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Following the attack of ISIS, a black propaganda campaign against Turkey, who actually opened her borders to both the wounded from Kobani and to  Kurdish refugees, was started on Twitter. Sympathizers of the PKK and YPG claimed that the ISIS militants came to Turkey after the attack and they started a hashtag for Turkey accusing her of being a "terrorist" supporter. The hashtag  #TerroristTurkey (in English) soon became one of the top trending topics. 

On the same day, Mr. Adnan Oktar started a hashtag on his live broadcast on A9TV against this atrocious attack; #TeröristPKK YPG.  Mr. Oktar called on all youngsters from the AK Party, the MHP, the BBP and the Felicity Party to support this hashtag and to show the power of the Turkish youth against this atrocious slander.  This hashtag Mr. Oktar started  soon overtook the hashtag PKK supporters started to defame Turkey on Twitter and became one of the highest ranking Top Trending Topic on Turkey's and the world's agenda.

Stating that Turkey had nothing to do with the attacks of ISIS, Mr. Adnan Oktar reminded the audience about the fact that the PYD, PJAK or the YPG are no different than the PKK and drew attention to the fact that they all are communist organizations acting under the banners of Öcalan and the PKK, and that they actually are identical to the PKK. Furthermore, Mr. Oktar noted the fact that it was again the PKK who introduced violence and horror to the region and who spread terror in the region. 

Mr. Adnan Oktar called on all of Turkey to support this hashtag and to explain the facts to the world and said,  "None of our Turkish youngsters should ever accept such a treacherous world-wide attack against our country." And Mr. Oktar's call had wide repercussions in a short time and the hashtag #TeröristPKK YPG became one of the highest ranking topics on Twitter TT lists.


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‘The Islamic Scholars who Obama called for should also tell him the solution’ Obama made a statement about Islam in which he said that one of the biggest religions of the world is now facing a deadly strain. He said that there is nothing new about wars within religions and that Christianity endured centuries of vicious sectarian conflict. He also said that it is time for the world – especially Muslim communities – to explicitly, forcefully, and consistently reject the ideology of al Qaeda and ISIL. And that it is time that political, civic and religious leaders reject sectarian strife.


Adnan Oktar: ‘Obama has now touched on a vital point; he is speaking about ‘...the political and religious leaders’. He has come closer to a very good line, but he has stopped on that line. I have sent him a very comprehensive letter. Now I am preparing a more detailed one. He is talking about religious leaders. Actually religious leaders, -the sincere ones are beyond what I'm about to say- some religious leaders sleep through such meetings. I mean, most of them are sleeping. Like it is not their concern. They turn to those who give them money. It is very hard to find a religious leader as Obama said. Some of them are cowards, they gather and say ‘ISIL is a terrorist organization’. If they were living on the side of ISIL, if you gathered the same people and asked them in the region what the position of ISIL is; they would say, ‘ISIL is a correct movement, and they are mujahideens, and the things they do are religiously lawful.’

Actually they simply take the color of the place you put them on, just like a chameleon. Not all of them, but some of them are like this.

So what Obama should do is not to find and gather the Islamic scholars because they are always gathering them yet nothing comes out of their gathering. America should find the person and the people that they must find essentially. The CIA and the FBI have the necessary means to do this. Actually there is no need for them anyway. They have their own foresight, perception, and reason. They have their own conscience, they can find by using their reason. God will let them know the one who is going to save the Islamic world.

If these scholars were the ones to save the Islamic world, then why would they wait for centuries? A century has passed and Muslims are living in misery for a century.

There are hundred thousands of scholars, but most of them are going after their own interests and their own pleasures. If they are comfortable, then everything is okay for them. They consider being a scholar as a profession anyway. If he can earn money to look after his wife and kids then it is enough for him; the rest is not important for him. They are like a weather vane; they move according to the wind. Obama and the American government and Putin also should see this misery there. They shouldn’t wait until this disaster stops.  


A notice with the signatures of 126 Islamic scholars from different countries was published addressing the leader of ISIL, al-Baghdadi:   

'It is inappropriate in Islam to kill innocent people, to kill the delegates and the journalists, to name as heretics the ones who don’t show their profanity openly, to behave badly to the Christians or to the people of the Book, to force people to become Muslims, to revoke the rights of the women and the children, and it is also inappropriate in Islam to announce the Caliphate without the unity of Islamic societies'.


Adnan Oktar: ‘Now take these scholars and put them in the region where ISIL is located. Let them eat together, and sit together and after that ask for a fatwa from them, they will give the opposite fatwa. Oppositely they would say, ‘It is appropriate, it should be done’ and also they can explain it in detail from the false hadiths. They can give fatwas for all of them. They flip flop according to the environment they are in.

Now, I think the governments have forced them, this is probably not an idea that came to their minds. I think the politicians forced them. It was like this all through the history. For example, in some cases the Sultan called the Shaykh al-Islam and he got a fatwa just as he wanted. Among these scholars also, there is such a spirit of issuing fear-based fatwas.

Ok, ISIL is bad and is in the wrong and their leader is not the Caliph. Ok, but don’t the Muslims need a leader? No answer. Will Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) come? No answer. Is the Islamic Union needed? No answer. Look, none of them gave answers to those questions. They are not saying; “Alright, this is not the way things should be, but this is how it should be.” They are simply saying, ‘This is not the way things should be!’ So how should things be? Then he says “I don’t know that”. In that case, God wouldn’t give salvation.

Well my brother why don’t you say: “You cannot pick a leader like that. This is not the way Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh) would appear, but that is the way for his appearance.”

The militants of ISIL believe that al-Baghdadi is Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh). All of them believe that he is Hazrat Mahdi. These scholars do not say: ‘these are not the signs of Mahdi, but this is’. Yet people are calling them Islamic scholars. The Islamic scholars should tell the truth.

Look, there is ‘enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong’ in the Qur’an.  By making this call you are forbidding what is wrong and that is okay, that is nice.  How about ‘enjoining what is right’? Do that and say what is right. Where is the truth? They are not telling the truth. If a person says that something is wrong, then how doesn’t he say what is right? Wrong is pointed out to tell the truth. You are saying what is wrong, but not talking about what is right. That shows that you are misdirected.

They are saying that ISIL is bad, and the caliph who they chose is not valid, that’s all. You should say how to pick a leader who will be conducive to the salvation of the Muslims.

You should say that Hazrat Mahdi will come and you should speak of the portents of his coming. Yet you say nothing of the sort. If you are an Islamic scholar, you should also tell the truth.

