Bigotry: The Dark Danger

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Chapter 2: What Darwinists Fail To Consider - 1/3

Thus, if your mind is not submerged in delusions, you will understand that to make a word of power (e.g., a honey-bee) a minute index of most things, and to write in one page (e.g., a person) most of the matters in this Book of the Universe, and to include in one point (e.g., a tiny fig seed), the program of the mighty fig tree, and to display in a single letter (e.g., the human heart) the works of all the Divine Names manifested in the pages of the macrocosm which encompass it, and to place in the human faculty of memory, which is situated in a place the size of a lentil, writings enough to fill a library, and to include in that tiny faculty a detailed index of all events in the cosmos—to do all of these things is most certainly a stamp particular to the Creator of All Things, the Glorious Sustainer of the universe. 3 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Darwinists Never Consider the Impossibility of Molecular Evolution


Darwinists never realize how claiming that mutations improve living things, endowing them with new organs and different characteristics, is as irrational as the assertion that an earthquake can improve a modern city. In fact, no useful mutations increasing genetic information will ever take place.

No matter how numerous they may be, mutations do not produce any kind of evolution. 4 Pierre-Paul Grassé, evolutionist and former president of the French Academy of Sciences

Darwinists cannot explain that an enzyme in tears known as lysozyme can destroy the cell walls of many species of bacteria and kill germs, so that their vision is protected from a range of diseases. Lysozyme is even more effective than the disinfectants used to clean buildings, yet it does no harm to the eyes themselves. That is a great blessing created by Allah for all mankind.

Louis Pasteur

In claiming that life once emerged spontaneously from inanimate matter, Darwinists never recall that back in the 19th century, Louis Pasteur proved the thesis that life comes only from life. He scientifically demolished the idea that inanimate substances can ever give rise to life.

Darwinists never realize that the hypothalamus in the human body, no larger than a lump of sugar, needs to set a time for the human reproductive glands to develop and to release the growth hormone at just that moment. Blind chance cannot account for this piece of tissue with no sense organs or even a brain of its own to keep track of passing time and ready the requisite bodily changes.

Darwinists never realize that functions in the human body take place at just the right speed and time with the help of enzymes, and that these enzymes which are composed of unconscious molecules, cannot learn their duties by themselves.

Darwinists never realize that even though it's impossible for them to copy out a text consisting of billions of letters without errors creeping in, enzymes combine together millions of units of information as they copy DNA, without making a single mistake. This is simply more proof of the existence of Allah.

Human DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software we've ever created . 5 Bill Gates, Head of Microsoft

Darwinists claim that scientific experiments have shown that life can begin spontaneously through chemical reactions. But they never admit that not a single experiment exists to show this or that, furthermore, science proves this to be impossible on even the theoretical level.

Darwinists never admit that Stanley Miller—who conducted the so-called "Miller Experiment" that they present as an important discovery in explaining the origin of life—carried out his experiment under arbitrary artificial conditions that had nothing to do with the primeval Earth's real atmosphere. Nor do they realize that Miller synthesized only an amino acid, and that the emergence of amino acids in any form is hardly the same as the emergence of life.

Darwin döneminde, genetik bilimi bilinmiyor, DNA tanınmıyordu. Fosil kayıtları son derece azdı ve teknoloji bir fosilin veya bir canlının üzerinde inceleme yapmaya izin vermeyecek kadar kadar ilkeldi. Darwin, iddiasının haklı çıkabilmesi için bir mucize beklemişti. Bu beklenti, günümüz Darwinistleri için halen devam etmektedir.

Amino acids may be the building blocks of proteins, but there is a world of difference between building blocks and assembled structure. Just as the discovery of a pile of bricks is no guarantee that a house lies around the corner, so a collection of amino acids is along, long way from the sort of large, specialized molecules such as proteins that life requires. 6 Paul Davies, astronomer and evolutionist

Darwinists never realize that in order for a single cell to form, a great many complex mechanisms—hundreds of different proteins, the DNA code, the enzymes that interpret it, the cell membrane with its selective permeability, and many other features—all need to appear at once. They claim that "chemical evolution" took place, but this is impossible. Yet they continue to believe in the impossible.

Darwinists do admit that DNA contains information about all the details in an organism. They acknowledge that this giant molecule is made up of consecutive sequences of four different components known as bases, and that these four bases—like an alphabet consisting of only four letters—contain blueprints for all the organic molecules that the body is to manufacture. They affirm that these components are not arranged at random, but in line with specific information, and that this information is further subdivided into genes, and that every gene is coded for different details (for example, the formula for insulin, the hormone that takes the blood sugar into the cells). Yet they do not admit that this sublime encyclopedia of information inside a tiny molecule totally demolishes Darwinists' claims of coincidental evolution.

Each of the chromosomes in the nucleus contains genes that carry all the information regarding a human being. Darwinists never consider that all the organs in the human body are constructed according to a genetic blueprint within the cells. For example, the skin is controlled by 2,559 genes, the brain by 29,930 genes, the eye by 1,794, the salivary gland by 186, the heart by 6,216, the chest by 4,001, and the lung by 11,581 genes.

The organs in the human body are built around the framework of a blueprint described by genes in the chromosomes. Darwinists never think how the human body is controlled by means of a blueprint and intelligences encoded in the genes.

1. Cell
2. Chromosome

Darwinists never appreciate that proteins are made up of only 20 of the more than 200 amino acids in nature, and can never account for such an intelligent selectivity.


Darwinists never realize how the shapes assumed by proteins, essential for life, are basically determined by the sequence of the amino acids that constitute those proteins. If one single amino acid fails to bond to the next in the correct sequence, the protein will lose all its functions. The amino acids constituting the proteins manage to arrive at the correct location every time.

