Bigotry: The Dark Danger

Iraq is in Danger of Facing a New Crisis

Irak Yeni Bir Kriz Tehlikesiyle Karşı Karşıya

Some of the important recent news has been the official declaration of Mosul's liberation from ISIS. As a result of air bombardments and fierce street fighting, Mosul has been virtually turned into a ghost town with almost no buildings that are not demolished or damaged, and the heavy scent of the unburied dead covered the streets. Even though the catastrophe and destruction brought by the operation is painfully obvious, according to Iraqi Prime Minister Ibadi, "a great victory" was won. The detail that didn't go unnoticed was that even though the operation was closely monitored by the media for months, the news of its result was not as sensational as expected. The main reason for this is the emergence of a new development regarding the near future of Iraq; the realization of a highly dangerous development that could light the fuse of new wars and conflicts.

English language daily based in Kashmir Monitor published Harun Yahya’s article.

2017-08-13 02:20:51

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