In the Risale-i Nur, Bediüzzaman says that this is the biggest issue in the End Times. He says that the Islamic scholars will be intimidated in the End Times, and that they will be acting out of fear. He is saying this for some of the scholars.  (Adnan Oktar, October 24th: A9 TV)

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“There is no danger of ISIS for Turkey. The PKK is the greatest threat to the Turkish nation. Let us devote all our attention to the PKK.” They should not change the topic, they should not change the subject; they should not change the target either. The PKK is the greatest threat in the region. The PKK is the greatest threat to the Turkish nation. They’ve been causing great distress to our people in the region for forty years. They’ve been a thorn in our side for forty years.  

I consider it very wrong to still keep talking about the threat of ISIS. There is only one threat and that is the threat of the PKK. Let us devote all our attention to the PKK as a nation. Let us draw Europe’s attention to the PKK; let us draw the world’s attention to the PKK. 

There is no threat of ISIS to Turkey. If such a threat were to exist we would have solved it within half an hour. But it would never pose a threat for us: That would never happen. There is the threat of a Godless, Bookless, irreligious, faithless PKK and no other. (Adnan Oktar, October 24th 2014: A9 TV)

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“PKK is going on martyring our soldiers and police officers. How could it be possible to talk about ISIS and plead ignorance against the PKK despite all these?” The PKK is the greatest danger. How is this explainable? They have very recently martyred three of our lions. What kind of people are those (who plead ignorance against the PKK)? I fail to understand. They have very recently martyred three of our brave lions. But these people still don’t seem to mind. They keep talking about ISIS. We have no problem with ISIS. All we care about is the PKK and that is it. We have no ISIS problem. Let them come to me when we actually face such a problem. That could never be the issue.

They [the PKK] have very recently martyred three of our lions. Well done to our beloved brave martyrs, may God grant their rank to us too. I congratulate their parents as well. May God give long lives to their families. Asking to become brothers with them in the Heaven, I am sending them my congratulations as well. I am congratulating them time and time again. I admire them, well done to them. (Adnan Oktar, October 24th 2014: A9 TV)


http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194253/“pkk-is-going-on-martyringhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194253/“pkk-is-going-on-martyringSun, 23 Nov 2014 17:21:57 +0200
“I have never heard any statement of the Pope’s against the PKK. We should ask the Pope to issue a statement against the PKK” The PKK directly attacks Islam. They are Godless, Bookless and they attack God, faith and Islam. The Christian world does not take any steps against the PKK; they keep their silence. I have never heard any statement of the Pope’s against the PKK. Let us ask the Pope to issue a statement against the PKK. Let us ask the Pope to issue a statement to the Christian world.

Let us prepare a letter addressed to the Christian world explaining the PKK’s treachery, perfidiousness and enlightening the whole of Europe and the US and the whole world about this.

The treacherous, debased character and ignominy of the PKK is not known. As Turkey remains silent, as the government remains silent, these people have started to present themselves as flower children. The treachery, perfidiousness of these people should be properly explained to the Christian world day and night. Let us prepare a letter explaining about the PKK:  Let us give enlightening information to the whole of Europe and the USA, to the whole world in English, in French and in German. The government is unable to do that because of its position right now. So this is a task for NGOs.  Let us, as a nation, cry out about the treachery, perfidiousness and immorality of the PKK. Everyone else is keeping their silence. (Adnan Oktar, October 24th 2014: A9 TV)


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“ISIS is cruel because they are in idolatry; but the PKK is a thousand times crueler because they are Godless, Bookless and treacherous.” Let us first take a step that would wipe out the PKK. I mean adopting an attitude as if the  PKK does not exist is not acceptable. ISIS is cruel, that is correct, but the PKK is a thousand times crueler. They are brutal, Godless, Bookless and treacherous. They are both Godless, Bookless and treacherous, perfidious trappers and plotters. 

ISIS does not have such a characteristic. The characteristic of ISIS is that they are merciless and they are in idolatry, they do not abide by the Qur’an. But the other one is a classical traitor, a classical villain. So the PKK is our number one enemy. ISIS is an organization that comes far behind. That is why the PKK should be prioritized in every statement made. Otherwise, the consequences will be fatal. No one would ever accept this. (Adnan Oktar, October 24th, 2014: A9 TV)


http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194251/“isis-is-cruel-because-theyhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194251/“isis-is-cruel-because-theySun, 23 Nov 2014 17:14:58 +0200
"World Public Opinion should be alerted against the insidious plots of the PKK.” World public opinion should be warned against these scum. They have such hussy methods of propaganda. They try to present themselves as if they are normal people towards the whole of Europe even though they actually are the scum of the earth. We need to present them as the scum of the earth they actually are to the whole world. We need to explain this persistently. Some Europeans do believe them. They serve the purposes of some European communists and so they plead ignorance against their true nature and try to cover up their filth. We need to be very cautious against this. 

They are still talking about  ISIS. These people, the PKK, say that they will disintegrate Turkey and they challenge the Turkish state. They are martyring our beloved lions day and night. Yet some people still say that we should provide heavy weapons to those scum.   Are you kidding us? They are mocking us saying that we should give heavy weapons to the PKK. Look at this attitude; they have such an irritating attitude. 

As if this is not enough, they have martyred ten thousands of our lions; there are funerals and graves of our martyrs all around the country. Those dear mothers of ours are waiting beside the graves of our beloved lions, our beloved martyrs, looking after them, watering their flowers, cleaning their marble headstones.

The deep state of Europe, completely unaware of this fact is still talking to us about the ISIS threat. Go, handle it yourself! Our problem is with the PKK and we have no other problems. Look at this twisted mindset; they are saying, “We cannot conduct a military operation there, so you should do it. We will bomb them from the air, so please let us collect the cost of those bombs!” Look, they are asking for the cost of the bombs. They say, “I will kill them” and go make airstrikes killing Iraqi mothers, Iraqi women, they are killing Syrian women, mothers and children, bombing them from the air. “We’ve bombed them and crushed them,” they say. They are razing all the buildings, brand-new facilities, oil refineries to the ground. They are razing the national wealth of Iraq and Syria to the ground and the Islamic countries are paying them. They say: “Well done, you did great! God bless your hands!” These people are killing innocent mothers, sisters and they still say, “Well done!”,

They have such a weird mentality. They want Turkey to conduct a military operation against ISIS. But the PKK is the target for Turkey. In fact, the PKK is the greatest threat of all.  (Adnan Oktar, October 24th  2014: A9 TV)


http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194250/world-public-opinion-should-behttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194250/world-public-opinion-should-beSun, 23 Nov 2014 17:12:17 +0200
"Non-governmental organizations should support the Turkish state in the struggle against the PKK" The Turkish state should constantly draw attention to the PKK. The government might fall short of doing this, but the non-governmental organizations, media and everyone else should alert the world against the PKK and do what should be done. Due to its position, the government could fall short of this and might not be able to talk against the PKK because of this notion of a “solution process”. But the public, the people could easily keep talking, the media could keep talking.  