Darwinists never realize that in order for protein production to take place, the arms of the staircase-like DNA molecule must be opened up. During the process of separation carried out by the enzyme RNA polymerase, a special enzyme prevents friction by holding onto the two ends of the helix. Other particular enzymes prevent the helixes from winding around themselves, and there is intention in every phase of this process, which involves an enormous number of enzymes.

Darwinists never realize that it is impossible for a protein to emerge spontaneously in muddy water, for others to emerge in its wake, and for these to combine to bring into being a living cell.

It is a disgrace that we should have to content with few concrete facts when it comes to the origin of life. Even if we have a limited knowledge of when and where life on Earth first appeared, we are still ignorant of how the process in question developed and of how, in the absence of life, a chemical mass somehow came together and turned into the first living cell. 7 Cumhuriyet ("Science and Technology") magazine

Darwinists never realize that one "letter" being wrongly coded in any one of the rungs in DNA could lead to terrible consequences. It is therefore impossible to account for this coding in terms of coincidence.

Even if we assume an environment in which all the necessary nucleotides are present and that all the complex molecules and connecting enzymes needed for these to bond to each other are ready, the odds of these nucleotides combining in the desired order is 1 in 10600, that is mathematically zero.

As science has proven, it is impossible for a single one of the 200,000 genes that make up DNA to form by chance, let alone the whole DNA molecule with its millions of rungs.

Not even a single protein can form by chance. Darwinists are unable to explain how the building blocks of life could have emerged by way of evolution.


Darwinists never realize that with its energy producing stations— factories that produce the enzymes and hormones essential for life—, a data bank in which all the data regarding the products to be manufactured is recorded, complex transportation systems and pipelines for carrying raw materials and products from one region to another, and with its highly developed laboratory to break the raw materials arriving from the outside down into useful components, the cell appears as a marvel of creation too perfect to leave any room for coincidental development.

In claiming that life evolved as the result of mutations, Darwinists never realize that 99% of mutations are harmful.

A random change in the highly integrated system of chemical processes which constitute life is almost certain to impair it-just as a random interchange of connections in a television set is not likely to improve the picture. 8 James F. Crow, radiation and mutation expert

Murray Eden, professor of electrical engineering at MIT delivered a paper on "The Inadequacy of Neo-Darwinian Evolution as a Scientific Theory." Eden stated that if it required a mere six mutations to bring about an adaptive change, this would occur by chance once in a billion years, while if two dozen genes were involved, it would require 10 billion years, which is much longer that the age of the earth. 9 Gordon Rattray Taylor, British science writer

In claiming that life emerged as the result of blind chance, Darwinists never realize that the odds against a single, average-sized protein molecule forming by chance are 10300 to one.

And the chances of a functional protein forming by chance are 1 in 10950

In analyzing these probabilities, Darwinists never realize that probabilities smaller than 1 in 1050 are mathematically impossible.


Darwinists never realize that the cell, which they maintain came into being by chance and which—given the state of 19th century technology—they regarded as a balloon filled with water, has a structure as complex as that of New York City.

Darwinists never realize that the power station known as the mitochondrion inside the cell, itself no larger than 1/100 millimeters, is far more complex than an oil refinery or hydroelectric station.

Darwinists never realize that an identical DNA molecule exists in every one of the 100 trillion cells that constitute the human body and contains enough data to fill 1 million encyclopedia pages. Darwinists maintain that they came into being as the result of blind coincidences.

Darwinists never realize how the unconscious atoms that comprise DNA determine the specialization of cells in the eye, hair, bones, skin, stomach and other areas.

Darwinists never realize that the amount of information in the DNA of a single bacterium is equivalent to 20 novels of 100,000 words each.

Darwinists never realize how molecules take decisions as if they were conscious entities, engage in division of labor, and perform all their tasks in a highly economical manner.

Darwinists never think of these words by the famous molecular biologist Professor Michael Denton: On the surface of the cell we would see millions of openings, like the portholes of a vast space ship, opening and closing to allow a continual stream of materials to flow in and out. If we were to enter one of these openings, we would find ourselves in a world of supreme technology and bewildering complexity. . . . 10

One of the most difficult stages to be explained in evolution is to scientifically explain how organelles and complex cells developed from these primitive creatures. No transitional form has been found between these two forms. One- and multi-celled creatures carry all this complicated structure, and no creature or group has yet been found with organelles of a simpler construction in any way, or which are more primitive. In other words, the organelles carried forward have developed just as they are. They have no simple and primitive forms. 11 Prof. Dr. Ali Demirsoy

Darwinists never explain how unconscious blood cells can carry out such vital functions as the expulsion from the body of harmful substances like carbon dioxide and urea, distinguishing between waste and useful substances in the blood and carrying them to their correct destinations.

Darwinists are unable to explain how a seeing, hearing, feeling human being could emerge by chance from the division of a single cell

Was he not a drop of ejaculated sperm,
then a blood-clot which He created and shaped?
(Surat al-Qiyama, 37-38)

Darwinists never account for how the molecule albumin, one of the transporter proteins in the blood, can distinguish between fats, toxins, drugs and nutrients.

Darwinists cannot explain how albumin, an unconscious molecule, recognizes the liver, gall bladder and stomach, and always deposits the substances it carries at the right place, in the right amounts, without ever making a mistake.

Darwinists ignore how foreign bodies such as viruses or bacteria entering the body are neutralized by antibodies and leukocytes.

Darwinists never realize that when genetic copying takes place with a cell taken from an animal, nothing new is created during this process, and that this is actually proof of creation.

When they say that everything consists of matter, Darwinists never realize that the information contained in DNA is not matter.

