for peace

Ehud Olmert, who resigned the prime ministry but will remain
in post until a new government is formed, stated the need to pul
back from the Israeli-occupied territories for the sake of peace...
Olmert said: “We must come to an agreement with the Palestinians.
It is most imprtant we pull back almost entirely from the
occupied territories for the sake of peace...”

Adnan Oktar: They want it very, very much. They regard it as the only way out. This also means salvation for America, and for China and for Russia. It will also make things easier economically. And terror will completely disappear.  Israel will be fully at ease and will have no more problems.  Armenia will also be able to relax and an excellent civilization will arise. There are no obstacles to it. Because this is a union of peace, a union of brotherhood, a union of love, not a concept of racial superiority of trying to put other people down. This is a desire to serve. A desire to save all humanity, to serve all humanity. (Çay TV-July 23, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: The Turkish-Islamic Union is urgently needed for the whole region. But this Turkish-Islamic Union does not mean any racial superiority or imply that we are the best. In other words, it will also be very affectionate toward Christians, and toward Jews, and will recognize their right to a good life... For one thing, it will come as a huge relief to Israel. Those people are trapped behind a wall, they are living in a  prison and live with the fear of death every day. Palestine is an environment of absolute violence and absolute poverty, and there is no other solution. Neither American intervention nor British intervention can save any of them. The only solution is for Turkey to intervene and play the role of older brother. This needs to happen straight away.  (Kordon TV-July 27, 2008)

Yeni Şafak, 30 September 2008

Words like a testament
Olmert’s testament: Withdraw from Palestine

Reporter:  What will Israel do?

Adnan Oktar:
They will also be relieved and liberated; in other words, Israel will be in the Turkish-Islamic Union, under the protection of the Turkish-Islamic Union. This will also be a salvation from the problem of terror and violence. Their walls will be torn down. Israel is currently a kind of prison. It is surrounded by walls on all sides. Those walls will be pulled down. Israel will be relieved and trade with ease in the region. The pressure on it will be lifted. And therefor the Israeli pressure on Muslim states, Muslim countries, will also be lifted. They will enter an age of total peace and security. That is why I say that the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union is the main issue facing the world today. (Al Baghdadi TV-August 5, 2008)

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/10477/signs-of-the-peace-thathttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/10477/signs-of-the-peace-thatSat, 15 Nov 2008 13:07:02 +0200
The impact of the announcements headed 'Azerbaijan and Turkey must unite as two states, one nation,' based on the works of Adnan Oktar

Daily Hurriyet-July 6, 2008
Turkish President Abdullah Gül recently met with Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev and Armenian President Serj Sarkisyan in Kazakhstan. This friendly meeting was reported under the headline ‘The Long-Awaited Picture’ by daily Hürriyet on 6 July, 2008.

Daily Hurriyet-July 6, 2008
In interviews, Adnan Oktar has frequently expressed the need for Azerbaijan and Turkey to unite as ‘Two States, One Nation’ and for Armenia to abandon its historic enmity and adopt an approach based on friendship and brotherhood. This objective has recently been reflected in newspaper announcements appearing under the heading ‘Azerbaijan and Turkey Must Unite As Two States, One Nation.’ These calls and announcements immediately began bearing fruit, and Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey were observed to come together in a hope-raising manner. This is of course a most welcome development. For years now, Adnan Oktar has been working hard as an opinion former for the Turkish-Islamic Union, the rise of Islam, and world peace and well-being.

Statements from interviews by Adnan Oktar, the leading proponent of the idea of Azerbaijan and Turkey Uniting as one nation.

From a press conference for foreign journalists on June 8, 2007

“The Turkic states and Turkey should have united long ago, and this unnecessary delay is still in effect. Azerbaijan is the same as the [Turkish] province of Konya. Turkistan is the same as Eskişehir. It will be most useful for these states to join together under a single roof and become a stabilizing element in the region, following as brothers a policy of love, affection, compassion and humanity as a force that will ensure world peace; and this must not be delayed. If Turkey makes its presence felt in the region then the region in which anarchy and terror are most intense will also achieve peace. In other words, it is vitally important for Turkey to be the leader in the region. The Turkish nation has very excellent, human values. It can serve as a role model for the world in terms of attributes such as love, affection, compassion, hospitality and humanity. It will be most beneficial for people with such attributes to be a stabilizing force in the region…”

From Çay TV interview in January 15, 2008

Presenter: You want Turkey to be a country with its former power, governing the region as in Ottoman times. You want to be a country that shapes the direction of the world. Can Turkey reach that position?

Adnan Oktar:
This is in any case the legacy of centuries. All Islamic countries want this. All the Turkic states want it. Ask Azerbaijan, they want to be under direct Turkish administration. Azerbaijan says the borders with Turkey must be lifted and we should be a single state.

From an interview with Azerbaycan TV in June 11 ,2008

Presenter:  Let us move on to the subject of the Turkish-Islamic Union, which is so important to you. You want Turkey to play a leading role in the foundation of that union. You are working towards that end. Conferences have been held.  Now will this be something like in the time of the old USSR or the former Yugoslavia, or what?

Adnan Oktar:
No, no. It will be a union of hearts. In the Turkish-Islamic Union I have in mind, all the states will remain as nation states. All of them. This will be a union of hearts, in other words a union of love, a union of dialog and of shared ideas. For example, taking a joint decision and eliminating terror when it raises its head somewhere. Taking a joint decision to resolve an economic difficulty. Taking a joint decision, for example, to rescue a country in a state of economic collapse.

Presenter:  What are your views regarding Azerbaijan? You know that, as with some other states, parts of Azerbaijani territory are under occupation. There is the area of Karabagh. Before we started our interview you referred to the Lachin corridor. It came as a real surprise to us that you should even remember the name. Because most people do not know it. What do you think on the subject? About the Armenian occupation, their seizing our territory? Then we had the Karabagh problems and the Hocali genocide after that.

Adnan Oktar:
The question of the Lachin corridor has been a source of distress to me for years. It must absolutely be opened up at once. Two states, one nation. For one thing, both parties are Turkish, both parties are Muslim. The difference between them is completely artificial. It is like Ankara being separated from Konya. The separation of the two countries is no more logical than that. The Karabagh question must be resolved at one, by rational negotiations with Armenia. Because it would be in their interests, too. The last thing that Armenia wants is to find Turkey and Azerbaijan lined up against it. That would be the worst mistake. It must regard Turkey and Azerbaijan as friends and seek their support. That is why the immediate resolution of the Karabagh problem and the opening of that road and the corridor are so vitally important. That is the road that establishes the link to Turkey. It is crucial. And not impossible. It can be done very easily. It can easily be done with a diplomatic readjustment. We just need the will.

Presenter: This has not been possible for around 10 years, now. Diplomatic moves are continuing.

Adnan Oktar: Huge public pressure is required. You have to rouse Turkey, to rouse Azerbaijan, and even rouse Armenia. You have to say let’s open up this road. We can support Armenia to revitalize its economy. You come and work here, and we can come and work where you are. Come and work and grow as you like in Azerbaijan. And let Azeris work in your territory. Let this unjust occupation be ended and the road be opened up. Let two states, one nation be formed.

In other words, the first step toward the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union will thus be taken.

Adnan Oktar: It is crucial. This is the first fruit. 

Press reports in the immediate wake of the May 29, 2008, "Azerbaijan-Turkey" announcement

Daily Yeni Şafak-
July 4, 2008

'Azerbaijan and Turkey, Two Separate States, One Nation'

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan and Azerbaijan President Ilham held a press conference following their face-to-face meetings and others between their delegations. Prime Minister Erdoğan stated that relations between the two countries in such areas as politics, economics, military affairs, culture, trade and education had been reviewed at the meetings. Stressing that  relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan had reached an exceptional level, Prime Minister Erdoğan went on to say that joint projects were an important indicator of the strength of their strategic relations. He described how the two countries were always united at the Organization of the Islamic Conference and how there were examples of this in the European Parliament, and said that the solidarity between Turkey and Azerbaijan was a good example in the Turkic world, as well.  Erdoğan concluded by saying: “There is never the slightest doubt in the decisions we have taken. This construction will continue in the future. If there is no solidarity between us, then the idea of ‘two separate states, one nation’ cannot become a reality. We must always make this a reality.”

Daily Türkiye

'A Message to Yerevan'

ERDOĞAN: We shall henceforth act jointly with Azerbaijan for Upper Karabagh, which is under Armenian occupation. Visiting Nakhchivan on a one-day trip, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev. At a press conference following face-to-face meetings and discussions between their delegations, the two leaders issued a message of unity for the Karabagh region under Armenian occupation. Erdoğan said: "We want the Upper Karabagh question to be resolved within the framework of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and in a manner compatible with the principles of international law. We shall continue to support this matter with the same determination in the future as we have in the past.” Prime Minister Erdoğan said the solidarity between Turkey and Azerbaijan was a fine role model, and concluded: “If there is no solidarity between us, then the idea of ‘two separate states, one nation’ cannot become a reality. We must always make this a reality.”

