Bigotry: The Dark Danger

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Introduction: What is "The Spell of Darwinism"?

Imagine yourself meeting a person who seems very reasonable and cultured. You'd naturally think that whatever this person says is a reflection of the culture and intelligence you assume him to have. But when he begins to speak, even though you perceive no other change in his reasonable demeanor, he startles you with his incredible nonsense. He may insist that white is just a lighter shade of black, for example, or claim that the clouds in the sky are simply huge bunches of cotton. He believes things that no reasonable person with normal awareness and judgment could believe. He claims it is raining even though the sun is shining; and if you take him outside and show him the evident sunlight, still he persists in his claim that rain is falling and he even declares that he's getting wet! If you saw such a person, you could describe him in several ways. You might say he was being illogical, deluded, or even that he'd lost his mind, or even that he was crazy. You might even say that he seemed to be under a spell and to have no clear view of reality.

This term "under a spell" is very significant. Some ordinary people resort to various kinds of magic spells and incantations to make others do something they wouldn't ordinarily want to do; to control them; make them believe irrational things, get them to harm another person; and to put them into something akin to a state of hallucination where they remain unaware of what they're doing. In short, the whole purpose of a spell is to bring someone under another's control and to make him believe the most unlikely, irrational things.

This book's title, The Dark Spell of Darwinism, comes from this very analogy. The goal of Darwinism is to get people to reject the obvious fact of Creation, which is clearly evident and assured, and to believe in the myth embodied in the theory of evolution. When someone falls under the spell of Darwinism, he also comes under the control of those who support the theory of evolution. Darwinism, and the theory of evolution, are incredible and illogical beliefs; they are like the proposition that that black is a chance byproduct of the changes that white undergoes, over time. But over the past 150 years, countless individuals have adopted these ideas passionately, and nothing can convince them to give them up. All the scientific evidence and plain facts in the world haven't been able to free them from this spell's influence. It is as if they've been bewitched to believe that it is raining when the sun is out and to insist that they are getting wet.

At this point, perhaps you think it might be more appropriate to describe the Darwinists' inner condition as a deficiency of mental or conceptual ability, instead of as a spell. But those who believe in Darwinism include educated individuals, professors and even Nobel Prizewinners. Rather than indicating any lack of conceptual ability, their attachment to Darwinism shows that they are under some kind of spell.

The purpose of this book is to rescue people from Darwinism's influence by revealing the exact ways in which it effects its persuasions and by uncovering the efforts that Darwinists make to prevent this illusion from losing its power. At the same time, we'll help you employ your own conscience and intelligence to consider—and understand—the self-evident fact of Creation.
Anyone who's been rescued from the spell of Darwinism and grasps the reality of Creation will also understand that Allah, the Lord of all the Worlds, has created him as well. This fact is the greatest import, because the sole purpose for the world's coming into existence is so that for people may come to know Allah and serve Him.

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