An attitude whitewashing the danger is not acceptable. All they talk about is ISIS; well my brother, what business do we have with ISIS? When did ISIS become a threat for Turkey? The PKK is the greatest threat for us. The PKK directly wants to destroy and divide the Turkish state. Does ISIS have such an aim? Did they ever make such an attempt?  (Adnan Oktar, October 24th 2014: A9 TV)

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194217/non-governmental-organizations-should-supporthttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194217/non-governmental-organizations-should-supportSun, 23 Nov 2014 02:47:41 +0200
"The PKK is a thousand times more dangerous than ISIS " Those who do not consider the PKK as a threat are actually overlooking the recent attacks of the PKK. 

I believe that those who do not consider the PKK as a threat would probably be alarmed with the attacks conducted by the PKK against the Turkish state, if they have a conscience at all. The PKK is a thousand times more dangerous than ISIS. It is a grave danger that directly targets the Turkish nation, the Turkish state. 

What is ISIS to us? ISIS is not our concern at all. What directly concerns us is the PKK.  All the governments of the world should be warned and informed about the PKK. The fact that the PKK is a danger to Turkey is only being voiced with a timid attitude. 

The PKK is in such a fierce and spoiled attitude in Turkey. Making use of the tolerance of our state, making use of the compassionate, warm-hearted attitude of our police, they are doing all sorts of viciousness. 

Yet they constantly try to draw our attention towards ISIS. We’ve got nothing to do with ISIS. The PKK is our target. The world’s attention should be drawn towards the PKK. Pretending as if there is no such threat as the PKK, they have left everything else and are only dealing with the ISIS; the fact is that the PKK is the greatest threat. We need to draw attention to the PKK. Relying on the compassion of the Turkish state, these people are doing all sorts of rampages, all sorts of unruliness.  (Adnan Oktar, October 24th, 2014: A9 TV)

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194216/the-pkk-is-a-thousandhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194216/the-pkk-is-a-thousandSun, 23 Nov 2014 02:43:01 +0200
“Let us establish an international coalition and conduct activities to wipe out the PKK” Let us first take precautions against the PKK and then concentrate on ISIS. The PKK has martyred thousands of our soldiers and police officers. Now are we supposed to consider these treacherous ones as non-existent? ISIS has not yet martyred a single soldier or police officer of ours. We have no business with the ISIS, our enemy is the PKK and it is the organization that conducts enormous activities and that constantly threatens the Turkish state. Let us mobilize all international forces; let us establish an international coalition to conduct an intense campaign of activities to wipe out the PKK. 

Let us firstly channel the international force that has been prepared for ISIS to fight the PKK. Let us stop all the locations of reinforcement and blockade all bastions of the PKK; if need be, an economic blockade could be widened in all respects. I am not advocating bloodshed, I am not asking for violence but an international coalition could easily bring the PKK to its knees. With a powerful military blockade the PKK could be completely  paralyzed. 

Before paralyzing the PKK, if they keep saying, “Let the PKK remain untouched and wipe out ISIS,” that means there is a plot  against the Turkish nation. 

Why should the PKK remain untouched? I mean if anything, the PKK should also be wiped out along with ISIS. If they say that the PKK should remain untouched, there is something wrong in this. 

Our opponent is not  ISIS but the PKK. We can easily defeat ISIS intellectually; after all, this is an organization that assumes an attitude against the PKK as well. The Turkish state will first concentrate in putting an end to the PKK; the international coalition should first put an end to the PKK and then aim at ISIS. (Adnan Oktar, October 24th 2014: A9 TV)


http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194215/“let-us-establish-an-internationalhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194215/“let-us-establish-an-internationalSun, 23 Nov 2014 02:39:15 +0200
“Before ISIS, they should wipe out the PKK" Before ISIS, the state should wipe out the PKK. I mean, if we need to send our soldiers there, if there is a necessity for an international intervention, the PKK is a thousand times worse than ISIS, they are much fiercer. Let us start from there. Let us wipe out the PKK first, and then the job to be done about ISIS is very easy. 

But while we still have the PKK to deal with, concentrating on ISIS is not logical. I mean there is a great trouble such as the PKK to deal with. ISIS has never killed a Turkish soldier or a Turkish police officer until now. Yet we have thousands of martyrs [because of the PKK]. While there is such a fierce organization and while their massacres are still going on, if we completely ignore their existence and try to deal with an organization we have nothing to do with, that would not be acceptable. That is why if we say, “We will send troops, supply them from the air and we will conduct an airborne operation,” the whole world would be surprised about that. (Adnan Oktar, October 24th,  2014: A9 TV)


http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194214/“before-isis-they-should-wipehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/194214/“before-isis-they-should-wipeSun, 23 Nov 2014 02:36:34 +0200
“Our state should establish a foundation to convey aid to our veterans and the relatives of our martyrs” “Mr. Adnan following your reminders, some of our people and our craftsmen started to act very sensitive about helping the families of martyrs.”


“Our state should establish a foundation to convey aid to our veterans and the relatives of our martyrs”

Adnan Oktar: “That is great. Furthermore, it would be great if our state could show us to a foundation; this foundation should help our veterans and the families of our martyrs. Our citizens could then contribute to this foundation. Let us infuse all our aid, food, clothing, money, whatever we can give to the families of our martyrs, to our veterans, to those beautiful mothers. That foundation should have cars and should pay frequent visits to these families. The youngsters should take those cars and put them into their service in those homes. Saying, “Mom, do you have an order for me? Do you want anything? Dad, do you have an order for me? Is there anything you want?” the youngsters should protect these families everywhere, in every district. This is a requisite of kindness, of decency. Look, that person gave his life for you, for our homeland, for our people, for our religion, for our faith, for your honor. Look, life is gloriously valuable and those people gave their lives for that. You should devote your life to their families as well. They gave their lives for you; you are still alive, you are living a comfortable life. So you should devote your life to them, you should protect and watch over them, devote a portion of your day to them. That is a beauty that brings about abundance. 

How nice it is that a hairdresser, for instance, thinks about how he could contribute and says, “If a relative of a martyr or a veteran comes to my shop I will not take money from him/her.” The taxi driver thinks, “What can I do?” and says, “I can take them to wherever they want free of charge.” And that is a splendid thing. Such a beautiful morality would give relief to everyone. 


“New regulations should be made in order to prevent the repetition of the mistake done to our veteran brother regarding his leg prosthesis.”

For instance, the fact that the state asked for money about the prosthetic leg of that brother of ours is very disturbing and very shameful. And this is not something that could be solved with a mere apology. Simply saying “pardon us” would not do. For one thing, this shows that there is such a system. Put away that system my brother. How could something like that happen? If you have a veteran, you put him in the hospital and have him treated in the best possible conditions, you provide everything for him, you put him on a payroll, you provide a good living for him. That brave young man gave his foot for you, for your comfort, for the goodness of this homeland and this nation, to prevent this nation from enslavement and now he is sitting in his home all day. You are walking on the streets while that young man sits at home all day. And on top of  all that, you are asking for money. That is a horrifying mistake. That is unbelievable.”