From an interview with Türkmeneli TV in  April 22, 2008

Adnan Oktar :
“ Not a day must be lost in setting up the Turkish-Islamic Union. We need it now. It will be in everyone’s interests, NATO, the EU and the whole world. It will be beneficial and advantageous in all respects. But it is essential that Turkey be its leader.”

Daily Akşam-
June 5, 2008

'Two Separate States, One Nation'

Erdoğan and Aliyev issued ‘solidarity’ messages in Nakhchivan. Erdoğan said the following at a joint press conference following his meetings with Azeri President Ilham Aliyev:

We share the same views as Mr. Aliyev on the subject of co-operation for peace, stability and well-being in the southern Caucasus. The resolution of the Upper Karabagh problem in the framework of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity is the most pressing matter that we also wish to see resolved.

The solidarity between Turkey and Azerbaijan is a role model in the Turkic world. If there is no solidarity between us, then the idea of ‘two separate states, one nation’ cannot become a reality. We must always make this a reality. Aliyev also said the Turkish and Azeri policies were ‘completely in harmony’ on all subjects. Aliyev said that a meeting of this kind in Nakhchivan was of the greatest importance, and concluded: ‘Because Nakhchivan is the only region lying on the land border between Azerbaijan and Turkey. Turkey played a major role on behalf of Nakhchivan when it was besieged by Armenia in the crisis period during the 1990s.’ ]]>
http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/10361/the-impact-of-the-announcementshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/10361/the-impact-of-the-announcementsThu, 13 Nov 2008 13:51:11 +0200
The light of the Turkish-Islamic union will illuminate east TurkestanIn recent statements Adnan Oktar has imparted the welcome news that the Science Research Foundation (BAV) and the Foundation for the Preservation of National Values would be making a great cultural offensive for the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union and for all Muslims in difficulties to attain peace and security. This cultural activity, including informing and educating the public on such matters as the importance and urgency of the Turkish-Islamic Union, the kind of union it will be, and the solutions it will bring to existing problems, has already begun to have an effect. In addition to crucial developments taking place in the Caucasus and the Middle East, the question of East Turkestan, which had for a long time been almost entirely forgotten, has once again begun being raised in the Turkish press.

An interview given by Adnan Oktar in 2008 to the the East Turkestan Asia RFA radio station contained the following statement:

Asia RFA: You mention this in your book Communist China’s Policy of Oppression and East Turkestan, but since 1949 China has executed millions of Muslims among its own citizens, but when we look at the media what we see is the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and later Palestine. Work out how many people are being killed every day. But the most painful thing today is the thousands of people in East Turkestan executed and including just for writing books or poems. Tens of thousands of people, but the world is silent. Why?

(Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

In the last few months, both Adnan Oktar’s statements on the subject and also announcements issued in various newspapers on the subject of East Turkestan by the Foundation for the Preservation of National Values, of which he is honorary president, have begun to bear fruit. The press have again begun carrying stories regarding East Turkestan, and the Turkish public have started being made aware of the troubles and sufferings of their brothers in those lands. This information again raises the issue of the urgency of the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union and accelerates the steps being taken on that road by means of it. By God’s leave, it will be through the Turkish-Islamic Union that East Turkestan achieves well-being and enlightenment. With the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union, both East Turkestan and China will be able to breathe easy, and tension, fear and doubt will give way to peace, love and prosperity. The Turkish-Islamic Union acting as guarantor will also strengthen relations with the milions of Muslims living in China. An East Turkestan emotionally ties to the Turkish-Islamic Union will clearly also be in China’s interests.

Adnan Oktar: Go to East Turkestan, for instance, and you will see delightful people there. There are highly virtuous, pure Muslims there. Women or young people, they all possess immaculate Islamic moral virtues. Muslims have degenerated in many places, but not there. When we go to Turkistan, for example, we are amazed at the immaculate, well brought up people we meet there. Communism has had the exact opposite effect. And that is a blessing from God. They have remained quite spotless. They have been insulated. Nobody has been able to damage them. THE UNION WILL BE A VERY PURE ONE, AND IT LOOKS AS IF CAN EASILY COME ABOUT WITHIN 10 OR 15 YEARS. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Timeturk news portal site, 23 September 2008

“What is going on in East Turkestan?”

Adnan Oktar: China should let East Turkestan go, should let its people live in freedom, that it keeps killing; about people being killed just for looking up to the sky or down on the ground. This oppression is something that not even someone totally devoid of conscience should be capable of. China is doing this and belittling itself before the world. It is disgracing itself. It is disgracing everything. It is disgracing its own state and nation, and must stop doing so. It must think about this and do these things from a conception of honesty, of rationality and of proper behaviour. It must withdraw from East Turkestan and leave it as a free country. Then you will see how the world opens up to China. Turkey will adopt a most excellent view of it. Workers from Turkey will go to work in China, and others from there will come here. It will adopt a totally different line. But there will always be anger in the nation’s heart so long as this open wound continues to bleed. Many people, many businessmen for example, do not go to China to do business because of that hatred. Who would willingly go to a country that kills so many people, that commits so many murders? Everywhere is full of human blood. You will have to wade through human blood to go anywhere there today. No Muslim can wade through human blood. They must clean that blood up. They must put a stop to these killings and this oppression will be lifted. Let them allow East Turkestan to be democratic. Secular. Let it take its place in the world as an independent country. China will be enriched many times by that. It must not imagine it will lose out by it. It will gain prestige, not lose it. This is not something to be made a question of pride. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Önce Vatan, 23 July 2008

“China is applying ‘state terror’.”


Vakit, 13 July 2008

“Chinese oppression in East Turkestan continues:
2 Uyghurs have been executed and 15 imprisoned”

Adnan Oktar: This needs to be made clear to the Chinese state in the most appropriate terms possible. China may perhaps imagine that this union will be to its disadvantage. But it will benefit China, save it, in all regards. It will save it in military terms, and protect it from any external attack. It will also save it economically.  The Chinese people are still struggling, and this will enable it to modernize. I see in the papers how the people are still living in places resembling barns. They are desperately poor. Those people will live in much greater ease. CHINA SHOULD SUPPORT THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION FOR THE SAKE OF ITS OWN PEOPLE. This is not a colonialist or selfish union. It is a union of love and friendship, a union of solidarity and toleration, of moderation, built on a basis of secularity. In other words, it will be grounded in secularism, and this is most important. If it is secular, peaceful and a pro-democratic system, there is no reason for China to be worried by it. This may be more through the work of civil society organisations if China is to be convinced, of course. But we will be putting in some considerable activity in that direction in the next few days. This is an idea that will free China from those unnecessary fears and enable it to abandon these classic policies of state. Because in classic state policy whatever you do there is somewhere of benefit to you and you go and invade it. You crush the inhabitants and live there yourself. But there is no need to suck blood in order to live. You can do it with love and friendship. It is unbecoming of China to live by sucking blood. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: This is a sign that the time for the liberation of East Turkestan has come. We must make the very best use of this period. Because East Turkestan is home to the world’s most immaculate Muslims, and perhaps its best behaved people. It is somewhere inhabited by the most insulated, select people. I have witnessed this for myself. It is therefore crucially important that these people be freed from oppression, a matter of honor for the whole world. It is a debt of honor for the whole world. This Turkic state has to be freed from Chinese hands. It is unacceptable for China to interfere in it. Let East Turkestan live freely as a state in its own right with its own means. If China wants to trade it can go and trade with it. There is no question of East Turkestan attacking China. So what does China want? What does it gain? If it wants to gain something, that can be commercial. So let East Turkestan and China trade together. Nobody will let it colonize it, however, and what other meaning can taking a country captive have? What does China want from East Turkestan and what does it stand to gain by making it a captive? What happiness can that bring it? What joy will that bring to its heart? What victory is that? It must withdraw from East Turkestan completely. Let the people who live there be free to go to mosques and factories. Let them talk freely and enjoy religious festivals once again. China must now do a good deed there. The time has come. China must stand up and admit it has made a mistake. This country is one that deserves independence. There was no need for us to intervene. There was no point and no logic in it. This is unacceptable in the 21st century. We are withdrawing our troops. And we are lifting our political pressure. The whole world will love China when it announces it is a free country. Everyone will respect it. China must commit this good  deed. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008) 

Türkiye, 7 September 2008

“One upon a time East Turkestan had a state”

“They are strangers in their own home, pariahs in their own land:
but once there was a stare there”

“Goods are imitation, torture is genuine”

