Bigotry: The Dark Danger

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The scourge of radicalism is currently afflicting the entire world, from the furthest point West to the furthest point East. When this problem first raised its head, many Western countries imagined it could be easily dealt with. But that is not what happened because radical Islam is a belief system nourished by fabricated hadiths and many Islamic countries and Islamic scholars believe in those fabricated hadiths, even if they condemn war and violence. It is therefore very difficult for the solution to radical Islam to come from those countries and scholars.

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Using military means to deal with radicalism has been tried many times, and has failed on every occasion. It is a feeble and foolish policy that has slaughtered thousands of innocent people, has left thousands more without home or country and has inflicted even worse instability on countries. The main attribute of armed radicals is not their using their weapons well, but their following a false ideology. Seeking a solution only by killing, while ignoring their false ideology, will serve no other purpose than inflicting even greater disasters on the world and strengthening the radicals still further as has indeed happened to date.

The only way of eliminating this savage and dangerous belief system that plagues almost the entirety of the Islamic world is the true Islam. No other means of winning people over, no weapon and no threat are any solution to the problem. There simply is no other solution than the true Islam.

Those who seek a solution to radicalism must take the first step by avoiding behavior and initiatives that condemn Islam and the endless suspicions of it. They must listen to those who speak with the Qur’an. They must forge an alliance with such people to tell the world the truth. They must not fall prey to defeatism and apathy by saying, “What good can we do?” They must not forget that radical communities gather supporters solely by spreading their false ideas across the world through social media. They must remember that the truth will spread even faster, and must establish a strategy of proper education without delay. Let us remember that this can only be done by Muslims of the Qur’an who abide by the true Islam and are purged of all superstitious concepts.

Let us recall an important fact stressed at the beginning of this book: The Islam we espouse is not an Islam that has been modernized or made more moderate over the course of time (surely Islam is beyond that). The Islam we espouse is the true Islam in the Qur’an. We have a duty to propagate anew the true Islam that much of the Islamic world has forgotten if the world is to know peace and tranquility. Those who respond to violence with violence or who dream of a world with no Islam because of the actions of a handful of radicals will always unknowingly create more radicals and face ever greater savagery. These people need to know that the world can never be without Islam. The peace and love for which the world longs can only come through Islam. We have the Qur’an, the true and immutable Book of Islam for that; the only thing needing to be done is to educate people with the Qur’an. 


They said "Glory be to You!
We have no knowledge except what You have taught us.
You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise."
(Qur'an, 2: 32)


7 / total 8
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