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The historic developments between Azerbaijan and Armenia are continuing full-steam ahead

In the wake of announcements based on Adnan Oktar's own statements and works, the historical developments taking place in Azerbaijan are continuing full-steam ahead. Following Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Azerbaijan at the end of May, Turkish President Abdullah Gül met with the Armenian head of state at the beginning of July and a friendship the like of which had not been seen for a very long time was established. Alongside these developments, covered in the press under such headlines as "The Long-Awaited Picture," statements issued by Armenian President Sargsyan to the Russian daily Rossiyskaya and an article published in The Wall Street Journal are especially noteworthy. Armenian President Sargsyan's statements read:

"The only civilized way to resolve problems between two states is establishment of diplomatic relations."

"... we must have the courage and the foresight to act now. Armenia and Turkey need not and should not be permanent rivals."

"A more prosperous, mutually beneficial future for Armenia and Turkey, and the opening up of a historic East-West corridor for Europe, the Caspian region and the rest of the world, are goals that we can and must achieve."

"I take this opportunity to propose a fresh start - a new phase of dialogue with the government and people of Turkey, with the goal of normalizing relations and opening our common border."

The fact that Sargsyan's statements and those by Adnan Oktar and in announcements based on his works are nearly identical is an import indication of the impact of Adnan Oktar's opinions and ideas.


  • Raising tension and constantly inciting feelings of enmity is in no-one's interest. Our age is one of friendship, love, understanding and co-operation, not of anger and hatred. The days of anger and vengeance are over. Armenia must adopt a brotherly and friendly stance, and emphasize love and peace instead of hostility. It must abandon the concept of "hostility to the Turks." These feelings of enmity are incompatible with contemporary social norms.
  • We must ensure that tragedies such as the recent Hocalı Massacre are never repeated. And the Lachin Corridor, invaded and closed in 1992, must be opened up for peace and security to return to these lands. The Nagorno-Karabakh region must be freed from occupation. All kinds of diplomatic initiative must be taken to have the Lachin Corridor opened.
  • Armenians are also a people of the Book. Muslims' attitudes towards the People of the Book are made crystal clear in the Qur'an. Our Prophet (saas) always treated the Peoples of the Book with tolerance and compassion. Throughout the Seljuk and Ottoman empires, the Armenians enjoyed a well-being and security they never found anywhere else. The Ottomans referred to the Armenians as the Millet-i Sidika (The Trustworthy Nation). However, the Armenians must free themselves from feelings of anger and hatred rooted in the past. It is essential they adopt a reconciliatory attitude. That is what their faith also demands of them. Many passages in the Bible emphasize the special importance of loving one's neighbor and even say that believers must do all they can for the good of their neighbors. The Armenians must adopt love and compassion as the basis of their policies towards their neighbors, as they are told in the Bible.
  • If Armenia behaves in a friendly and brotherly manner, and if it sets aside everything left over from the past, then commercial and cultural relations with Armenia can be established. Armenia will obviously benefit from a climate of friendship resulting from Azerbaijan and Turkey uniting together. Economic, political and commercial union will benefit all parties, and a region enjoying great well-being will emerge under those conditions. Armenians will enjoy greater freedom and security in commerce, and in their religion, language and their life styles. The constant tension in the area will thus be replaced by peace. That peace will obviously be to the advantage of all involved.    
  • What needs to be done today is to forget the past and look to the future. Instead of talking about what happened in the past the whole time, we should talk about what can be done in the future, how economic conditions in the region can be improved, what cultural steps can be taken, how stability can be established and how all disputes can be eliminated. That is what we must concentrate on. There is no point in bringing up the past and raising tensions again. Violence, tension and fanaticism are of no benefit to any society. The most rational and logical way of achieving a solution is to avoid violence of all kinds, to choose moderation over extremism, to behave in a moderate, tolerant and patient manner, and to resolve any problems that may arise through negotiation.


What are your ideas regarding Azerbaijan? As you know, like some other countries, part of Azerbaijan is currently under foreign occupation. There is the region of Karabakh. You have already referred to the Lachin Corridor before the interview. We were amazed you remembered the name. Most people are unaware of it. What is your opinion on the subject? There is the Armenian occupation of our territory. The problems regarding Karabakh, and then the Hocali massacre.

Adnan Oktar: This Lachin Corridor has been a subject of grave concern to me for many years.
It needs to be opened up at once. Two states, one nation. Both sides are Turks and Muslims. The difference between them is purely artificial. It is like dividing [the Turkish cities of] Ankara and Konya. The division of these two countries is no less illogical than that. The Karabakh problem must be resolved with rational-minded negotiations with the Armenians. That is also to their advantage. Having Turkey and Azerbaijan lined up against them is the last thing the Armenians should want. That would be the worst possible mistake. It should adopt Turkey and Azerbaijan as friends and seek their support. The immediate resolution of the Karabakh dispute and the opening of the corridor are of vital importance. That is how to develop strong links to Turkey. It is vital, and by no means impossible. It can easily be done. It can be done with a diplomatic arrangement. But the will has to be there.

This has not been managed over the last 10 years. Diplomatic moves are still under way.

Adnan Oktar:
There needs to be huge public pressure. You must stir Turkey up, and Azerbaijan, and even Armenia. You must say, "Let us clear the way." Let us support Armenia and revitalize its economy. Come and work with us. And we will work with you. Come to Azerbaijan and work however you want. And let the Azeris work in your territory. But let's sort this matter out first. Let us end this unjust occupation and clear the way ahead. Let us make one nation out of two states.

Presenter: In other words it is the first step toward a Turkish-Islamic Union.

Adnan Oktar: It is essential. That is the first fruit.
2008-08-17 23:12:40

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