Adnan Oktar: China has to abandon this Cold War mentality. If it withdraws from East Turkestan it can enter into good agreements with it. They can be given even more petrol, even more electricity. Nothing will put them in a difficult position. The sale of electricity, oil and energy to them is something that Islamic countries already want. That will be to their advantage. They can be sold cheap if necessary. China may want oil, or electricity or natural gas, but there is no excuse for oppressing millions of people and keep them captive. This can be by way of bilateral agreements. It can make an agreement with Turkey, for example. China can sign agreements with states. All the Turkic states can combine together to reach an agreement with China on the subject. We will satisfy all your needs regarding natural gas, electricity or oil. But you must lift your hands from these immaculate people. That is the question; a 50-year agreement could be reached, for instance. And petrol could really be sold. The petrol that China wants. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: We shall make intensive efforts for the freedom of East Turkestan, the Turkic states and the Islamic world, but there is one very pressing matter. That is the unification of Azerbaijan with Turkey, because they are in the most appropriate position. … But after that East Turkestan is most pressing. Because it is a prisoner. The horror of imprisonment needs to be placed at the head of the agenda. Because the priority must be wherever repression is at its most fierce. And that is where the priority now lies. … The issue therefore needs to be raised and put before the public, by way of the press. Public pressure will wear China down.  We will be working to force it into a corner in the days to come, in the major press, with full-scale announcements, in editorials and in television reports... (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Once Vatan, 13 July 2008

“China has executed 2 Uyghurs from East Turkestan”

Adnan Oktar: Culture is what is needed. We need to raise a top-quality generation. Highly devout, aware, anti-Darwinist, anti-communist, anti-Marxist, highly intelligent professors, scientists, doctors, lawyers, China cannot withstand that force. In other words, there is an irresistible force – culture. China will be bent in half in the face of that. Let them attach great importance to culture. Let them visit my web sites and read all of my books, which can be downloaded for free. Let them read them all and be made really conscious. Let them look meaningfully into China’s eyes. China will pull back. It cannot stand up to it, China is not strong enough. No power can withstand culture. You say the Sun has risen. Someone else says he does not believe you. So you lift the edge of the curtain and let it fall again; it is all over with in a second. If there are a hundred people there, they will all be convinced straight away. If the young people of East Turkestan who have fully absorbed the fact that Darwinism does not exist and who have become expert at telling people of that in a beautiful manner, can spread that message wherever they go, then East Turkestan will become a bastion of steel. Then what if Chinese troops strolled there, skipped along there? They would be like a bird riding on the back of a lion. The matter is turning East Turkistan into a lion; even if it has four crows riding on its back it will still be a lion. It will go wherever it so wishes. The bonds of brotherhood must be strengthened, no concessions must be made when it comes to culture, and their immaculate state must be further reinforced. And that is how things must continue. (Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)

Vakit, 7 September 2008

“The communist Chinese regime has stepped up its oppression:
Ramadan bans in East Turkestan”


Önce Vatan, 9 August 2008
“They want to annihilate the ‘Muslim Uyghurs’!”

Asia RFA:  In conclusion, is there anything you would like to say to the people of East Turkestan. What message would you like to send them?

Adnan Oktar: They are very dear to me, my dear brothers, whose liberation I have been praying for ever since I was a child. And I am striving for them. Inshallah, the next 10-15 years will be years of liberation. Inshallah, all captive Turks and captive Muslims will be freed. Let them prepare themselves very well. Let them increase their awe of God. Let them raise their cultural levels and their faith. Let them increase their love and fear of God. Let them prepare themselves as anti-Darwinists. Let them learn al the frauds and hoaxes of Darwinists. Let them visit my web sites and look at them. Let them intensify their love for one another.  They must be on their guard against degeneration. They must strongly defend their national culture. And let them not get involved in anything else. Inshallah, their liberation is close at hand.
(Asia RFA-June 14, 2008)
http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9695/the-light-of-the-turkishhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9695/the-light-of-the-turkishSun, 12 Oct 2008 15:02:02 +0300
Adnan Oktar's work is bearing fruit: friendships are being built in the Middle East

Adnan Oktar's statements along these lines have very quickly started to bear fruit, and steps have been taken towards the building of more amicable relations among communities that have been at loggerheads for many years. The most striking of these was the way Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with Jewish clergymen on his recent trip to New York and issued messages of love and friendship.

In his works Adnan Oktar describes how Muslims and the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) are friends and brothers, and how that friendship will bring peace to the Middle East and to the world. In his book A Call for Unity Adnan Oktar writes that Christians, Jews and Muslims all believe in the same God, believe in and love the same prophets, and all believe in the angels and Doomsday, and that there is therefore no reason why they should not be friends. In his statements he also concentrates on the need to treat Jews and Christians with affection and compassion. As that love and affection spread, all the disputes and conflicts between cultures in troubles parts of the world, and especially in the Middle East, will come to an end, and peace and security will prevail.

Adnan Oktar's statement to Azerbaijan Respublica in early September

Adnan Oktar: Faith groupings are of course possible, one may feel closer to people who share one’s own beliefs, and that is quite normal. But this is not something to weaken the bonds of brotherhood.  For example, WHEN I SEE A JEW I GO UP AND EMBRACE HIM, and I embrace my Christian brother when I see him...

Statements by President Ahmadinejad at a meeting with Jewish clergymen in New York on September 25:

"ALL WHO TRULY FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF GOD’S MESSENGERS ARE ONE ANOTHER’S BROTHER AND THEREFORE OUR MEETING TODAY IS A FRATERNAL ONE. ... If the teachings of prophets are followed, war and enmity will seize to exist... The Prophet of Jews is among Allah’s arch-prophets, and Muslims and Jews have co-existed peacefully in Palestine and other regions of the world for centuries."

Aksam, 26 September 2008

"Ahmadinejad meets with his rabbi 'brothers'."

Tercuman, 26 September 2008

"Ahmadinejad meets with Jews"


Adnan Oktar: It makes no difference, we are all brothers. That would be to feed the enemy. It would be to feed the unbelievers. That is inappropriate for a Muslim. But, among other things, for exapmle love and affection are very important for a sincere Christian and a sincere Jew. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY ARE ALSO ENTRUSTED TO US BY GOD AND THEY ALSO BELIEVE IN THE SAME GOD. THEY LOVE THE SAME PROPHETS. A SPIRIT OF AFFECTION TOWARDS THEM IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT. Some people look with envy and hatred. That is incompatible with the Qur’an. It is incompatible with the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas). Jews lived totally at ease in the time of our Prophet (saas). Christians lived totally at ease... We can eat their food. We can marry their women. You can go and sleep in their homes. One can talk to them. They are also servants created by God. That is the form in which God has created their destiny. (Iraq Al-Baghdadi-August 5, 2008)

Adnan Oktar- I like Christians very much. I like Jews, too. As a result of our activities in Israel, for instance, young Israelis came to believe on a large scale. Judaism is now much stronger in Israel.

Reporter- Can we deduce from your books that you are a supporter of Judaism?

Adnan Oktar- Of course, I want a Jew to be a good Jew. I want him to be devout. I want a Christian to be a good Christian. And I want a Muslim to be a good Muslim. I want churches to be full of Christians, and synagogues to be full of Jews, and mosques to be full of Muslims. I want everyone to love God and to realize that He exists. (Spain, El Siglo-June 11, 2008) 



Adnan Oktar: I have always felt love and affection for Christians and Jews. One can go to dine with them, visit their homes and THERE ARE ALWAYS BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP WITH GENUINE, HONEST CHRISTIANS AND HONEST JEWS... I have never been an anti-semite. Jews are descended from a prophet, are a holy race. They are descended from the prophets Abraham, Joseph and Isaac (peace be upon them all). I have always felt love and dialogue and joy towards Jews, and I feel a desire to protect them. I reject enmity and opposition towards them and wage an intellectual struggle. It is atheist Zionists I am opposed to. Unbeliever, faithless atheist Zionists. That has been my belief throughout my struggle against their actions and ideology. Otherwise, my love for devout Jews is obvious, and I also harbor a joyous love for Christians in the same way. The way they love God, love the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) and love all the prophets is most excellent. (Aksam-April 23, 2008)




http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9655/adnan-oktars-work-is-bearinghttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9655/adnan-oktars-work-is-bearingFri, 10 Oct 2008 15:52:00 +0300
The enormous response to fossils demonstrating the fact of creationThe way that Adnan Oktar’s giant Atlas of Creation contained a succession of fossil specimens that totally discredited evolution permitted the subject of these fossils to be brought up so effectively for the very first time. Before fossil specimens began being used in this way in Adnan Oktar’s scientific books, the majority of the public were unaware that there were so many fossils all disproving evolution. Because nobody had ever before revealed the fossil findings in such a clear and accessible manner in such a way as to so comprehensively enlighten the public.

Under the influence of earlier, evolutionist publications, the public had the false impression that there were only a few fossil specimens in existence and that these generally supported evolution. But with Adnan Oktar’s concentration on fossils they have now realized that just about everywhere beneath the ground is actually full of fossils. In addition, 99% of these have been unearthed and they all, without a single exception, point to one truth: that living things never evolved.

This, of course, came as a terrible shock to Darwinists. Because for the last 150 years, using various deceptions and even forgeries that have gone down in the history of science, they had portrayed fossils as supporting evolution, while concealing hundreds of thousands of specimens from the public. And people believed these deceptions without ever questioning them and had no other sources of information on the subject than evolutionists’ lies. Until that is, Adnan Oktar brought countless fossil specimens out into the light of day.