“Mr. Oktar, the price of this prosthesis is 132,000 TL and 50,000 TL of that should be paid by the veteran himself; social security institution only pays for the remainder.”

Adnan Oktar: “That is unbelievable. How could something like this be acceptable? How could you let that veteran pay for that? You are taking away that man’s foot for your own safety. That man gave his foot for God. You walk about freely, you run all over the streets, but that man cannot run anywhere, he simply sits at home. And above all this you are asking for that person’s money. That is a very shameful act. Changes should be made in these laws. Let us write a letter to both our Prime Minister and our President, Mr. Erdoğan, requesting the necessary regulations to be made immediately.

Why do they make us experience this pain? And on top of that the Bank sends him to the court; that is unbelievable. This bank has a thousand and one different incomes. They should have said; “it would be a shame and a sin if we take money from this person.” They should have solved the issue silently. Why do they go and badger that person? 

Furthermore giving him such a prosthetic leg free of charge is not a favor; it actually is an obligation.  Your leg is still there but he lost his. He made such a sacrifice. You are obliged to provide that to him. That is not a favor. That person is not in a position to be thankful to you for doing this. Actually you should be the one to thank him for accepting your help. To top it all, you are obliged to look after such a person. 

“Our veterans should have the right to compensation about the unbecoming attitudes towards them.”

Moreover our veterans should have the right to compensation about such incidents. When they are faced with such an atrocious, such an unbecoming attitude, the State should pay compensation to them. For instance our state should pay compensation for this young man as well.  That would bring relief to the hearts of our people. Tomorrow let us write a petition to all authorities about this. Let us follow up this topic.” (Adnan Oktar, October 24th 2014, A9 TV)

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/193226/“our-state-should-establish-ahttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/193226/“our-state-should-establish-aMon, 03 Nov 2014 03:46:44 +0200
Mr. Adnan Oktar: "A 60 kilometer "no-fly" zone should be established on the Syrian border" "The Republic of Turkey opened its borders and accepted about 45,000  Syrian refugees fleeing from Syria because of  ISIS attacks in one night. According to some reports this number has reached 60,000."

ADNAN OKTAR: "Masha'Allah. May God increase their numbers. God sends them along with their blessings, insha'Allah. But the region is in need of a design, this is not the way. They should give those lands a form, a design. I have been saying this from the very beginning. I told them that they needed to establish a secure zone there. There is no need to behave in such a polite, such a kind manner [towards Syria]. The Syrian border should be crossed, sparing about 50 or 60 kilometer land and that piece of land should be declared a secure-zone. They should announce that land as a "no-fly" zone as well. That is what should be done. There is nothing complicated about this. This doesn't mean beseiging Syrian lands. We will simply be establishing a secure zone, that is all.

Even if Syria says, "I will not let you establish a secure zone, my friend," the UN should ignore this objection and establish this secure zone anyway. Such an objection would not be acceptable. We need to draw a line here. You will say, "This is a no-fly zone." I have been saying this from the beginning. If you say, "There will be no flights in between this latitude and that longitude and you are not allowed to fly over this zone," they would not fly over there. You will say, "Military forces are not allowed either," and you will circumvent those lands with barbed wires and temporarily give it a status of a foreign land. And that is it. You will then settle those innocent wronged people in those lands. And supply them with tents and what ever is need in those lands. It is as easy as that."

"The US seems to be open to Turkey's offer to establish a 30 km secure zone."

ADNAN OKTAR: 30 square kilometers  would not work, it would not do anything. The land should have at least 30 kilometer diameter. The diameter of the borders should at least be that. 60 kilometers is a good choice in my opinion. Moreover an additional 10 kilometer land should be declared a "no-pass" secure land. They would then have double borders 10 kilometers wide. And a 50 kilometer part will be open for use. That is because some might sometimes act psychopathic and cross that border but it would then be possible to catch those psychopaths in that 10 kilometer range. That land should be declared a no-fly zone. There is no need to prolong this discussion. It would not be possible to deal with this problem simply by placing those people into refugee camps. This should be done right away.  I have said this in the very beginning but they did not implement it back then. They have only newly come to what I've then said.”

In the first year of the incidents in Syria you've said that this turmoil would last very long. You said that it would not come to an end in a few months like they assumed. It really happened exactly as you said it would. Back then they could not foresee that it will last this long."

ADNAN OKTAR: “Well, that is true. The Prime Minister -actually Mr. Davutoğlu was the Minister of Foreign affairs back then- said that this will come to an end in a few months. I said it won't end. I said it will last years. And it happened exactly as I said it would.” (Adnan Oktar, September 20th, 2014: A9 TV)

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/191532/mr-adnan-oktar-a-60http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/191532/mr-adnan-oktar-a-60Sat, 27 Sep 2014 03:11:42 +0300
Mr. Adnan Oktar: “Stop Violence Perpetrated on Turkmen” Yesterday, with the Hashtags #TürkmenlereZulümDursun #StopViolenceToTurkmens he started on Twitter, Mr. Adnan Oktar drew attention to the attacks carried out by the armed forces of the Iraq- Damascus Islamic State organization against Turkmen living in the Çobanbey region of Aleppo.

Turkmen have been in a struggle against the Al-Assad regime along with the Free Syrian Army for the last two and a half years. In this struggle they gave hand in hand with the Syrian people, Turkmen gave 28,000 martyrs. However, over the last few days Turkmen have been left alone facing the Iraq- Damascus Islamic State group. Today, 214 Turkmen villages near the Turkish border are under attack from this group because of the lack of means the Turkmen are suffering from. Yesterday, Çobanbey town was  besieged by the Iraq- Damascus Islamic State. Seven Turkmen villages have been evacuated.

Çobanbey is located just across from Kilis and is about one and a half kilometers  from the Turkish border. The residents of Çobanbey are fleeing towards the Turkish border which is the only way out for them. The Turkmen women are being killed by snipers and the Syrian Turkmen families who are subjected to the attacks of the Iraq- Damascus Islamic State say that the life in their country is getting even worse each day.

In order to attract attention to this horror that Turkmen living in the region are suffering through and to stop this persecution, Mr. Adnan Oktar made a call to the whole world. Mr. Adnan Oktar's call has been supported by thousands of people over social media and the hashtags #TürkmenlereZulümDursun #StopViolenceToTurkmens have taken their places in the trending topics lists of Twitter, both in Turkey and worldwide.