They never realize that the odds of the 2,000 proteins in just a very simple bacterium emerging by chance are 1 in 1040,000, that is impossible. 12

Darwinists fail to consider that the protein cytochrome-C possesses a specific amino acid sequence, and that the odds of this coming about by chance are even lower than that of a monkey typing out the history of mankind without making a single error. 13

In maintaining that everything formed by chance, Darwinists never acknowledge that even the information in DNA has still not yet been fully unraveled by scientists.

DNA, the cell's data bank, functions just like a planning center, assuming the responsibilities of a large number of expert artists, scientists, architects, engineers, botanists, interior designers, painters, doctors, and many more.

Has there been "progress" in evolution? Are recent plants and animals more advanced than their predecessors or, at least, more complex? Alas, no. Of course it is true that a bacterium is a simpler creature than a cassowary or an elephant , in that it has fewer moving parts, but its DNA is as richly endowed as an elephant's, and it functions as well in its own circumstances as any vertebrate does. It might even be argued that certain bacteria do their job a lot better than any other animals, since they can claim an unbroken line of descent that can be traced for 3 billion years, while every other known life form has already died out or is scheduled to do so. 14 Richard Ellis, evolutionist and marine biologist

1. Cytochrome-C

Darwinists never question how proteins can know such vital functions as DNA replication, production of information and cell division.

Darwinists maintain that proteins came into being by chance, and though devoid of any consciousness or intelligence, can construct all the chemical components of the cell by working as a team, break the cell down when necessary and reconstitute these small components as simple compounds for later use.

Darwinists never realize that in order for the countless proteins involved in the process of vision to function, they must have the appropriate molecular structure, which could never have come about by chance.

Darwinists never explain how the molecules in the retina's cone cells come together to constitute proteins that make color vision possible, nor how it is that these proteins have shared the same structure and functioned impeccably in all the human beings who have ever lived over millions of years.

In claiming that molecules came into being by chance, Darwinists never explain how they could have given rise to the protein melanin that protects the eye from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Darwinists never realize that proteins, made up of only 20 of the more than 200 amino acids in nature, can never account for such an intelligent selectivity.

Darwinists never acknowledge that not a single right-handed amino acid is to be found in living organisms, nor how such an intelligent selectivity could have come about.

Molecular evolution is about to be accepted as a method superior to paleontology for the discovery of evolutionary relationships. As a molecular evolutionist, I should be elated. Instead, it seems disconcerting that many exceptions exist to the orderly progression of species as determined by molecular homologies: so many, in fact, that I think the exception, the quirks, may carry the more important message. 15 Christian Schwabe, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of South Carolina

Amino acids appear in two forms in nature, right- and left-handed. But the amino acids that make up proteins must be left-handed. Darwinists never think how such a careful selection can never be the result of unconscious processes.

L. Left-handed amino acid
R. Right-handed amino acid

Darwinists never realize how 20 from the more than 200 amino acids in nature must be accurately selected in order to form proteins, why they are all left-handed and in the correct sequence, nor how this intelligent selection could have come into being.

The odds of proteins emerging from left-handed amino acids only are 1 in 10210, that the probability of this happening is effectively zero, and it cannot have come about by chance.

Darwinists never recognize how amino acids, made up of unconscious atoms with no ability to see or hear, are able to constitute proteins, which are essential for life and possess the most perfect structures.

Darwinists claim that the amino acids came into existence by chance, yet know how to assume the correct sequence for each protein and do so in an error-free manner.

Darwinists never realize how the atoms in the minuscule protein molecule are arranged according to a blueprint and design, how they fold and bend accordingly, and how this special structure is determined for each and every protein.

Darwinists never explain why the nerve cell—which they claim came into being as the result of blind coincidences—should feel the need to convert an aroma into an electrical signal.

Darwinists never explain how the body can halt production when the level of iron rises, how it is able to behave in a seemingly intelligent manner, which can never be explained by the theory of evolution in any way.

To the side can be seen an amino acid chain with a side chain. If any of the amino acids in the chain were to be missing or change place, this protein molecule would become functionless. This chain is therefore very definitely the result of a plan, not of coincidence.


From the first cell that coalesced in the primordial soup to the magnificent intricacies of Homo sapiens, the evolution of life—as everyone knows—has been one long drive toward greater complexity. The only trouble with what everyone knows. . . is that there is no evidence it's true. 16 Lori Oliwenstein, one of the senior editors of Discover magazine

Darwinists never explain how a protein could have formed by chance in muddy water, how a second protein joined onto the first, and then a third, or how this whole impossible system continued. It is impossible for them all to come together by chance, become alive and give rise to a cell.

1. Mud
2. Time
3. Chance
4. Natural Events
5. so-called

According to the so-called Darwinian formula, mud + time + chance + natural events gave rise to living things, scientists, technology and whole civilizations. This Darwinist logic is exceedingly primitive and superficial. Since Darwinists are keen to preserve this superficial logic, they are unwilling to think about complex systems and miracles.

Darwinists can never explain how the nucleus in the cell, which they claim formed as the result of chance processes, came into being. And even if this happened, how did it become a living entity?

Darwinists never explain how unconscious embryo cells decide to combine together from a dispersed state, how they pack together tightly and constitute very strong veins, through which no blood ever leaks.

Countless enzymes have to be present for DNA replication, and DNA has to exist in order for enzymes to be produced. It is impossible to account for this in terms of evolution.

1. The DNA topoisomerase enzyme
2. Original DNA helix
3. The enzyme helicase
4. The enzyme polymerase
5. The enzyme ligase

Darwinists never account for how the windpipe automatically closes during the act of swallowing, thus preventing food and water from entering the lungs, and how after swallowing, the valve opens again to permit air flow. It is impossible for such a system to arise by chance.