Today, however, it is no longer possible to deceive with regard to evolution the public now that they have seen fossil specimens in exhibitions, books, pamphlets and posters (as well as the living specimens all around them). Let evolutionists attempt to create all the sensations they want, to write supposedly scientific articles using incomprehensible Latin terminology, or to use the media that support them as propaganda tools, the result will still be the same. It is now impossible to deceive anyone who has looked at fossil specimens and witnessed that living things have remained unchanged for tens of millions of years and that life forms dating back hundreds of millions of years are identical to their present-day counterparts using evolutionary myths.  This scholarly work of Adnan Oktar's by which he has raised the issue of fossils onto the public agenda has dealt Darwinism a most deadly blow, and has been a means whereby the theory of evolution has been consigned to the back shelves of history across the world, including Europe and America.]]>
http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9515/the-enormous-response-to-fossilshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9515/the-enormous-response-to-fossilsFri, 26 Sep 2008 20:25:34 +0300
Adnan Oktar's works have dealt a lethal blow to evolutionOne of the most significant characteristics of Adnan Oktar's works about the invalidity of Darwinism is that they demolish the theory of evolution using many different forms of proof and evidence, in a way that has never been employed before.  The unscientific nature of the theory of evolution is described in such a way as to leave no gaps, with the provision of irrefutable, concrete and crystal clear evidence. Furthermore, all forms of technology and publishing are used to ensure these works are accessible to very large numbers of people. Reaching out to people through such means as books, articles, documentary films based on those books, audio tapes, web sites and conferences has never before been employed in such an intensive way.

And that is why evolutionists treat these works with such great “concern.” Every scholarly work by Adnan Oktar provokes widespread reactions. Evolutionists’ reactions to these activities is directly proportional to the seriousness of the blow they deal to evolution.

Leading Darwinist, scientific journals such as Science, Nature and New Scientist frequently cover Adnan Oktar’s work and note that his anti-Darwinist activities have led to a new outcry.  The fact that Reports of the National Center for Science Education, or NCSE, devoted its 30 pages to The Evolution Deceit by Harun Yahya, and Science magazine observed in the article “Creationism Takes Root Where Europe, Asia Meet,” that Harun Yahya’s books have become more influential than textbooks in many places are among such examples. New Scientist noted in an article called “Burning Darwin” that the author’s books played an important role in the anti-evolutionary intellectual campaign globally, and stated “Harun Yahya is an international hero. His books have spread everywhere in the Islamic world.”

One of the indications of the matchless nature of Adnan Oktar's works and the huge impact they are having is without a doubt the way that evolutionists admit their defeat in the face of them. In a report on the www.pitch.com web site, for instance, the well-known evolutionist Professor Umit Sayin stated; "There is no war against the Creationists any more. They have won the war. In 1998 I motivated six professors from the Turkish Academy of Sciences to speak against Creationists. But now it is impossible to motivate even a single person.” The report went on to refer to Turkey as a country in which the proponents of the theory of evolution had been almost entirely vanquished. ]]>
http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9514/adnan-oktars-works-have-dealthttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9514/adnan-oktars-works-have-dealtFri, 26 Sep 2008 20:13:10 +0300
Africa is also heading towards the Turkish-Islamic unionThe Ottoman Empire, which at its height covered an area of 24 million km2, was a truly global empire that spread peace and security as far as Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Indeed, the security and well-being constructed under Ottoman rule are still remembered with love and aspiration even today. African states and nations, and not just those of North Africa, are looking to the foundation of an alliance under Turkish leadership and have embarked on a historic process. 

There can be no doubt that Adnan Oktar’s cultural mobilisation aimed at the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union has played a major role in this process. This is the first time in the history of the Republic that Turkey has pursued such an active and influential policy, and it is also the first time that its policies have received such widespread support. Adnan Oktar's book A Call for an Islamic Union, published in 2003, articles on the subject by him in various newspapers and journals, web sites about the Turkish-Islamic Union based on Mr. Oktar's works, and particularly in statements made during newspaper and television interviews have had a significant impact on public opinion. Adnan Oktar's call for unity and friendship in both former Ottoman territories and also in other regions involved employs a joyous love and excitement and is spreading in waves across the face of the world. In the wake of recent initiatives towards a Caucasian Alliance, intended to establish union in the Caucasus, an African Union meeting was held in Istanbul, and an African alliance under Turkish leadership was translated into reality. One noteworthy aspect during the course of these historic developments is that states lying outside the Turkish-Islamic world, Russia and the USA in particular, have supported these alliance initiatives and that non-Muslim states nevertheless lying in the region (such as Georgia and Armenia) are also keen to take their place in the alliance. This is confirmation that the states concerned have recognized that the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union so emphasized by Adnan Oktar will also be to the benefit of Russia, China, America and Israel, in short of the whole world.


Asia RFA Radio, East Turkestan-June 14,2008

Asia RFA: What areas do you mean when you refer to the Turkish-Islamic Union?

Adnan Oktar:
Everywhere from the Adriatic to China. Including the Caucasus and including Turkestan. It includes East Turkestan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan and Iran, all of them. ... There is one sole union. The Turkish-Islamic Union. It is a union established on the most flawless, glorious, powerful and credible foundations. It is a union that everyone will agree to and that includes everywhere within it. The Turkish-Islamic Union will defend Armenians, and the Jews of Israel. And Buddhists. And atheists. It will defend and protect them all.

Vatan TV, December 20, 2007

Adnan Oktar: My opinion is that the general world trend will be a good one. There will be union and unification, especially in the Turkish-Islamic world. Turkey will be the leader of the Islamic and Turkic worlds. I expect this will happen in 10-20 years...

Bosna TV-June 3, 2008

Adnan Oktar: The climate is now ideal for the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union. There are just about no obstacles at the moment. It could happen this very moment if we all gave the go-ahead. My colleagues published a newspaper notice the other day, calling for Azerbaijan to unite with Turkey. Excellent, positive messages poured in from all over the place. The president of Azerbaijan wants it. We speak with Palestine and they want it, an Islamic Union. Syria wants it, Iraq wants it, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, they all want it. Nobody is reluctant to see it. It merely needs to be given a name... 

Sabah, 18 August 2008
“Turkey Takes the Initiative in Africa”

Sabah, 19 August 2008
“Turkey Takes the Initiative in Africa”

Yeni Safak, 18 August 2008
“Turkey Hosts Africa”

“We are the successors to the Ottomans, and we love Africa.” These words, spoken by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan during the African Union Summit in Istanbul, were noteworthy in highlighting the peace and security brought to the region by the Ottomans. The Prime Minister went on to say: ”We look at Africa in a different way as the successors to the Ottoman Empire,” thus emphasizing Turkey’s leadership quality and the great historic responsibility attendant upon it.  In his writings and books, and also in  a number of recent interviews,  Adnan Oktar has also stressed that Turkey is the successor to the Ottoman Empire and has significant historical experience. One of Mr. Oktar's statements on the subject reads:

Al Baghdadi TV-April 30, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
The whole region was at ease in Ottoman times. In the general sense, though it was not total perfection. Mistakes were made. But we are not talking of resurrecting the Ottoman Empire and placing it at the helm again. We are not talking of the same Ottoman model being implemented again. Of course the mistakes and deficiencies of the Ottomans constitute an important source of experience. It will not repeat them, but will set in place evern better and even more accurate measures. History means experience. Avoiding the mistakes of the past gives rise to perfection. But in general terms, everyone is aware of the peace at that time, of the peace in Palestine. Everyone knows of the well-bring enjoyed by everyone in the whole Islamic world, in Morrocco, Tunisia and Algeria, in Ottoman times. They lived in peace, in wealth and plenty.

Vatan, 20 August 2008
“We are the successors to the Ottoman Empire, and we love Africa.”
http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9513/africa-is-also-heading-towardshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9513/africa-is-also-heading-towardsFri, 26 Sep 2008 17:07:17 +0300
The Caucasian alliance: a significant step towards the Turkish-Islamic UnionIn the wake of Adnan Oktar's wide-ranging scholarly activities and his statements stressing the urgent need for and importance of the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union, every passing day has begun witnessing further progress towards the realisation of the union. In the last few months, the setting up of the Turkic Union Assembly, the consideration of the Turkish-Islamic Union at sessions of the D8 and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the increasing calls for union from right across the Muslim world, and Iranian President Ahmedinejad's behaviour and statements favouring a Sunni-Shiite alliance when he prayed behind a Sunni imam on a recent visit to Turkey are just a few such developments.

Another significant development was added to the list last week when Turkey assumed leadership of a project that will bring peace and stability to the Caucasus. The project known as the Caucasian Alliance was made a reality with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Russia and subsequent trip to Georgia. It is highly significant that this project took place immediately following Adnan Oktar's notice that the Turkish-Islamic Union would commence in the Caucasus.
The basic principles of this move towards an important alliance, described as "Turkey’s Success" in the press, equate and run parallel to those set out by Adnan Oktar in his statements:

•    Respect for the sovereignty equity of states and the rights enshrined in that sovereignty;
•    the sanctity of national borders;
•    respect for national integrity;
•    the resolving of disputes by peaceful means;
•    no interference in the domestic affairs of others;
•    respect for all fundamental human rights and freedoms, including freedom of ideas, conscience, faith and belief,
•    and co-operation between states…


The Turkish-Islamic Union is a union of love. It is a union of affection, a union of hearts. The basis of this union are love, altruism, helping others, compassion, tolerance and understanding….