Here is a part of what was talked about in Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV:

"Yesterday, the armed forces of the Iraq- Damascus Islamic State organization - which is affiliated to Al-Qaida and which is supported by Al-Assad - have besieged the Çobanbey district of Aleppo, in which Turkmen reside, with a troop of two hundred vehicles and attacked Turkmen with mortars. Mr. Destici, the President of Great Unity Party, reminded that more than thirty thousand Turkmen, Arab and Turkish brothers and sisters are residing in this region and said; "If necessary, Turkey should even consider carrying out a limited intervention in order to prevent the possible massacre that might take place tonight." He also said; "Unless this siege is lifted today or somehow broken, if thirty thousand of our brothers and sisters are subject to being massacred on our border, no one can ever be able to carry their blood on their heads."


ADNAN OKTAR: "Let us start a hashtag on Twitter about our brothers and sisters being persecuted there. Let us say #TürkmenlereZulümDursun (#StopViolenceToTurkmens). I mean if there is an attack aiming specifically at our Turkmen brothers and sisters -and it appears to be that way- let us say #TürkmenlereZulümDursun. Let us say it in English as well; #StopViolenceToTurkmens.

If these people claim that they are Muslims, what can the logic behind such an attack be? What kind of reasoning is that? Right? If you are Muslim, you should behave like one; it is religiously forbidden for a Muslim to attack another Muslim." (A9 TV: January 29th, 2014)

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/179969/mr-adnan-oktar-“stop-violencehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/179969/mr-adnan-oktar-“stop-violenceFri, 31 Jan 2014 01:17:40 +0200
“Let us announce the persecution going on in Myanmar to the whole world." Mr. Adnan Oktar once again lent an ear to the voices of activists who keep making calls for help in the face of the most recent attacks against the people of Rohingya in Myanmar. 

Thousands of Tweets have been sent for three days with various hashtags Mr. Oktar started on Twitter in English and in Turkish. These Tweets with the hashtags #ArakandaSaldırılaraSon and #StopAttacksInRohingya #MyanmardaVahşetDursun #EndViolenceInMyanmar and #ArakanıKurtaralım #SaveRohingya are calling for all authorities, aid organizations and peace activists in our country and abroad to take immediate action and these Tweets had a broad impact in the media. The hashtags became the Number One trending topic both in Turkey and worldwide in a very short period of time. 

Many activists setting out to make the voice of people of Rohingya heard wrote scores of Tweets expressing their thanks for this sensitive attitude adopted under the leadership of Mr. Adnan Oktar. They have also stated that Turkey is a great source of hope for the salvation of the people of Myanmar.

With the Tweets of various hashtags written in the last three days, attention has been drawn towards Rohingya people

"The list of names of the people who have been martyred, lost and attacked during the most recent incidents in Myanmar has been announced. In that list, there is a 103 year old woman, some people aged 60-70 and 10 year old children. 30 women and young girls, six young men, and five children have been killed. Furthermore, 200 women and girls, 120 young men and 65 children have been lost. This is a very detailed list of names. The names of those people, their family names, and the names of their fathers have all been given."  

 "Yesterday, you started a hashtag on Twitter related to the difficult situation our brothers and sisters in Myanmar are in. Many activists who take an interest in the events going on there sent messages saying, "While the whole world is going about their own business, while no one takes an interest in what is going on there because they are all consumed with their own interests, our brothers and sisters in Turkey have displayed a beautiful example of humanity for the Rohingya people. May God protect Turkey." 

ADNAN OKTAR: "Masha 'Allah. Alhamdulillah. Of course, this is our responsibility. We would have done much more if we have had the means but the things that could be done are very limited; we are not able to step out of those limits. But of course attracting the world's interest on this topic has an impact. Creating political pressure has an impact. We are thus using the most influential, most reasonable means. Concentrating on the most logical, wisest and shortest methods that would yield sharpest results is important."

Our Muslim brothers and sisters should continue to warn the world constantly about the persecution going on in Myanmar. There is a serious massacre of Muslims all around the world and that is very widespread and gets worse day by day. Muslims should love one another and should protect and watch over each other.

Let us make another hashtag related to Rohingya people. That massacre there is still going on, isn't it? It is astonishing how fierce the events of the End Times are. Let us say 'Save Rohingya' both in Turkish and in English (#ArakanıKurtaralım #SaveRohingya)

The Hashtags #ArakanıKurtaralım #SaveRohingya on Twitter became the Number One topic in the Trend Topic lists in Turkey and worldwide.

The hashtags #ArakanıKurtaralım #SaveRohingya became the Number One topic both in Turkey and in the world; that is very nice. By that, we've attracted the attention of the whole world to this matter. Especially its becoming a Number One topic in the world lists is very important; it is impossible to say "I haven't heard about it, I didn't see it" from now on. They should all hear about this persecution so that the relevant authorities can take the necessary precautions. It is also the Number One trending topic in Turkey; that is also very nice.

Our dear ones in Myanmar, the Rohingya people are sad, they are being hurt. All Muslims are suffering and there is not much that we can do. We can only attract the attention of the world to this issue by making such hashtags and by making them known and used by a lot of people. But praise be to God, these hashtags become the Number One trending topic both in the world and in Turkey. Of course, God is the One Who makes us instrumental in that. Alhamdulillah.


"Our kind request to the UN and to Mr. Ban Ki Moon is to take the necessary steps to have this matter investigated by an international commission"

An activist taking an interest in Rohingya people has written to a friend of ours saying, "We need to write to the UN and especially to Ban Ki Moon to carry out an international investigation to document the massacre going on right now." She also said, "The UN has made such a request from the government of Myanmar but because the government of Myanmar is already trying to cover up all these incidents, and because they turn a blind eye to the persecution, it would be great if all those who are willing to help could write to the UN in this regard." Our kind request to the UN and to Mr. Ban KiMoon is to take the necessary steps to have the persecution going on in Myanmar investigated by an international commission. The Twitter username of Mr. Ban KiMoon is @Bankimoon23”

ADNAN OKTAR: Let us write to Mr. Ban KiMoon on Twitter to kindly voice our request for an international investigation regarding the incidents going on in Myanmar, on Rohingya people. We've given our Atlas of Creation to Mr. Ban KiMoon personally and he liked it a lot. If our brothers and sisters could write directly to Mr. Ban KiMoon, he would receive the messages right away. Let them all write that we want to have an international investigation about what's happening in Myanmar, Insha'Allah." (Adnan Oktar, January 20th 2014: A9 TV)

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/179332/“let-us-announce-the-persecutionhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/179332/“let-us-announce-the-persecutionTue, 21 Jan 2014 16:19:58 +0200
Adnan Oktar:"Let Us Convey Urgent Aid to Yarmouk" Mr. Adnan Oktar started the  hash tags #YermükeAcilYardım #UrgentAidToYarmouk  yesterday on Twitter to draw attention to the painful events taking place in Yarmouk which is a camp city a few kilometers away from Damascus, the capital of Syria.  