Darwinists never account for saliva, usually thought of as a very simple secretion, but which actually contains a very sensitive balance of chemical components. Molecules dissolve in saliva and attach to the taste receptor nerve endings on the tongue, and only in this way are we able to taste what we eat.

Darwinists never realize that there are no errors in the form or structure of any of the proteins inside the 200 or so types of cell in our bodies. Every protein knows how to perform its own tasks flawlessly, and that this can never be the result of chance.

Each class at a molecular level is unique, isolated and unlinked by intermediates. Thus, molecules, like fossils, have failed to provide the elusive intermediates so long sought by evolutionary biology. . .. At a molecular level, no organism is "ancestral" or "primitive" or "advanced" compared with its relatives. . . . There is little doubt that if this molecular evidence had been available a century ago. . . the idea of organic evolution might never have been accepted. "17 Michael Denton, molecular biologist

Darwinists never realize how, when the body needs for any particular protein, some messengers—themselves proteins—know just where to go, in a seemingly conscious manner, can locate the relevant destination in the body, and manage to transmit their message in the correct form.

Darwinists claim that the cells in the human body came into existence by chance. They are unaware of each other's locations, yet are able to establish communications by means of hormones with their own extraordinary chemical structures.

Darwinists never realize how totally impossible it is for the enzyme RNA polymerase to possess the consciousness to select the correct information from the DNA to prevent any interruption to the activities in the cell. How can the cell survive as the result of unconscious, random events?

Darwinists never appreciate how the enzyme RNA polymerase chooses from among the 3 billion letters contained in the extraordinary DNA molecule, and never makes an error in creating the appropriate protein.

Darwinists never acknowledge that for protein production to occur, the arms of the staircase-like DNA molecule must be opened up. During the process of separation carried out by the enzyme RNA polymerase, another special enzyme prevents friction by holding onto the two ends of the helix. Other enzymes prevent the helixes from winding around themselves, and there is consciousness in every phase of this process, involving an enormous number of enzymes.

Darwinists never consider that enzymes are required for DNA replication, and that enzymes also need DNA in order to be produced. For this reason, both must be present in the same place—but this is impossible, according to Darwin's claim of gradual evolution based on chance.

It is extremely improbable that proteins and nucleic acids[RNA and DNA], both of which are structurally complex, arose spontaneously in the same place at the same time. Yet it also seems impossible to have one without the other. And so, at first glance, one might have to conclude that life could never, in fact, have originated by chemical means. 18 Dr. Leslie Orgel, evolutionist microbiologist

Darwinists never explain how each enzyme in the human body knows that it must go to the relevant location.

Darwinists never realize how newly-manufactured proteins use various molecular motors to move inside the cell. Some of these attach to proteins and carry them to their destinations, with never any confusion regarding that destination.

 He said, ‘The Lord of the East and the West and everything between them if you used your intellect.’
(Surat ash-Shu‘ara’, 28)

Darwinists never explain how the protein insulin instructs the body to store excess sugar so that sufficient sugar in the blood is maintained. Otherwise the result would be death when the cells' needs were not met.

Darwinists never acknowledge that the hormone adrenaline can be recognized by muscle, heart and bone cells only when it has exactly the right structure. Then it can stimulate functions inside these cells and thus protect the body against physical stresses.

Darwinists never reveal that to synthesize proteins, some 300 macromolecules consisting of more than 80 ribosomes, more than 20 amino acid messengers, over a dozen helper enzymes, more than 100 enzymes that perform final functions and more than 40 RNA molecules work together in the cell in complete coordination.

Darwinists Never Consider the Extraordinary Qualities and Behavior Displayed by Living Things

Darwinists never realize that the anglerfish has no ability to invent the long rod extending from its head that it uses for hunting. Such a device could not have come about by chance, yet this rod is essential for the anglerfish's survival.

Darwinists never appreciate the self-sacrifice displayed by penguins that live at the South Pole, in an environment covered in ice and where temperatures fall to as low as –40 degrees and wind speeds reach 100 kilometers (62 miles) an hour. They incubate their eggs without eating anything at all for four months.

The way that penguins can survive for four months without eating anything while hatching their eggs at temperatures of 40 degrees Centigrade and withstanding winds travelling at up to 100 km per hour is an instance of self-sacrifice Darwinists prefer not to think about. There can be no explanation of this in terms of the theory of evolution.

Darwinists never admit that coincidences can never explain how worker bees cause their own deaths by stinging their enemies as they defend their hive, without ever a thought for their own survival.

Darwinists never realize how crocodiles, whose sharp pointed teeth tear apart the prey they catch can carry their young in their mouths without any harm ever befalling them.

Darwinists never consider how although a dragonfly's wings are only 1/3000 millimeter (1/118 inch) thick, they never tear in flight.

Darwinists never appreciate that thanks to the two diagonal pairs of wings on its body, a dragonfly can fly at 40 kilometers (24 miles) an hour—an astonishing speed for insects.

Darwinists never realize how fireflies, whose luminescence they claim is the result of coincidental developments, manage to produce light at an efficiency of one hundred percent.

Darwinists never ask why the bombardier beetle, which produces a 100-degree chemical weapon in its own body for use against enemies, is never harmed by this corrosive chemical.

Darwinists never realize the impossibility of a butterfly thinking up the idea of mimicking the form of a dry leaf to better camouflage itself, and of converting that idea into a change in its own wings.

Darwinists never realize that the scent perceptions and scent memory system of living things are one example of the sublime creation and perfect order seen everywhere in the universe. They can never account for these flawless systems in terms of chance and coincidences.