Freedom of ideas and expression are inherent in the Turkish-Islamic Union. People holding all kinds of beliefs and views will be able to express their ideas free from pressure and obstruction. These people’s rights will be protected by all means and everyone’s ideas will be met with toleration. …

The Turkish-Islamic Union will bring peace to the world.
The Turkish-Islamic Union will first and foremost resolve the disputes between Muslim countries and bring peace to the Islamic world; it will also oppose all those movements that incite war and conflict in the world as a whole, and will be a force capable of preventing all initiatives aimed at provoking war.


Denge TV, July 3, 2008

“EVERYONE CAN KEEP THEIR OWN STATE, BUT THERE MUST BE A SPIRITUAL UNION. That is the Turkish-Islamic Union since all the Turkic countries are Muslim. This is huge element for equilibrium in the region. Its greatest advantage will be the immediate ending of terror. No such thing as terror will remain. Terror will be eradicated from the face of the Earth. Secondly, there will be an enormous economic revitalization. Most importantly, however, it will lead to peace and well-being. Everyone will be at ease, the atheist as well as the true believer.”

Azerbaijan TV-June 11, 2008

" This is a union of hearts. IN THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION I AM THINKING OF, ALL COUNTRIES WILL REMAIN NATION STATES. This is a union of hearts, of love and a shared reason. To take a joint decision and eradicate terror when it arises somewhere, for instance, or to take a joint decision and thus resolves an economic crisis. Great love is essential. Intense enthusiasm is essential. These things cannot be produced by red tape, but by fervor and enthusiasm. In other words, you need love to extend a helping hand to another country, to take a common decision when terror raises its head anywhere...

Konya TV-February 28, 2008

“The liberation of Palestine is down to us. And the salvation of Israel. Israel will be able to relax with us. Armenia, Turkistan, Tajikistan, Iran and Pakistan will all attain salvation with us at the helm. Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria will jump for joy if Turkey becomes leader. THAT IS WHY WE MUST DELAY NO LONGER. TURKEY MUST ACTIVELY WANT THE JOB. Nobody will object. Nobody will stand up and say they refuse to accept if Turkey asks for the job. It is something everyone wants.”

Star, 15 August 2008
“The Caucasian Alliance in 24 hours”

Vatan, 15 August 2008
“The Caucasian Alliance Is Beginning”

Posta, 15 August 2008
“Turkey Gets Its Way”


Another noteworthy aspect of the reports about the Caucasian Alliance in the press were the invitation to friendship and to join the union issued to Armenia. Shortly before that, a notice in the press based on the works of Adnan Oktar described the alliance between Azerbaijan and Turkey and emphasised the policy to be followed in respect of Armenia. This notice spoke of the need to look towards the future, setting aside past disagreements, and said that a very important responsibility was incumbent on both sides. They particularly emphasised the need for Armenia to adopt a friendly policy and for it to enjoy friendly with its neighbours, and that the Turkish-Islamic Union was a development working to Armenia's advantage. They also stressed the need for the Lachin Corridor to be opened.

Mr. Adnan Oktar has also concentrated on these issues in his interviews with the press. In the wake of these there began a rapprochement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, under Turkish guidance, of a kind never before seen. Turkey's policy has been to invite Armenia to participate in all cultural and economic investments and projects in the region. The Armenian leadership has begun issuing messages of friendship and issuing statements of a kind seldom observed before, saying that existing disagreements should be resolved by diplomatic means. Each one of these historic developments is a clear sign that, as Adnan Oktar has already made clear, major events will take place in the near future and that Turkey will assume a vitally important role in these. By Allah's leave, the time when a fully fledged union under Turkish leadership will come about is close at hand, and that union will benefit not only the Islamic word, but the whole planet.


"There are two states but one nation. Both are Turks and both are Muslim. It is like Ankara being cut off from Konya. The one is just as logical as the other, as these two countries being divided from one another. The Karabagh issue must be resolved through rational discussions with Armenia. That will be to their advantage, because the last thing Armenia wants is to have Turkey and Azerbaijan lined up against it. That would be the worst possible mistake. It should regard Turkey and Azerbaijan as friends and seek their support. That is why it is vital that the Karabagh problem be resolved and the corridor opened up at once. This is my no means impossible, but is really very easy. It can easily be done with a diplomatic initiative, but we need to insist on it. Let us open the corridor up. Let us support Armenia. Let us regenerate its economy. Come and work in Turkey. And we will come and work with you. Come and develop yourselves however much you like in Azerbaijan. Let Azeris go and work in your country. But let us also resolve that problem. That unjust occupation must be ended. Let us open up the road ahead. Let us have two states and one nation."

Bugün, 15 August 2008
“A surprise from Armenia: The prime minister said that Armenia must also be part of the stability platform in the Caucasus.”


Star, 15 August 2008
“The process starts this week”


Akşam, 15 August 2008
“Azerbaijan must also be in the alliance.” 

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9477/the-caucasian-alliance-a-significanthttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9477/the-caucasian-alliance-a-significantWed, 24 Sep 2008 21:33:00 +0300
Muslim countries' support for one another is on the increaseFeelings of solidarity, brotherhood and friendship, longed for over so many years, have increasingly begun dominating the Islamic world. Just about every day the newspapers report statements from politicians and other eminent figures regarding the need for Muslims to ally themselves together. Every day, a great many cultural and economic steps are being taken to accelerate unity within the Turkish-Islamic world. All these developments are signs that, by the will of God, the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union are close at hand.

In his books and in press and television statements, Adnan Oktar particularly emphasizes the importance of the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union and has recently in particular concentrated on the urgent need for this. Announcements based on Adnan Oktar's works include such detailed statements as: "There is no reason why these countries, with a common tradition and heritage of religion, language and culture should not act as one," "Unity will be a great blessing and facility for Turkish-Islamic societies," "The current division and an exceedingly artificial and unnecessary one," "The implementation of the awaited union is a matter of great urgency" and "In the event that the Turkish-Islamic world acts in union and unity it will, by God's leave, rise up again."

One of the excellent consequences of Adnan Oktar's concentrating with great importance on the unity of the Turkish-Islamic world is that supporting Turkey's membership of the UN Security Council. Reports in the press have emphasised the following issues:

"Representatives of member countries of the OIC and the Arab Group have placed on record THEIR BELIEF THAT TURKISH MEMBERSHIP WILL CONTRIBUTE TO WORLD PEACE. It has been learned that while thanking Babacan for his efforts to make the Middle East a place of peace, the Arab Group and OIC member country representatives regard temporary Turkish membership as very good timing. IOC member country representatives also expressed their pleasure at seeing Turkey on their side on all matters, and it was noted that they greatly appreciated Turkish officials' quest for a solution to the problems of less developed countries.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of these statements is that the Islamic world sincerely supports Turkish leadership. Adnan Oktar also notes in his statements the importance of Turkey's Ottoman legacy and has frequently emphasized that it is Turkey that will lead the Turkish Islamic Union. The current developments show that the entire Islamic world supports the unity, solidarity and Turkish leadership stressed by Adnan Oktar very sincerely.

“Support from 55 OIC members for Security Council membership”

Daily Zaman, 19 May 2008

“Full support from the Arab world for Turkey”

Daily Yeni Asya, 25 July 2008


MPL TV- April 23, 2008

MPL: In addition to the theory of evolution, you are also very active regarding the Turkish-Islamic Union. You have made progress. They do want Turkey to lead it, do they not? But why should Turkey lead it? What does Turkey have to gain?

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey has the experience of state. It has the experience of empire. It is experienced in managing other countries. And it has the ability. The Turkish nation has also remained unsullied. I mean, Anatolia has remained morally uncorrupted. Anatolia has been preserved as it was. Its hospitality, cleanliness, moral virtues, pleasantness, humanity, conception of good neighborliness, compassion and altruism have remained as they were. Europe has lost these. Since these moral values still survive unchanged and since it is the Turks who best apply them, it would seem that it is the Turkish nation that is most able and best suited. I am not the only one to say this. WHICHEVER MUSLIM STATE YOU GO TO, THEY ARE SAYING THE SAME THING THERE, TOO. COME AND LEAD US... EVERYONE SHALL KEEP THEIR OWN STATE, BUT THERE MUST BE A SPIRITUAL UNION. THAT IS THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION since all the Turkic countries are Muslim. This is huge element for equilibrium in the region. Its greatest advantage will be the immediate ending of terror. No such thing as terror will remain. Terror will be eradicated from the face of the Earth. Secondly, there will be an enormous economic revitalization. Most importantly, however, it will lead to peace and well-being. Everyone will be at ease, the atheist as well as the true believer. Christians, Jews and even Buddhists will enjoy greater ease in an Islamic society, a society in which Islamic moral values prevail. That is why it will be enormously beneficial for Islamic moral values to prevail in the region, in the Missle East and in the Turkish-Islamic Union. That is a matter of urgency.