In the shelters in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp which was established as a regional Palestinian refugee center for those who took refuge in 1956-1957 following the Arab-Israeli war, about 200,000 Palestinians were residing prior to the civil war in Syria. Because of the conflicts during the civil war, Yarmouk was almost completely abandoned. In December 2012, 160,000  people left the region.  Only about 18,000 refugees who have no means or places to go remained in the camp. During the last six months Yarmouk was under a very tight blockade.  The Independent daily reported that the people in the region,  which is controlled by the Syrian army and which does not let any aid pass by due to  security measures,  live  on animal food, salty water and leaves. According to this report, women of Yarmouk Camp who go out to collect herbs to feed their children are being shot by snipers.  50 people have starved to death in this camp until now. Many people who try to eat herbs, cats and dogs have been poisoned. Aid trucks and health teams cannot enter Yarmouk in which about 15 to 20 people starve to death every week, because of attacks and safety worries.  

Mr. Adnan Oktar made a call to the whole world to take action by attracting attention to this humanitarian drama going on in Yarmouk and to transport urgent aid to Yarmouk.  The hash tags #YermükeAcilYardım  and #UrgentAidToYarmouk became the first trending topic on Twitter for both Turkey and the World.

The statements Mr. Adnan Oktar made regarding this matter were :  

“Yesterday, you've started hash tags [on Twitter]  #YermükeAcilYardım and #UrgentAidToYarmouk to transport aid to Yarmouk, and in a very short time both of these hash tags became number one trending topics  both in the world and in Turkey. Right after this call, Sibel Eraslan made a call for helping Yarmouk in her article published today in the Star Daily.  Again after this hashtag, Yeni Safak Daily also prepared a detailed report about Yarmouk and made a call for helping them. Time Turk news site reported about the impact of this hashtag started on social media and called everyone to help people in Yarmouk.  


ADNAN OKTAR: "Our hashtag became the number one trending topic, didn't it? Masha'Allah. Urgent Aid to Yarmouk. That is because our brothers and sisters are collecting herbs to boil and feed their children. How long could that go on? Think about it. There is  gruesome violence and on the other hand, there are some scholars who keep saying, "There is nothing wrong! Nothing is going on in the world, everything  in the world is rosy!" Look and see where these people are living, and where their world is.  And there are people who follow those scholars, who rely on their words. Those women there are boiling herbs they collect and feed their children with that and these scholars here are saying "Nothing is wrong." There is a bloodbath in Syria, children are starving to death, and they [the Syrian government] are burning  and destroying them with barrel bombs.  And these people here keep saying, "There is nothing wrong!" There is a bloodbath in Iraq, Afghanistan is being razed to the ground, and we cannot even begin to imagine the state of the Muslims living in Far East. We cannot even begin to think about the Muslims in East Turkestan.

Our brothers and sisters who want to help Yarmouk should again act with IHH, in my opinion. That is because IHH is a brave and strong organization. They succeed in doing what they set out to do and convey aid to their destination somehow. Look, for instance well done to MIT [the Turkish Intelligence Agency], may God be pleased with them; they've been piled into a truck and are trying to reach there. Well done to my dear ones: They are trying to enter the region with those trucks and that is a very dangerous thing to do. Who knows what troublesome regions they are passing through, who knows which dangerous districts they are passing through. Of course they might see people from Al-Qaida on their way and they pass by saying "As-Salamun Alaykom". Maybe they see some Shia militants and simply say "As-salamun Alaykom" as they pass by them. What else can they do? Are they to get in an armed conflict when they see them? Of course they have to get along with them all. They simply say, "Let us pass by; we are trying to convey humanitarian aid to the region."

My brother, people are dying there, children are dying, and women are dying. What should we do? How should we do it? If there are people starving to death, you should give them bread, give them food. How is it acceptable to say "Die"? That would be murder. If they are starving to death, you have to convey aid; you have to give them bread, you have to give them food." (January 19th, 2014: A9 TV)


http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/179263/adnan-oktarlet-us-convey-urgenthttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/179263/adnan-oktarlet-us-convey-urgentMon, 20 Jan 2014 00:30:05 +0200
“Their chaining of Abdul Qadeer Molla before his execution elevated his rank in the Hereafter” The latest pictures of Abdul Qadeer Molla, the General Secretary of Jamaat-i-Islami in Bangladesh, were published on Twitter. In these pictures it is seen that Abdul Qadeer Molla was chained from his hands and feet with thick chains and was made to lie face down before he was martyred”

Adnan Oktar: “If Muslims do not approach to the Islamic Union, if they do not accept  unity, they will martyr Muslims like this one by one, may God forbid. 

They have done this before his execution, is that so? May God forbid, that is the signature of their cruelty, their remorselessness and it is their signature of their hatred towards Muslims. 

He might have been an ignorant person, he might have lacked knowledge, but nevertheless he is still a Muslim. However his being martyred with such  inconceivable cruelty should not make those responsible happy. Because of these ordeals and the pain he suffered, he has been granted the rank of martyrdom and his rank will thus be elevated. 

However the status of those who martyred him will be even deepened in  hell. They will suffer for all eternity in the Ghayi valley of hell. While he will be living an endless life of pleasure in  Heaven, they will suffer in the Ghayi valley of hell for all eternity. They didn’t think of that pain they will be facing. 

Actually while he was martyred, he didn’t even feel the pain of it, he only passed by with a transient ordeal. That blessed person has most probably invoked the Name of God and then Almighty God has taken him to the Heaven, to the post of martyrdom. 

Now we will altogether see the situation of those people who martyred him will be in the Hereafter. We will see what will become of them. And insha’Allah, we will see that persecuted, martyred brother of ours’ post in the Heaven. 

That person might have been an ignorant person; he might have lacked the necessary knowledge and might have had radical tendencies. But all those stemmed from his ignorance. What is important is to know if he had good intentions or not, if he is sincere or not, we are to look into this. If he lacked the necessary information, that is also under your responsibility. You should have educated him; you should have informed him of the truth. Right? You have already given him a punishment. What did you say? Life imprisonment. Alright, he might have corrected himself if he had a flaw, if he made a mistake. But martyring him tragically with torture is a great persecution. His being martyred like this will drag those who did this into an eternal regret in the Hereafter. (Adnan Oktar; December 20th, 2013: A9 TV)

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/177355/“their-chaining-of-abdul-qadeerhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/177355/“their-chaining-of-abdul-qadeerThu, 26 Dec 2013 21:13:28 +0200
“My humble request from our people is that no one should write anything provoking that would create tumult” God tells us to “Make peace  between Muslims.” That is the command of God. It is religiously unlawful for Muslims to be at odds with each other. “And obey God and His Messenger.” That means obey the Qur’an. Surat Al-Anfal,Verse 1. 

