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Mr. Adnan Oktar called the whole World to say "No" to the massacre in Egypt

Following the decision of the Egyptian cabinet to intervene in the demonstrations carried out by the proponents of Morsi, during his live broadcasted program on A9TV Mr. Adnan Oktar called the whole world to say "No" to the probable massacre that might be carried out against the demonstrators in the Al-Adewiya and Nahda Squares. 

Yesterday Egyptian Ministerial cabinet instructed the Minister of Interior Affairs [of Egypt] Mohammad Ibrahım to evacuate Al-Adewiya and Nahda Squares.  In the written statement issued after the meeting of the Ministerial Cabinet, it has been stated that "minister of Internal Affairs Mohammad Ibrahim is instructed to take necessary precautions to put an end to ensure public security and to put an end to the dangers."  However the details of the task assigned to the Minister of Internal Affairs were not announced and it was not made clear whether or not the anti-coup demonstrations would be dispersed using force. 

This decision evoked the question "Is the Egyptian Army making preparations for a new massacre?" among the demonstrators in Nahda and  Al-Adewiya Squares and among some circles closely following the developments in Egypt.

Following the mentioned statement of the Egyptian Ministerial Cabinet, on his live broadcast program on A9TV on the night of July 31st , Mr. Adnan Oktar said  "This might be a preparation for another massacre against Muslims in Nahda and Al-Adewiya Squares; so let us start a hashtag on Twitter saying  #MısırdaKatliamaHayır #NoToMassacreinEgypt. Our brothers and sisters should spread this hashtag in rapid succession".

After this announcement of Mr. Adnan Oktar, thousands of Mr. Adnan Oktar's followers on social media and thousands of Twitter users on the side of Muslims in Egypt supported this hashtag. And both of those hashtags appeared as the first topic on both Turkey and Worldwide TT Lists. 

2013-08-01 11:08:12

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