Konya TV-January 29, 2008

This is favourable to America. Anarchy will come to an end as soon as an Islamic Union, a Turkish-Islamic Union is established. Terrorism will stop at once, and there will be great wealth and plenty.

ADNAN OKTAR: TURKEY WILL BE A MAJOR STATE. INSHAALLAH, IT WILL LEAD THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC WORLD. Turkey is in any case free, but it will be even freer and more democratic. InshaAllah, it will be even better.

KON TV: So you really believe that Turkey can occupy a leadership position in all these conditions?

ADNAN OKTAR: Our nation is excellent in nature and QUITE CAPABLE OF LEADING.
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Adnan Oktar's calls to union are becoming a realityFollowing on Adnan Oktar's recent concentration on the Turkish-Islamic Union, a most important, historic advance has been taken in Islamic lands, particularly the Middle East. Voices from Iran, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Azerbaijan and all other Islamic countries saying “Let us unite at once, we are brothers and union is essential for Muslims” are louder than ever before. In addition, these are not limited to comments by writers or researchers. High ranking leaders of state and opinion-formers in Turkish-Islamic countries have begun referring to the importance of the Islamic Union more than ever before, and are even taking significant steps in that direction. Joint economic initiatives have been established, the number of joint investments has risen and joint assemblies have been founded. The common view of politicians and intellectuals is that the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union is now but a matter of moments.

The recent visit to Istanbul by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was particularly noteworthy in that regard. President Ahmadinejad's concentration on love and brotherhood throughout his visit, his friendly feelings towards Turkey, his emphasis on the need for union among Muslims and the way he acted emphasizing that there is no division among Muslims are all exceedingly significant developments.

Moreover, the way that he followed a Sunni imam during the prayer also shows that Shiism does not maintain a false perspective in that respect. This act by the President reveals the Islamic brotherhood and Islamic bonds between Sunnis and Shias, and that a Shiite can perform the prayer behind a Sunni imam or vice versa. It is therefore plain to see that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks very favorably on the idea of an Islamic Union and Islamic brotherhood under Turkish leadership, of the kind for which Adnan Oktar has paved the way.



“Four countries of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq have always held continuous talks. ... We are four neighboring countries, with shared cultures and civilizations and very broad beliefs. We think there are enough issues to necessitate for continuous holding of continuous four-sided talks.”

"Iran and Turkey have deep-rooted, historic ties and we regard Turkey's progress as our own country's progress, being sure that the people of Turkey have the same feeling about Iran.”

“We believe Iran and Turkey can complete the shortcomings of one another and THEIR COOPERATION WOULD LEAD TO THE EMERGENCE OF A BIG POWER AT THE SERVICE OF SECURITY OF THE REGION AND THE WORLD PEACE. We need to strengthen our beliefs in the might of ourselves, and to pave the long path towards the peaks of pride resolutely. Fortunately, both nations comprehend such needs deeply, and know the bright path they need to pave is in need of strong will power. We love the Turkish nation from the bottom of our hearts, and this love has roots in the history of our beliefs. We will remain by the side of one another for good.”



… We share the same faith, language and culture. WE ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. WE HAVE THE SAME CULTURE AND FOREBEARS, SO THERE IS NO NEED FOR SUCH SEPARATION. … There is the European Union, so why not the Turkish-Islamic Union? People can travel and settle within the EU as they wish. They do not use passports and visas. AND WE ARE BROTHERS, SO WHY SHOULD WE NOT DO THE SAME? There is no reason, and it is perfectly possible. … We have the flour and sugar, all we have to do now is bake the cake. (Kusadasi TV-July 14, 2008)

These things are all the beginning of that road. THE WHOLE QUESTION IS ONE OF A SOCIETY WITH A POWERFUL FAITH WISHING IT, DECIDING ON IT, AND FOLLOWING IT THROUGH TO THE END. The Turkish-Islamic Union is one subject we will never abandon. We need to pursue it day and night, from rising in the morning to going to bed at night. We must adhere to the moral values of the Qur’an and labor day and night for the Turkish-Islamic Union. A CAUSE WITH SUCH DEDICATION BEHIND IT WILL INVARIABLY BEAR FRUIT, INSHAALLAH. (Cay TV-July 23, 2008)

But if a Turkish-Islamic Union is established, if a rational-minded Turkish-Islamic Union can be established, these problems will disappear from their very roots. And Islamic moral values will immediately prevail across the world. It will happen in the blink of an eye. That is why me must concentrate on the subject of union. All the Turkic states, which are just about entirely Muslim, and all Muslim states must come together under a single roof. We can set up a huge structure like a Turkish-Islamic NATO, a Turkish-Islamic Common Market and keep them all as independent nation states, in other words, there is no need for states to change form. The system will be based on rationality and true love and enthusiasm. It is essential to eliminate any formality. Too much formality will break its spirit. Formality must be avoided. Love, one; sincerity, two. These matters need to be resolved in a spirit of intense love and sincerity. ... If you notice, the idea of a Turkish-Islamic Union has spread considerably of late. WE ARE ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE PROPHET ADAM (AS). THE HEARTS OF THE WHOLE ISLAMIC WORLD ARE BEATING AS ONE. The hearts of the entire Turkic world are beating as one. There is no distinction between them. (Denge TV-July 3, 2008)



The Sunni-Shiite division is a Masonic ruse, and is purely artificial. I do not believe that the kind of person who can fall for that ruse can be a normal Muslim. Shiites are exceedingly pure, sincere, clean and sound Muslims. Sunnis are also completely sound, spotless Muslims. There is no difference between them. They all face the same Qibla. They all believe in Allah and love the same Prophet. I feel profound and deep affection for them all. Any distinction is artificial. As for my own position, I am a Sayyid, descended from the blessed Ali. The blessed Ali is my ancestor, so of course I feel a deep love for him. He was a blessed and glorious individual. We must see the goodness and wisdom in everything these people do. We must respect the behavior of both the blessed Aisha and the blessed Ali. We must now leave them to themselves. We must leave them to Allah. By His leave, they are all in Paradise in the Hereafter, inshaAllah. We must continue in a spirit of brotherhood. There is no need for especially deep research or inquiry in matters of this kind, since it is the final result that matters. We may not be able to understand all aspects of what Allah has created with goodness and wisdom. There is no need for us to attempt to understand everything. Our only duty is to abide by the Qur’an and the Sunnah. (Al-Baghdadi TV- Avril 30, 2008))

The Turkish press also interpreted President Ahmadinejad's messages as important milestones on the road to an Islamic Union. One article by Hakan Albayrak dated 16 August, 2008, said the following under the caption “Ahmadinejad’s Visit: The Turning of a New Leaf in History:”

"These declarations by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a press conference in Istanbul yesterday during his visit to Turkey indicate a new Turkish-Iranian Vision. This vision IS ONE OF LOVE. THIS VISION IS ONE OF A STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP. This vision is one of comradeship. THIS VISION IS ONE OF ALLIANCE AND UNION… The subsequent path will be one of unity and togetherness. Minor difficulties in these bilateral relations can never overshadow that reality. By performing the Friday prayer in an Ottoman mosque with his Sunni brothers, the Iranian President has announced the turning of a new leaf. And the congregation greeting him with shows of joy and cries of the takbir also happily confirm the turning over of a new leaf.” (Hakan Albayrak, Daily Yeni Şafak, 16.8.2008)

An article in Hamshahri, Iran’s highest circulation daily, also set out the importance of the Turkish-Islamic Union and described how that union was drawing a little closer with every passing day:

“The Middle East is undergoing the most difficult days in its history, but we can overcome all crises with an alliance between Iran, Turkey and Syria. America cannot succeed anywhere these three countries act together. It has failed in Iraq. Its plans for Syria collapsed thanks to Iran and Turkey watching over Syria... Ahmedinejad's visit to Turkey will be A HISTORIC STEP TAKEN IN THE DIRECTION OF AN ALLIANCE INDISPENSABLE TO THE SALVATION OF THE REGION.”


Milliyet , 16 August 2008

“The prayer being performed in an Ottoman mosque is a major political event”

Sabah, 16 August 2008

“The Iranian President performed the Friday prayer in Sultanahmet Mosque:
He performed the Shia prayer in a Sunni mosque.”