Surat Al-Anfal, Verse 46; God says; “Obey God and His Messenger and do not quarrel among yourselves.” That means it is unlawful to quarrel among ourselves. Quarreling is unlawful just like eating pork meat, it is unlawful just like drinking wine or like gambling.  

Tumult is worse than slaughter. That means it is unlawful. What I ask of all my brothers and sisters, is that – for the good pleasure of God- they avoid writing provocative articles that would instigate dissension and cause even further tension.”

Furthermore, there is also tumult here; tumult is worse than slaughter says Almighty God. Not only quarreling, but  dissension and tumult is also taking place. Tumult is worse that slaughter. For that reason no one should incite this tumult. No one should write articles that instigate further tumult. May God forbid, that would be very, very wrong. 

Obey God and His Messenger and do not quarrel among yourselves lest you lose heart and your momentum disappear. And be steadfast. God is with the steadfast. What does losing heart mean? Your connections would be severed, you would lose heart, you would be devastated and crushed, says God. You will lose your power; you would have nothing to do. You would lose your power of resistance. You would lose your power to improve, you would lose your health and welfare, you would lose heart, says God. You would lose all your material and spiritual power. You would be paralyzed, says God. 

And be steadfast,” says God. Alright, there might be something going on, that is right, but you need to be steadfast and it needs to be calmed down. 

None of our brothers or sisters should ever write anything unfavorable, for the love of God. They should avoid writing anything that would cause tension and incite  tumult. 

God is with the steadfast.” Look, if you are steadfast everything will calm down and made right, says God.  

For that reason there is no need to instigate the tumult that is going on. The command of God is explicit. What does “...tumult is worse than slaughter” mean? It is like you’re killing a person. That means provoking  tumult is like killing a person. For that reason, for the love of God, they should write calming articles, there is no need for writing things that would cause further tension and that would instigate tumult. 

In Surah Al-Imran, Verse 103, Almighty God says, I seek refuge with God from the satan, “Hold fast to the rope of God all together.” Hold fast to the Qur’an altogether. What does “hold fast” mean? It means uncompromisingly abide by the Qur’an.  

And do not separate.” Act in unity, do not separate.  “Remember God´s blessing to you…” Look at the beautiful blessings that we are living in. “... when you were enemies and He joined your hearts together so that you became brothers by His blessing.” We’ve been saved from the gangs, from the tumult, right? We’ve been saved from those who are bullying our people; we’ve been saved from unsolved murders. 

You were on the very brink of a pit of the Fire and He rescued you from it.” The pit of fire; that is the Ergenekon Terror Organization: God has rescued Muslims from that. “In this way God makes His Signs clear to you, so that hopefully you will be guided.”

What is the sense in rocking Turkey like this? What is the sense in dragging Turkey into this fire? Look; everything is in such a mess and some of them are still stirring up  dissension. There is major tumult going on, why do you not calm it down?

No one, I kindly repeat my request, no one should ever write anything unfavorable and inciting. Be a soother [of tensions]. 

 The law is working in Turkey. The court made those arrests; if they ascertain any crime, they will give the necessary punishment or else those arrested would be acquitted.  The law is working in Turkey. They haven’t let them out, they court has arrested them and they say that they will put them on trial, that is okay. What will they say if they are acquitted? If they are guilty, let them serve their time but there are many people committing illegal acts. There are millions of guilty people all around the world; it is not something just newly discovered only in Turkey. We need to use a calming, soothing language. 

While everything is going on very nicely and smoothly, instigating this tumult is not acceptable. “Tumult is worse than slaughter”: This is a verse of the Qur’an. It is religiously unlawful for Muslims to have a falling out with each other and putting forth an effort to unite Muslim is a religious obligation. 

 Just like the time for prayers, now is the time for the act of worship that is uniting Muslims and calming down the dissension.”

Right now is the time for the act of worship that is uniting Muslims, just like the time for performing prayers; the time for this service has come. This is the time for this religious service. Something happened, and the time for this act has come. At this moment all Muslims are responsible of performing this act of worship. That is an explicit religious obligation. It is a command on everyone. It is the duty of every Muslim. Calming down tumult, reconciling and soothing [tensions] down is everyone’s duty. Just like giving alms, giving zakat, this is also a religious obligation; we all have to work to calm down this tumult, insha’Allah.” (Adnan Oktar; December 22nd, 2013: A9 TV)

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/177065/“my-humble-request-from-ourhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/177065/“my-humble-request-from-ourMon, 23 Dec 2013 23:12:36 +0200
“If applauding turns of phrases are used about the persecution going on in Bangladesh, they will show the same courage again.”

“One might be guilty and even then he serves the time he deserves in prison. Even then, there is no need for executions and violence.”

“After the 1971 war an International Crimes Tribunal was established and soldiers from the Pakistani army were tried. There were no allegations regarding the members of Jamaat-e-Islami back then. Later in 2010 Hassina government wanted another International Crimes Tribunal. And in conflict with Roman international law they have formed a panel of judges consisting of their own people. And the members of Jamaat-e-Islami were  tried in this Tribunal. As a matter of fact the Hassina government formed a coalition government with the Jamaat-e-Islami party before, meaning there were no such allegations regarding those people who they claim to be guilty right now, they just came up with those allegations later on.”

Adnan Oktar: “One might be guilty, I can understand that, but even then there is no need to execute that person. We do not say that he should not be given a life imprisonment. He might be guilty, but why is there the need to execute him? There is no need for such violence. He has already been given  life imprisonment before. When he filed an objection about the verdict saying, “I have done nothing to deserve a life imprisonment,” they said, “Well then let us execute you!” First of all, this alone, is a grave ignominy. 

“According to the Universal Law, in an appellate review made about verdicts of a court, a heavier sentence cannot be given.”

In such legal objections, a heavier sentence cannot be given during the appeal and this is how it is all around the world. I mean this is the law throughout the whole world. They have done such a grave ignominy. For instance, if the man is given   five years imprisonment, when he appeals this decision you cannot give him  ten years imprisonment, you can only approve that five years imprisonment during the appellate review. This is the case all around the world. And these people went on and executed the man.  You are hanging the man while he is expecting his acquittal. You have already given the man a life sentence, so put that into effect, put that man in jail. Why is there the need to execute him? 

Well my brother, haven’t you given him life imprisonment? You have. And the man objected to this verdict and according to law, you can only give him  life imprisonment. How can you execute him? There is no such thing in law anywhere in the world. For instance when something like that happens in Turkey, the accused can challenge the decision and in the appellate review he can be given a maximum of that punishment.”

See that they have formed a coalition government with those people; they were so close, they shook hands, they governed together. And later on, all of a sudden, how can you decide that these people are treacherous?”


“It is absolutely remorselessness to use execution as a campaign promise for the elections.”

