Bigotry: The Dark Danger

Adnan Oktar’s meeting with the famous actor and director Steven Seagal

The celebrated actor and musician Steven Seagal came to Istanbul as part of his European tour and concert, and had a meeting with Adnan Oktar. 

In the first minutes of their acquaintance, Adnan Oktar said the expression on his face was very clean, calm and humble. Mr. Seagal was quite pleased with these compliments. Following this, Adnan Oktar presented his book, the Atlas of Creation, as a gift to Steven Seagal. The respected performer described the Atlas of Creation as a ‘magnificent book’ and said that the books of Adnan Oktar are exceptional and comprise the secrets of the universe. Also, he added that he would make an effort over the next three or four weeks to examine some of his works in detail.

Adnan Oktar expounded that the world has turned into a bloodbath, and those working for peace are small in number but a strong minority. He said that the famous actor and singer is one of these people and in the near future good and peaceful people would come together in unity and these are the true owners of the world. Steven Seagal responded to these words of Adnan Oktar, with his affirmation saying, ‘absolutely right.’

Adnan Oktar also commented on music in his conversation with Steven Seagal and said that he also liked the blues genre and listened to many of his songs. The prominent performer said, “Music is the language of God because that is the only language that people may apprehend in common.” Mr. Seagal also set out that he was very happy to be in Istanbul in the month of Ramadan. When Adnan Oktar said, “Gave the glad tidings that war and terror would end, and a very beautiful era will soon start,” Mr. Seagal replied, “I want such a period to come and as I have mentioned recently, the reason why I chose music is to spread love, peace and happiness.”

At the end of the conversation, Adnan Oktar expressed his gratitude for meeting such a masterful director, musician and actor. In response, Mr. Seagal said he wanted to come to Turkey again, and desired to meet Adnan Oktar once more; moreover, he added that Adnan Oktar’s discourse was very sincere. Before saying farewell, Adnan Oktar presented a rosary and an Ottoman tombak to Mr. Seagal as a gift.


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