Darwinists never consider that to be able to spin its web, a spider needs to possess architectural expertise, the ability to calculate, and a great many details such as the speed and weight of its eventual prey. It is illogical to claim that an entity with no intelligence could acquire all these abilities by trial and error.

Darwinists never realize that chance can never account for the sublimity of nature's creations, the perfect systems that exist, and the scientific intelligence and incomparable artistry they display.

Darwinists never realize how elephants and rhinoceroses have learned to take mud baths to remove parasites on their skin, or how they treat wounds with ash-rich soil containing antiseptic properties. It is impossible for the animals to know about the antiseptic properties of a substance in the earth. All living things in nature act under the inspiration of Allah.

Now the life-span of everything is short, although its value is high and the subtleties of its artistry are most exalted and beautiful. This implies that everything is only a sample, a form of something else, that it has the function of drawing the gaze of the customer to the authentic and original object. This being the case, it may be said that the variegated adornments of this world are the samples of the bounties of Paradise, prepared by the Compassionate and Merciful One for His beloved servants. 19 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Darwinists never realize the mutual devotion, loyalty and solidarity among elephants. A newborn elephant is welcomed with love and affection. The altruism and co-operation in all living things absolutely refute the claim that nature is simply a battleground.

Dragonfly wings are just 1/3000 mm thick. But they never tear in flight.

Darwinists never consider that it is totally impossible for albatrosses that fly for 15,000 kilometers (9,321 miles) on their month-long journeys without ever landing on the ground; for swallows to fly halfway around the world on their migrations, for locusts being able to swarm 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles), and for eels that set off on a 6,000-kilometer (3,728 miles) journey shortly after they are born, if they had to learn the methods of doing so all by themselves.

Darwinists never realize how ants, devoid of any mathematical intelligence or experience, use the position of the Sun to find their way.

Darwinists never consider that the fly's eyes consist of 8,000 cells, divided into 4,000 each on the right and left sides of its head. Each cell contains a lens perceiving an image from a slightly different angle, and that it is impossible for this system to have come about by chance.

Darwinists never explain how, in building their combs, honeybees employ two angles of exactly 109 degrees 28 minutes and 70 degrees 32 minutes. There is never the slightest deviation from these. The openings of the cells are raised by them by 13 degrees, thus preventing honey from running out of them. All the honeybees on Earth know these calculations and implement them with perfect accuracy.

Darwinists never realize how, despite spending all its life under water, the water spider cannot breathe the air dissolved in the water. To survive, it rises to the surface and suddenly dives back down again to make use of the air bubbles suspended from its feet and various parts on its body.

Darwinists are unable to explain the consciousness by which organisms such that on the left decide to camouflage themselves as protection against enemies, and prefer not to think about it.

Darwinists never admit how the fibroin proteins in the spider's web have a special flexibility, which prevents prey caught in the web from escaping and increases the strength of the web. This feature cannot be explained in terms of chance.

Darwinists never realize that all frogs have large eyes and eyelids, and that most have a special membrane to lubricate and clean their eyes. Their eyes are sensitive to blue light, making it easy for them to find water while they are on dry land. Again, it is impossible for these features to have come about by chance.

In claiming that life came into being as the result of random coincidences, Darwinists never realize how a light as efficient as that produced by fireflies—which produce the maximum amount of light and lose almost no energy—can still not be reproduced artificially, despite long

In claiming that life came into being as the result of random coincidences, Darwinists never realize how a light as efficient as that produced by fireflies—which produce the maximum amount of light and lose almost no energy—can still not be reproduced artificially, despite long years of research by scientists.

Darwinists, in claiming that the intelligent behavior and altruism in living things—which they refer to as "instincts"—came into being by chance, never realize that they have no explanation for how this concept of instinct first emerged and how living things maintained it over the course of generations.

In claiming that all living things on Earth acquired their characteristics from an imaginary force they refer to as "Mother Nature," Darwinists never realize that this abstraction to which they ascribe divine status actually consists of stone, soil, grass, trees and flowers and lacks any intelligence or consciousness.

All the bees on Earth know that combs have to be constructed according to very specific angles. This comes as a severe blow to Darwinists, who make a deity out of chance.

Darwinists, who claim that only the strongest survive, never realize how lions, which can be so savage towards their prey, can also treat their cubs with enormous affection.

In claiming that the way living things are able to treat their own disorders is a feature that emerged by chance, Darwinists never realize how the Angora goat knows—without using the-trial-and error method and eating all the herbs around—that the herb spurge will neutralize the effect of the venom when it is bitten by a snake.

There is no creature on the earth which is not dependent upon Allah for its provision.
He knows where it lives and where it dies. They are all in a Clear Book.
(Surah Hud, 6)

In claiming that a dinosaur grew wings while trying to catch flies, Darwinists never realize that the fly already had perfected its ability for flight system with wings able to flap 1,000 times per second.

Darwinists never realize that the way birds fly in a "V" formation in order to save energy can never be explained in terms of blind chance.

A V-shaped flying formation expends less energy. Darwinists cannot account for the consciousness here.

Darwinists never realize that penguins, with a body temperature of 40oC, can withstand external temperatures of -40oC by making use of a layer of fat under their skins. Thanks to this special provision, which could never have come into being by chance, they are unaffected by the resulting 80oC differential in temperature.

Darwinists are unable to explain how the hummingbird, whose heart beats 500 to 1,200 times a minute throughout the day, is not overheated because of such a rapid heartbeat. At night, it enters a state like hibernation. Its heart rate slows and it even stops breathing—the bird thus almost "hibernates" 365 times a year.