Türkiye, 16 August 2008

“Ahmadinejad’s visit has brought the two countries even closer together:
A new dawn with Tehran”

Zaman, 16 August 2008

“It is in everyone’s interests for Turkey to join the EU”

Tercuman 9 July 2008

“True Jews are not Zionists”

President Ahmadinejad's statements on his view of Zionism were also worthy of note. In his statements concerning Zionism he said that he had nothing against devout Jews and that the real danger was a Zionist mindset incompatible with religious moral values.  A previous statement by Adnan Oktar on the subject reads:

“Atheist Zionists have imprisoned the Jewish people. Devout Jews in Israel are in a terrible situation. The atheist Zionists really oppress them. True, devout Jews are excellent people. They are good-natured. They fear Allah. They believe in and pray to one Allah. They strongly believe in the Hereafter and carefully observe what is lawful and avoid what is not. Atheist Zionists, on the other hand, are exceedingly cruel and bloodthirsty. Theirs is a fanatical system that constantly desires blood and offers that blood up to satan…” (Konya TV-February 28, 2008)
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Harun Yahya's accounts of the dangers of social Darwinism have led to a major world-wide awakeningAdnan Oktar is an author who for many years has undertaken the mission of telling society about the scientific invalidity of Darwinism and its social dimension, which is totally opposed to religious moral values. The author describes this mission as follows in the introduction to his "Social Weapon: Darwinism."
"... the dangers of educating young people in the light of Darwinism and of the theory's wide acceptance will be shown to people unaware of, or who ignore, the threat that it poses to societies and individuals."
The author has published a great many books, articles, documentaries and web sites all intended to reveal the extent of the danger to society of educating young people in the light of Darwinism. (1) The author's works first spread through Turkey and then through the wider Islamic world, and he has now turned to telling Western society about the error that is Darwinism. The author has determined his strategy in the light of Darwinism having acquired a broad basis in which to spread in Western society in educational and cultural fields, and has thus written a work of unsurpassed quality in this area in order to illuminate Western societies in which that theory is so influential. In his Atlas of Creation, which contains thousands of illustrations, consists of some 700 pages and weighs approximately 7 kilograms, Mr. Oktar has again exposed the scientific invalidity of Darwinism, using the most concrete examples. In the Atlas of Creation, the author specially emphasizes the havoc Darwinism has wreaked on mankind, the most obvious manifestation of which he shows to have been the dependence on Darwinism in the slaughter perpetrated by a racist dictator such as Hitler, who caused the deaths of millions.

This giant book was sent out by its publisher free of charge, for publicity purposes, to eminent individuals in various European countries and in the USA. Western Darwinists who discovered this magnificent volume in their mailboxes, one that openly declares the scientific falsity of Darwinism, were stunned. The campaign frequently appeared in Western media headlines, which compared the situation to Darwinism being subjected to "a sudden attack" on its home ground. The author's opposition to the one-sided teaching of Darwinism and his exposure of the link between Darwin and Hitler were frequently discussed in newspapers and on the television.

The entry into Western society by a Muslim author with a book that elicited such profound responses, set the scene for a new phase in the intellectual struggle against Darwinism. Many Western references underlined the fact that it was not only Christians who espoused the fact of Creation in their struggle against Darwinism, and that Adnan Oktar, who has published books on the subject all over the world, must be acknowledged as the leader of a very powerful movement.

It is inevitable in this new dawn that through Mr. Oktar the dangers of Darwinist education are now expressed much louder in the West and that many people will be encouraged to reconsider the whole subject, and that education policies will even be amended. The way that the subject entered the agenda in a letter written to one of the U.S. state of Florida's educational institutions bears a striking parallel to the account given in Atlas of Creation. The letter, written to a school board in St. Petersburg, described Hitler's dependence of Darwinism and expressed the view that it was therefore dangerous for students to be taught the theory of evolution as a supposed scientific fact.


Bill Foster's Letter

Page 1 of Bill Foster's three-page letter dated 27 December 2007

The letter in question entered the agenda with a report published in the 12 January, 2008, edition of the St. Petersburg Times titled "Foster links Darwin, Hitler." The subject matter of the article was a letter written to the school board by Bill Foster, a former City Council member. In his letter, Foster noted the dangers inherent in the theory of evolution being taught as a scientific fact, and demanded that the compulsory teaching of Darwinism be prevented.

Foster described the reason for his opposition to the theory of evolution being taught as fact in these words:
"Evolution gives our kids an excuse to believe in natural selection and survival of the fittest, which leads to a belief that they are superior over the weak ... This is a slippery slope."
Foster's letter came on the eve of the state of Florida putting new science standards to the vote. These new standards regarded Charles Darwin's theory as the pillar of modern biology. The science standards that had been in force in the state since 1996 made no reference to the word "evolution." The state Board of Education was to vote on the issue on 19 February.

At the same time, Foster is one of the leading candidates in the elections for the post of St. Petersburg's mayor, due to be held in 2009. In his letter, Foster goes on to stress the link between Hitler and Darwin:
"Adolf Hitler duped an entire generation using Darwin's evolution ... He sought to preserve the 'favored' race in the struggle for survival."
(*) RON MATUS and DONNA WINCHESTER, "South Pinellas: Foster links Darwin, Hitler," 12 January 2008


School Killings Linked to Darwinism

In the letter in question, Foster cites the Columbine massacre as striking evidence of the harm resulting from the teaching of Darwinism as a scientific fact. That armed attack, carried out by two students in a school in Columbine, USA on 20 April, 1999, resulted in the deaths of 12 students and a teacher, with a further 23 students being injured. The two assailants later committed suicide. Foster stressed how one of the pair had posted the following words on his web site:
    "You know what I love? Natural selection! It's the best thing that ever happened to the Earth. Getting rid of all the stupid and weak organisms."
In the wake of the 1999 shooting, Tom DeLay, a member of the US House of Representatives, cited Darwin's theory as a contributing factor and wrote in a letter that duly found its way into the Congressional Record that public schools "teach the children that they are nothing but glorified apes who have evolutionized out of some primordial soup of mud."

The Columbine massacre was no exceptional attack carried out by students holding Darwinist views. In Finland, Pekka-Eric Auvinen, who described himself as a social Darwinist, shot 8 people to death at the Jokela High School some 40 miles from Helsinki, before killing himself.

In a manifesto setting out his views, Auvinen used the following words, which clearly revealed the influence of Darwinist views in this massacre:
    "I am prepared to fight and die for my cause. I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection. ... No, the truth is that I am just an animal, a human, an individual, a dissident. ... It's time to put NATURAL SELECTION & SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST back on tracks!"


"Darwin's Deadly Legacy" on Show in the USA

The evangelical Christian group Coral Ridge Ministries, active in the state of Florida, produced a new TV special called "Darwin's Deadly Legacy." The film, aired on Christian cable networks and on some 200 TV stations in the country as a whole, described Adolf Hitler's dependence on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution with regard to the Holocaust.

Fourteen scholars, scientists and authors contributed comments to the documentary, which was aired 26-27 August, 2007, during "Coral Ridge Hour." D. James Kennedy, the pastor of Coral Ridge Ministries, said: "To put it simply, no Darwin, no Hitler. Hitler tried to speed up evolution, to help it along, and millions suffered and died in unspeakable ways because of it." (2)

CRM spokesman John Aman said:
"Darwinism is a philosophy, it's a worldview, and one of the key things in it is that evolution advances by death, so death is a good thing. Hitler thought he was doing civilization a favor by eliminating lives that were not worth living. We of course think that is an egregious moral tragedy and a consequence of the worldview that was initiated by Darwin and popularized by his followers." (3)
The alliance between Darwin and Hitler resulted in a tragedy responsible for the deaths of some 40 million.


(1) Works on the subject by Harun Yahya include;
Social Weapon: Darwinism (Book)
The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity (Book)
Fascism: The Bloody Ideology of Darwinism (Book)
The Intellectual Struggle against Darwinism (Book)

(2) "Coral Ridge Ministries new 'documentary' featuring Ann Coulter attributes Hitler to Charles Darwin," Bill Berkowitz, 6 September 2006, http://www.mediatransparency.org/storyprinterfriendly.php?storyID=146
(3) Ibid.        
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Adnan Oktar had made statements encouraging friendship and brotherhoodIn his books, other works and statements given during interviews, Adnan Oktar states that relations between societies must be grounded in friendship, love and brotherhood. Asked how an end can be put to the pain and suffering in Turkey's neighboring regions, he says that all problems can be resolved if approached in a spirit of love and compassion. Mr. Oktar frequently states that with the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union, conflict, fighting, anarchy and terror will be eradicated, and that not only Muslim societies, but also the whole of Europe, the USA, Russia, China and Israel will all find peace. He describes a system in which everyone, from any nation or from any faith, can live in peace and security. Once the Turkish-Islamic Union has been set up, there will be a climate in which Darwinist-materialist policies based on mutual oppression and exploitation, are entirely eliminated, and a prosperous, democratic, civilized and enlightened climate in which everyone can be happy and secure. Instead of a false system that maintain that one can only be strong by ruthlessly crushing and annihilating others, there will be a societal order that draws strength from mutual support, that draws wealth from mutual protection and develops with a sense of understanding and tolerance. The issue that Mr. Oktar particularly emphasizes is that from that unity and understanding will emerge comfort and security from which all can benefit and prosper. It is impossible for a society to be made happy by the oppression or suffering of others, and true happiness will come from living as friends and brothers.

This model that Mr. Oktar sets out in his books, other writings and talks has elicited a wide response in Turkey and the rest of the world. One of the most recent indications of this was a speech by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. In his “Address to the Nation” on August 30, 2008, the prime minister made comments entirely in agreement with the conception encouraged and described by Mr. Oktar. He said that Turkey's new foreign policy aim was to bring peace and stability to the region, for which reason the country had adopted a rational and balanced diplomatic path, and that a "co-operation from which everyone can benefit" lies at the heart of that policy.


