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Adnan Oktar Stirred Up Twitter to Stop the Execution of Abdul Qader Molla

Adnan Oktar started a Twitter Campaign for Abdel Qader Molla, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Jamaat-e-Islami, who is expected to be executed tonight. Tens of thousands of people gave support to the Campaign including outstanding officials of the state.


When he was informed of the death penalty in Bangladesh, Mr. Adnan Oktar called for a Campaign right away, stating: “Let us start an intensive Campaign with the hashtag “#BangladeşİdamıDurdur, but the English one is very important, #stopexecutionBangladesh.”

Upon this call, the entire world raised with their voices. Local and foreign politicians, journalists, human rights organizations all over the world gave support to the hashtags immediately. Right after the announcement of the hashtags, the decision for execution was postponed to the next morning and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu initiated the negotiations.

The hashtags #stopexecutionBangladesh and #Bangladeşidamıdurdur which were started by Mr. Adnan Oktar in his live broadcast on A9 TV became Top Trend in Twitter and this way he brought together significant politicians and officials from the Minister of Foreign Affairs on his side. While Abdel Qader Molla, one of the leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami, whose execution is postponed to tomorrow morning had not found much place in Turkey’s agenda, suddenly changed the agenda by means of the Campaign Mr. Adnan Oktar started in his live broadcast.

Tens of politicians, journalists and foreign minister officials retweeted the hashtags #stopexecutionBangladesh and #Bangladeşidamıdurdur all over the world.



DİDEM ÜRER: According to information received from TIMETURK, Abdel Qader Molla who was given a life sentence by international war crimes tribunal in February will be executed tonight. He was given a verdict of death penalty with the claims that he committed crimes against humanity during the war of independence in 1971.  

He was the Assistant General Secretary and rejected all the allegations. He had made an appeal to Supreme Court for the cancellation of the execution. But, they have decreed to execute him tonight. 

ADNAN OKTAR:  #BangladeşİdamıDurdur, let us see the English also. #BangladeşİdamıDurdur. Can we see that on the television screen? Everyone should give support for this. This is an immense oppression. Decrees for execution are being abolished all over the world. What is his crime? For what reason are you hanging him? Particularly, the English is very important. #stopexecutionBangladesh.

Our friends should give emphasis to this everywhere. Let us especially keep the English hashtag on the agenda. Make this number one in the world, so that they will pay attention, insha’Allah. 

2013-12-10 22:23:54

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