“Both the father of Hassina and also the father of another lady in the opposition right now were assassinated in 2010. Regarding those assassinations, even though there is no evidence to prove this claim, they are accusing  members of the Jamaat-e-Islami party. And later on the Hassina government promised their voters that they will definitely execute the members of the Jamaat-e-Islami party;  it is claimed that this promise is the reason behind these executions.”

That is a grave ignominy as well. There might be many other slogans for the elections, one might say, “I will have dams built!” and that can be understandable. But how can killing a man be a campaign promise for the elections? What could be a graver ignominy than that? They are saying, “We will kill a man.” They are saying, “If you elect us, we promise you we will kill the man.” Is that even reasonable? On the contrary such a person should lose the elections. How can they feel respect for such a person? Such a person should not be accepted in any country of the world. How could assassination be a campaign promise for the elections? That is outrageous.  Say, “I will have a dam built, I will have a port built.” These can be promises for an election.  How are they not ashamed of this, how do they not feel any pain in their conscience?”


 “The celebrations held by the supporters of the party in power show how deeply the society is degenerated.”

“The celebrations held after the execution are deep indicators of grave depravation; how can one celebrate an assassination? They would all be counted as assassins. See how people are trained to demand hanging, chopping people up, to demand blood. Actually let alone killing a person, just seeing one being killed is a horrible experience, even hearing about it is horrible. 

See how quietly they have executed that person. No one knows what has happened? What kind of a defense was made, what was he accused of? No one really knows. And some journalists believed in what they have heard. They keep saying, “He did this, he did that.” A person should be ashamed of saying something like that. 

Alright, the Pakistani army might have done these things; the Pakistani army is completely another issue. Well my brother, if you are strong enough, go do all those you’ve done to the Pakistani army. They are all very afraid of Pakistan, right? All those allegations are about the Pakistani army, yet they have found three tofive poor men and they are taking all their revenge on them that is a grave immorality. 

“A verdict of execution cannot be given based on conflicting statements of a single witness”

 “It is outrageous that there is only one witness and the statements of that witness are inconsistent. You have given that person a life time sentence before anyway, that means you didn’t find execution reasonable before. The man then challenges your decision saying, “I am innocent, let me explain myself, let me prove the truth.” He makes an objection about the life sentence and you say; “Well, you are one to object! Come here then, I will hang you!”

The witness is controversial; she says one thing now, another later. How can a person be executed based on a statement of a single witness? That is something never been seen anywhere before. 


“If applauding turns of phrases are used about the persecution going on in Bangladesh, they will show the same courage again.”

An approach that invites such an immorality is not acceptable. One should strictly avoid that. One should strictly avoid writing articles that lack necessary facts. Using turns of phrases that applaud this persecution is not acceptable; that is because those who have carried out this execution should be ashamed of themselves. Or else they can repeat this immorality. I mean if they are encouraged, they would continue with such acts and they are doing so. There are other Muslims waiting for their turn, they will be executed as well.  It should be openly seen that everyone condemns this execution.  Writing articles in a supportive fashion or in a mediocre fashion would not comply with good conscience. It would be cruelty. 

“We would not want anyone to be executed even if the person that will be executed is not a Muslim but an irreligious person”

They are executing a Muslim, an inoffensive person. God says if a Muslim is persecuted anywhere in the world, if a Muslim is being oppressed, if his rights are seized, Muslims of the whole world should unite and save him from that persecution. That is a verse of the Qur’an. That is the command of God and even if that person is not a Muslim, but an irreligious person, we would not want him executed. I mean that person might as well be a non-Muslim. Why would I want him executed? Even if he is a Christian or a Jew, I would simply not let him be executed.  

 “None of the Islamic countries said anything except for Turkey. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation did not make an attempt regarding this issue either.”

“Without the system of the Mahdi, without feeling that fervor inside regarding the descent of  Jesus Messiah, the great majority of Muslims are left scourged. They have become loveless and merciless. This is how a majority of them are; they do not pity those who are persecuted. Some people demotivate the masses by saying, “There is no Islamic Unity,” “We are against Turkish-Islamic Union,” “ Mahdi will not come, Jesus Messiah will not come,” day and night. And after that an egoistical, selfish understanding of Islam prevails in the world.  These people would then be after becoming rich. Some are interested in becoming a merchant, some are after another personal gain. 

That happens because they have emptied the souls of Muslims. The system of the dajjal has taken the souls of a majority of Muslims. There are only a few Muslims standing afoot. Almost 99 % of them are ruined by the system of the Dajjal. That is why Muslims have no power to resist any longer. Had they resisted, the others wouldn’t have dared to take such a step, they wouldn’t even dare to breathe.

Had Muslims joined forces, no one in the world could even dare to persecute Muslims. That is why all Muslims should see this fact as soon as possible and instantly side with the Islamic Union. (Adnan Oktar, December 14th 2013: A9 TV)


http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/176089/“if-applauding-turns-of-phraseshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/176089/“if-applauding-turns-of-phrasesMon, 16 Dec 2013 22:53:19 +0200
“Capital Punishment should be abolished not only in Bangladesh but throughout the whole world.” “This capital punishment given in Bangladesh is in conflict with the law all around the world, it is in conflict with  European law as well. This is also in conflict with the current law in Turkey. Actually capital punishment should be revoked completely throughout the world. For instance, they have capital punishment in China  and I am against that as well. They are executing our Turkish brothers and sisters in China and I stood against that as well.

Well my brother, one might have committed a fellony, one might have killed someone, may God forbid. But why are you executing him? God says; “Make allowances for people, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant.” Alright, there is retaliation in the Qur’an when a person is killed but even for that, God says; “If you forgive, it is better for you.” If God says something is “better,” of course we cannot select anything “less better.” So one should forgive. Then he can serve whatever punishment he is given in the prison. 

Additionally, some ignorant people might assume that they can get away with what they have done when they executed these people. As a result of such a policy, one of these days the attitude of the radical forces would escalate as well. That is because they will be able to say; “Look, there is no justice, no legal system, no democracy, the solution is in weapons from now on. In that case, terror is the solution it would seem,” they will say. May God forbid, they would tear down Bagladesh. These are not wise moves. They will move  heaven and earth by the end of this. Maybe not now, but in a while they will not let that woman  get away with what she had done, they will not let the government get away with this either. They are not even able to conceive of this. For instance, the North Korean leader has also executed his own uncle yesterday in North Korea. Actually they should solve these issues with peaceful methods while employing a forgiving attitude.(Adnan Oktar,  December 14th, 2013: A9 TV)

http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/176088/“capital-punishment-should-be-abolishedhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Mr-Adnan-Oktars-Daily-Remarks/176088/“capital-punishment-should-be-abolishedMon, 16 Dec 2013 22:46:58 +0200