Darwinists never explain how fish living in the icy water at the Poles came to possess a protein that reduces the temperatures of the ice crystals in their skin to -20oC. Thanks to this protein, they can use the oxygen molecules in the ice crystals and thus avoid freezing.

Darwinists never realize how swimming birds have an oil gland where their tail joins onto the body. They are easily able to use their beaks to oil their feathers to keep them water-resistant.

Darwinists never point out that the digestive fluids in the stomachs of animals that feed on plants is insufficient to digest these substances. For that reason, such animals have special bacteria in their stomachs to break down these foodstuffs.

No coincidence has the power to determine hummingbirds’ heart beats and the speed at which they beat their wings.

Darwinists never explain how a chameleon changes color to match its surroundings. It assumes the same color even if it cannot see its surroundings, and chance cannot endow an animal with the ability to change its color for defensive purposes.

Darwinists never appreciate how the nitrogen cycle, which makes life on Earth possible, is achieved by bacteria so small that they can be seen only under a microscope.

Darwinists never realize how venom produced by bacteria living in the intestines of the puffer fish extends as far as its muscles, but does not harm the fish itself and simply protects it against predators.

Darwinists never admit that a great many living things, which they claim emerged by chance, use camouflage to protect themselves. With these features given them by Allah, they have survived down to the present day.

Darwinists never admit that their logic can't account for the affection and protection that mothers of many species bestow upon their offspring.

Darwinists never perceive that living things have structures too perfect and flawless to have emerged by chance.

Darwinists never appreciate the superior qualities of ants, which live in colonies, possess a very powerful communications network, produce and store food, protect their young in the event of an attack and fight to defend their colonies.

Darwinists never proclaim that when examined under a microscope, a lobster's eye resembles a flawless piece of graph paper, and that lobsters see using the reflection, rather than the refraction principle.

 No Darwinist can explain how a living thing, alleged to have come into existence by chance, has the intelligence to camouflage itself as protection against enemies.

Darwinists never point out that throughout the winter, bacteria in lakes break down organic wastes that sink to the bottom and convert them into minerals, thus preparing the nutrients for nature to use again in the spring.

Darwinists never consider that the structure of living things is too perfect and complex to come about by chance. They never consider that three of the 23 species of bird capable of learning to sing (the parrot, canary and flycatcher) are far distant from one another, according to evolutionists' imaginary familial relations. This totally discredits their scenarios. It is quite irrational to imagine that such complex abilities could be acquired by chance by even a single species of bird, let alone by 23.

Darwinists fail to consider that in addition to fireflies, various undersea life forms also produce their own light, and that they are completely different to one another in terms of the use they make of this light, its duration and form. The complex structures capable of manufacturing light in living things without harming them can never emerge as the result of chance.

Darwinists never acknowledge that bacteria, too small to be seen with the naked eye, have mechanisms on their surfaces that emit and perceive electrical signals. Thanks to these mechanisms, they transmit information to one another, and it is impossible for such behavior, requiring an intelligent mind, to have come into being by chance.

Darwinists never explain how electric eels, which live in conductive water and emit electric shocks powerful enough to kill a human being, take intelligent precautions to avoid being electrocuted themselves from the instant they discharge their electricity into the water.

Darwinists never realize how a group of shrimps can stun their prey using their pincers, producing a strong sound louder than even the noise of a submarine, yet they remain unaffected by that noise themselves.

Darwinists never explain how certain wasps learned to paralyze a caterpillar rather than killing it, in order that it might remain fresh to feed the wasp's offspring for a long time. The female wasp needs an almost surgical knowledge in order to administer exactly the right dose of venom at the right spot, so as not to kill the caterpillar.

Darwinists never appreciate the astonishing consciousness displayed by the single-celled, microscopic marine algae known as diatoms when they construct shells for themselves made out of silicon, the building block of glass. Only Almighty Allah could have taught this ability to these organisms, which are too small to be seen with the naked eye.

Darwinists never explain how blind termites just 1 to 2 centimeters (0.393 to 0.787 of an inch) long manage to construct miniatured cities up to 4 to 5 meters (157 to 196 inches) in size, several of which may sometimes be joined together, and how they display such a superior level of collective intelligence.

Darwinists never account for the termites' flawless ventilation system, the chambers set out according to function (nurseries, hatcheries, royal chambers, agricultural areas) all built by blind insects which they claim came into existence by chance through natural processes.

Darwinists never explain how the order exhibited in colonies consisting of millions of termites was established, how every termite knows its own task, how they always co-operate together, and how no evolutionary mechanism could ever bring this about.

Darwinists never admit that since the presence of more than one potential king and queen in the termite colony will lead to chaos and a breakdown of discipline, termites take wide-ranging measures to ensure there is only one king and one queen.

Everyone in heaven and earth prostrates to Allah willingly or unwillingly,
as do their shadows in the morning and the evening.
(Surat ar-Ra’d, 15)

Darwinists never admit that just as plants reproduce by pollen, insects are pollen-carriers, and that Allah has created insects and plants in complete cooperation with one another's needs.

In claiming that an animal is concerned solely with its own interests, Darwinists never account for how a penguin endures four months of cold and hunger to protect its egg, and that Allah inspires such self-sacrifice in living things.

Fourth Principle: You will understand also that the adornments of this world are like samples and forms of the blessings stored up in Paradise by the mercy of the Compassionate One for the people of faith. 20 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

1- A toad hiding behind dry leaves
2- A green butterfly among leaves
3- A mantis among leaves
4- A spider resembling a flower within a flower
5- A white bird against a snowy background

Darwinists never realize the care, devotion and self-sacrifice displayed by the parents of newborn storks in the jungles of Thailand. They protect their chicks against the burning heat by sheltering under their wings. This behavior can never be explained in terms of chance.