"We are trying to fulfill our responsibility to urge the parties to find a diplomatic solution with common sense. We say that NOBODY SHOULD SEEK TO BENEFIT AT THE COST OF OTHERS IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. There can be no gain from conflict. Harming peace and stability in the Caucasus, in a way to incite deep conflicts, will have serious results for global peace and stability. We call on all parties to avoid a hostile power struggle in which everyone will more or less lose and have to pay a price; instead, we are calling for a competition based on CO-OPERATION, FROM WHICH ALL CAN BENEFIT."


Turkmeneli TV (April 22, 2008)

"Not a day must be lost in setting up the Turkish-Islamic Union. This will be to everyone's advantage, and will disadvantage neither NATO nor the European Union. IT IS TO THE ADVANTAGE OF THE WHOLE WORLD. CHINA WILL BENEFIT, AND RUSSIA, especially Russia. THE EUROPEAN UNION WILL BENEFIT AND AMERICA WILL BECOME RICH AND POWERFUL. THERE ARE GREAT ADVANTAGES AND BENEFITS IN ALL REGARDS. But Turkish leadership seems absolutely essential."

Vatan TV (January 12, 2008)

“This is all to their advantage. Such a union would permit Israel in particular to relax. Palestine would relax. And Armenia, and the economy would be reinvigorated. CIVILIZATION WOULD SPRING UP AGAIN, AND THE WHOLE REGION WOULD ENJOY STABILITY. Africa would enjoy an improved position. This chaos, oppression and suffering would come to a complete end.”

Asia FRA Radio (June 14,2008)

“If China wishes to trade, by all means let it do so. ...
What is it that China wants? What is its interest? If it’s seeking an interest, this could be trade. So let’s do it, let East Turkestan trade with China. If it wants to engage in exploitation, that is totally unacceptable. What’s the point in keeping a country captive? What does China want from East Turkestan, and what will it gain by keeping it captive? How can keeping it captive make China happy? What joy can that bring it? Is that a triumph? … Let the people there go to mosques and factories in freedom. Let them converse together and share the joy of a festival. China must now perform a good deed there. The time has come. It must come forward. The whole world will love China when it says: ‘We made a mistake. This country is one deserving of independence. There was no need for us to interfere in it. There was no point and no logic to it. This is no longer tolerable in the 21st century. We are withdrawing our troops. We are lifting our political pressure. We declare it to be a free state.’ Everyone will respect it. China must perform this good deed.”

Kaçkar TV (February 2, 2008)

"But Anatolia is not like that. For example, they will go hungry themselves in order to feed their guests, and will give them the finest beds to sleep in. They will be cold so that their guests can sleep in the warm. But you cannot find such elevated moral values anywhere else in the world. Egoism and selfishness are the order of the day everywhere else. These moral virtues need to prevail across the world. That is only possible through the Turkish-Islamic Union and through Turkey playing the role of leader and older brother in the region. In that event, there will be no more terror or suffering or anything else. Armenia will benefit, Israel will benefit, Palestine will benefit, Egypt will benefit, Iran will benefit, America will benefit and Europe will benefit. Europe will grow richer and America will become richer. This union will bring a magnificent peace to the world. This is an urgent need, and is not a claim to any racial superiority. It is a claim based on the superiority of love and moral virtue. It is a wish to bring greater moral virtue to the region."

Türkiye, 31 August 2008
In his 'Address to the Nation' the prime minister issued a call to the super powers: War benefits nobody

In his 'Address to the Nation' the prime minister issued a call to the super powers: War benefits nobody

Erdogan called for stability for the Caucasus, which turned into a battleground for Russia and the USA, and for co-operation for all.

Erdogan said: "… We say that nobody should seek to benefit at the cost of others in international relations. There can be no gain from conflict. Harming peace and stability in the Caucasus, in a way to incite deep conflicts, will have serious results for global peace and stability. … we are calling for a competition based on co-operation, from which all can benefit…"

Hürriyet, 31
August 2008
It is essential that Montreux should not be violated


It is essential that Montreux should not be violated

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said there was nothing to be gained from conflict, and warned that harming peace in the Caucasus would have serious results for global peace and stability.

Nobody will gain

Nobody should seek to benefit at the cost of others in international relations. … we are calling for a competition based on co-operation, from which all can benefit…


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Turkey's influence is growing by the day In Adnan Oktar’s works and in the articles, documentaries and newspaper announcements based on his works, the importance of the establishment of a Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership is emphasized. It is noted that Turkey, the successor to the great, global Ottoman Empire, has the strength and ability to bring about the peace and justice for which the Turkish-Islamic region yearns and it is stressed that this is the direction that the country’s national strategy should take. Just as described by Adnan Oktar, Turkey is rapidly becoming one of the most influential countries in the Turkish-Islamic zone and is taking the initiative in order to assume the responsibility falling to it. It is playing an active, directional, conciliatory, mediating and regulatory role, in a way that has never been seen before. Initiatives being taken in the Middle East in particular are eliciting enormous responses, and both the Western and Islamic worlds are supporting this leadership role that Turkey has adopted. These developments that have recently attracted the attention of the world may be listed as follows:

1.    The peace talks being held under Turkish leadership and with Turkish mediation aimed at resolving problems between Syria and Israel that have persisted for 50 years,

2.    The reconciliation meetings and process of dialogue which began with a Turkish initiative in order to put an end to tensions between Iran and the USA,

3.    The historic rapprochement between Turkey and Iraq that began with a visit by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan.

By Allah’s leave, these are all initial steps. As Mr. Oktar has many times stated, Turkey will soon become a regional superpower and take its place on the world stage as a great state that distributes justice, maintains balance and provides security. 


Konya TV-February 28, 2008

PRESENTER: Yes. We have come right to what I wanted to ask about. We have talked about the examples of Iraq and Palestine, but dramas of this kind are taking place all over Muslim lands. There is still no unity in the lands of Islam. What is Turkey’s responsibility in that respect?

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey’s duty is to lead the Turkish-Islamic world. The Turkish nation has a huge responsibility. Leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world is of the greatest duties in history. THIS IS ONE OF THE CRUCIAL TASKS FALLING TO THE TURKISH NATION. We, the Turkish nation, have a duty not just to save Turkey, but to save the entire Turkish-Islamic world. The Turkish nation is truly unlike any other. This is not racism, but Turks are loyal and very good-natured. They are humane. And very compassionate. And unbelievably self-sacrificing. Go to any village. Go as their guest. They give guests the very best places, the finest food, the most comfortable beds, and offer them the best glasses to drink from. What does this mean? It means that our people are not egotistical or selfish, but are a loving, loyal and joyous nation. They long to give their lives up for Allah.


Kaçkar TV-February 2, 2008

KAÇKAR TV: Would there be any problem regarding national frontiers?

ADNAN OKTAR: The idea is a structure resembling a Union of Republics with every component state inside its own borders.

KAÇKAR TV: So you say it is possible.

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course. This will put a stop to anarchy, terror and chaos… The region is currently ablaze. The Middle East is in a terrible state; everyone is unhappy. Palestine is unhappy, and Israel, too. And Syria, and Iran. More or less everyone in the region is uneasy. This union will entirely eradicate that unease.

KAÇKAR TV:  So Iran could also be included in it.

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course.

Baghdad TV-March 2, 2008

ADNAN OKTAR: InshaAllah we have the idea of a great Islamic Union. Along the lines of a Turkish Islamic Union. We have an idea regarding the Muslim world being the greatest superpower. It will unify the whole Islamic world and the whole Turkish world UNDER TURKISH LEADERSHIP AND GUIDANCE. The Turkish world is in any case made up of Muslims, I am merely saying that for reasons of clarity. In other words, it means that an Islamic Union will emerge at the same time. We believe that this unification will bring with it peace, plenty and prosperity. We think that wars will end, and that the money now spent on wars will instead be spent in ways beneficial to mankind. And we believe that the time for this is at hand. Our fundamental belief, however, is that the Turkish Islamic Union will come about with the appearance in the End Times of the blessed Mahdi. And we believe that the Prophet ‘Isa (as) will also return and that it is at hand. We believe in the coming of the Prophet ‘Isa (as) as set out in the Qur’an. We believe that the Prophet ‘Isa (as) and the blessed Mahdi will combine together and usher in a delightful age of prosperity and plenty in such a way that Islam will be the only faith on Earth.
Türkiye, 19 June 2008
“The European Media Describe Turkey’s Mediation Initiatives
in the Middle East as The Architect of Peace”

Milli Gazete, 19 June 2008
“Turkish mediation is important”

Radikal, 21 November 2007
“Turkey on the Rise in the Middle East”

Sabah, 22 May 2008
“Turkey has finally succeeded”

Tercüman, 22 May 2008
“The greatest role in the reconstruction of Iraq falls to Turkey”

Vakit, 23 May 2008
“Turkey is the sole leader in Africa, the Middle East and Asia”

Tercüman, 28 May 2008
“Peace talks in the world press”
http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9094/turkeys-influence-is-growing-byhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Harun-Yahyas-Influences/9094/turkeys-influence-is-growing-bySat, 30 Aug 2008 15:50:46 +0300