Bigotry: The Dark Danger

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The great majority of people claim that they are virtuous, have a strong morality, do not harm others, and have no bad characteristics. Unfortunately, the reality is somewhat different, for the vast majority of people have some bad moral aspects that Allah has forbidden because they are displeasing to Him. However, these aspects are not regarded as bad or ugly, because they are widespread in the community and thus considered normal. For example, Allah forbids gossip and even compares it to eating your dead brother's flesh. (Surat al-Hujurat, 49:12) In spite of this, when a group of people come together, they gossip about others. Even television programs and magazines provide space for gossip.

In addition to gossip, Allah warns people against mocking others, miserliness, and arrogance, and also informs us that indulging in them will be compensated with Hell. But a large majority of people have such characteristics and do not regard them as harmful. They think that a murderer, a thief, or a ruthless dictator who carries out massacres is a very bad person, but regard their own moral deficiencies, as described above, as harmless and unimportant. The truth is that all types of immorality will receive their just reward, according to their degree, in Allah's presence.

Lying, which is the subject of this book, is something to which people pay little attention. They feign ignorance when others lie and regard themselves as innocent when they do it. This is a characteristic of a large section of humanity.

Throughout the world, large numbers of people from every social sector lie from their early years onward for a variety of reasons: to put on a show for others, out of pride, to make others laugh, to ensure a profit for themselves, to protect themselves, and to slander and harm others. Many people lie for very simple reasons or because they have gotten used to it. However, they do not consider doing so a sign of serious immorality, even though Allah has forbidden it and states that liars will be compensated with Hell in the afterlife.

This book warns people against lying, which they regard as innocent or harmless, even though it actually represents a very great danger to them, and points out that Allah forbids lying. In addition, it discusses why people lie, how they can give up lying and what they will gain by being honest, the spiritual state of liars, and tactics for protection against lies. In this way, with their tactics and methods exposed, liars will be forced into honesty.


1 / total 17
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