Darwinists never realize that random factors can never explain how polar birds, which cannot realize the purpose served by camouflage, adjust the color of their plumage to adapt to the changes in their surroundings as the seasons pass.

In claiming that nature consists of little more than conflict and struggle—that living things live savage, selfish lives—Darwinists are unable to explain how animals pretend to be injured or even give up their own lives to protect their young, and display feelings of love and compassion.

The jet engine analogy suggested that animals ought to be risible monstrosities of lashed-up improvisation, top-heavy with grotesque relics of patched-over antiquity. How can we reconcile this reasonable expectation with the formidable grace of the hunting cheetah, the aerodynamic beauty of the swift, the scrupulous attention to deceptive detail of the leaf insect? 21 Richard Dawkins, evolutionist biologist

Darwinists know that the human eye has only three photoreceptors to distinguish colors, but never realize that the mantis shrimp has 16 photoreceptors and can even perceive ultraviolet light! These creatures could not have come into existence by chance.

Darwinists never realize that worker bees feed the newborn larvae in the most careful and attentive manner, to such an extent that a single larva is visited around 10,000 times by worker bees during the course of its growth. Chance could never make any living thing do this.

Darwinists never realize how all larvae are fed in different ways at different times, and how the bees give their larvae food according to the size they have reached, and never make any mistakes in this regard.

Darwinists cannot account for why the larvae stop eating on the seventh day, how the worker bees learned to seal up the cells containing the larvae with a lightly domed cover of wax, how the larvae spin a cocoon around the chamber containing them using a substance they produce themselves. Thus they pass through the pupal phase. It is essential that both larvae and worker bees, without exception, know all this must take place on the seventh day.

Darwinists never realize that the protein known as fibroin inside the cocoons woven by bees has powerful antibacterial properties, thanks to which the larvae are protected against germs.

Darwinists never explain how a larva devoid of eyes, wings or brain, that has never yet seen the outside world and is unaware of the conditions it will be living under can manufacture a special formula that obstructs bacteria.

1. Diatoms

Darwinists never marvel at how, during the pupal phase, the bee's wings with their special structure, the eyes ideally suited to the tasks it will perform, the sting it will use against enemies, its glands for the production of wax, the tiny hairs that assist in the collection of pollen—in short, all its bodily systems, will develop perfectly and how at the end of the three weeks, the adult bee is finally ready to emerge from the chamber.

Darwinists never explain how, even though they are all separated by hundreds of miles, bees all over the world build exactly the same combs, collect honey in the same way, have the same communications and colony-building systems and share the identical division of labor. How could this ever have come about by chance?

Darwinists never appreciate how humming birds are able to cross the Gulf of Mexico (1500 kilometers, or 932 miles) on fewer than 10 grams (0.0220 pounds) of fuel.

Darwinists never marvel at the air-conditioning and ventilation systems in termite nests, so perfect in terms of equipment and energy consumption. Living things cannot possibly acquire such a sublime architectural ability by chance.

Darwinists are totally at a loss to explain how polar fish and frogs return to life after letting themselves freeze in the event of unsuitable climatic conditions. Yet they never suffer any damage during their suspended animation.

Termites, tiny life forms, build enormous nests.
To the side can be seen a cross-section of a termite mound.

Darwinists never marvel at how, during the pupal phase, the bee's wings with their special structure, the eyes ideally suited to the tasks it will perform, the sting it will use against enemies, its glands for the production of wax, the tiny hairs that assist in the collection of pollen—in short, all its bodily systems, will develop perfectly and how at the end of the three weeks, the adult bee is finally ready to emerge from the chamber.

Darwinists never explain how, even though they are all separated by hundreds of miles, bees all over the world build exactly the same combs, collect honey in the same way, have the same communications and colony-building systems and share the identical division of labor. How could this ever have come about by chance?

Darwinists never appreciate how humming birds are able to cross the Gulf of Mexico (1500 kilometers, or 932 miles) on fewer than 10 grams (0.0220 pounds) of fuel.

Darwinists never marvel at the air-conditioning and ventilation systems in termite nests, so perfect in terms of equipment and energy consumption. Living things cannot possibly acquire such a sublime architectural ability by chance.

Darwinists are totally at a loss to explain how polar fish and frogs return to life after letting themselves freeze in the event of unsuitable climatic conditions. Yet they never suffer any damage during their suspended animation.

Darwinists never realize that it is Almighty Allah Who inspires bees, turtles and birds with the ability to make their very long journeys.

Allah has created insects and plants in great harmony between one another. Insects obtain food from plant nectar, while plants are pollinated by insects. Darwinists have no logical explanation regarding the creation of that harmony.

Darwinists never realize that through photosynthesis, leaves produce 300 billion tons of sugar a year, and that such a process cannot be carried out even under laboratory conditions.

Darwinists never question how the fly species Ornia ochrea can identify the source of sounds better than any other living thing, despite the space between its ears being no greater than half a millimeter. Such an extraordinary ability could never arise by chance. With all its features this tiny fly exhibits the sublime creative artistry of Almighty Allah.

A tyrannical current born of Naturalist and Materialist philosophy will gradually become strong and spread at the End Times by means of materialist philosophy, reaching such a degree that it denies Allah. . . The members of that current, who deny Allah, each ascribes dominicality to his soul like a little Nimrod. And the greatest of them, the Dajjal, who will come to lead them, will manifest awesome wonders, a sort of spiritualism and hypnosis; he will go even further, and imagining his tyrannical, superficial rule to be a sort of dominicality, he will proclaim his godhead. . . . 22 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Darwinists never realize that moulds, single-celled fungi used in the manufacture of drugs, could never come into being by chance, but were created by Allah.

Darwinists claim that all the life forms on Earth evolved. They never realize that lichens, the product of symbiosis of algae and fungi that live together, could not have combined by chance.

The self-sacrifice that animals display to protect their young cannot be explained by any Darwinist; because it is impossible for such a consciousness to emerge by chance.

Darwinists never realize the illogicality of claiming that carnivorous plants, which snap their leaves shut in order to trap insects landing on them, even though they have no muscular systems, and which produce enzymes to digest the insects they catch but have no consciousness, emerged as the result of natural events.

Darwinists never explain how ducks came to be able to float on the surface of the water, how their bodies have air sacs like miniature balloons, that they empty out these sacs out to dive under the surface. These features have been bestowed on ducks by Allah.

Darwinists never acknowledge that half an acre of farm land contains several tons of bacteria and 1 ton (2,205 pounds) of fungi, 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of single-celled protozoan life forms, some 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of yeast and the same amount of algae, that each of these highly complex components is exceedingly beneficial to the soil they live in.

Darwinists never realize how microorganisms manifest Allah's superior intelligence, art and might in creation. They fall into a great dilemma as they try to account for them by means of mere unconscious coincidences.

Darwinists never consider what a brightly-colored world they inhabit, how such a variety of color around them came about, nor what a world without color would be like.

Darwinists fail to consider the way that bacteria take nitrogen from the air and convert it into nucleotides and amino acids, our building blocks for life. This is an amazing process that literally no other life form on Earth, including human beings, can perform.

Darwinists fail to consider how a queen bee with a minute brain consisting of simple neurons can possibly understand, with her own will and intelligence, why the comb's cells are constructed and how she is able to produce the appropriate eggs, with no confusion ever arising among them.

Darwinists never consider how dragonflies, which have remained unchanged ever since they were first created for hundreds of millions of years ago, possess greater maneuverability than even today's best helicopters.

It is He Who created everything on the earth for you and then directed His attention up to heaven and arranged it into seven regular heavens. He has knowledge of all things.
(Surat al-Baqara, 29)

And in your creation and all the creatures He has spread about
there are Signs for people with certainty.
(Surat al-Jathiyya, 4)

Darwinists Never Consider that Plants Were Created through Miracles


It is unlikely that a book, whose words hold the entire book within itself and whose letters hold an entire line within themselves, can come into being without the existence of an author. Likewise, the existence of the Book of the Universe depends on the existence of Allah, the Ever-Lasting. 23 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Darwinists never realize that coincidences can never account for the way that poppy flowers release their pollen at the exact time when there are the most pollen-bearing insects around and that their biological clocks ensure their own times of blooming.

Darwinists never understand that it is impossible for unconscious plants like maize and beans to have learned to emit a special secretion in their leaves to protect themselves against predators. With those secretions, they can attract the hornets to eat the parasites that feed on these plants. That defense strategy cannot have been developed by a plant devoid of any consciousness.

Darwinists never realize how tiny seeds, the majority of which resemble tiny bits of wood, eventually turn into giant trees 4 to 5 meters tall and weighing hundreds of kilograms.

Darwinists never realize how the information determining the red color of the rose, the folds in its leaves, its petals' velvety softness, and its perfume is all installed inside its genes, and that this applies to all plant species.

Darwinists never marvel at how grapes appear as sweet, water-filled globes from the seemingly dry branches of the vine. Information in the seeds' genes makes grape pith different from the shell of a hazelnut and gives these two fruits their distinctive colors, tastes and smells, and the vitamins inside them. It makes one dry and the other juicy, so that hazelnuts always appear as hazelnuts, and grapes as grapes.

The outside of pollens is protected by a substance known as the exine. This is an essential precaution for the transportation of pollen and can only be accounted for by a sublime creation.

There are seeds that remain dormant for dozens or even hundreds of years if conditions are unsuitable, and that sprout only later. Darwinists never realize how plants know how to survive under even the harshest conditions.

Darwinists never point out that even though microbes in the soil generally have decaying, destructive effects, a seed in the soil and its roots just half a millimeter thick never come to any harm. On the contrary, they use the soil to constantly grow and develop. Darwinists never question how delicate roots can protect themselves.

Darwinists never explain how, if a seed sprouting below the ground is prevented from reaching the surface, it will grow around any obstacles by sending out long shoots, or else will build up pressure from where it is growing to eventually reach the daylight.

Photosynthesis is a rather complicated event, and it seems impossible for it to emerge in an organelle inside a cell, because it is impossible for all the stages to have come about at once, and it is meaningless for them to have emerged separately. 24 Prof. Ali Demirsoy

Darwinists never point out that a single square millimeter of leaf contains 500,000 chlorophyll molecules. In every leaf there are millions of these glorious molecules, which are essential for photosynthesis and cannot be obtained in any laboratory.

Darwinists never realize that the highly complex process of photosynthesis cannot have come into being by chance. It cannot have been subsequently learned by a cell. The first living plants on Earth were specially designed in order to perform photosynthesis. Almighty Allah has created plants together with that ability.

We will show them Our Signs on the horizon and within themselves    until it is clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough for your Lord that He is a witness of everything?
(Surat al-Fussilat, 53)

In the earth there are diverse regions side by side and gardens of grapes and cultivated fields, and palm-trees sharing one root and others with individual roots, all watered with the same water.
(Surat ar-Ra’d, 4)

Darwinists never realize that, apart from green plants living on Earth, algae capable of making photosynthesis absorb a 30% level of carbon dioxide and meet 70% of the planet's oxygen needs.

Just as an ordinary machine, with its orderly and measured unity, reveals the existence of a skilful and scrupulous craftsman, each one of the countless [living] machines crowding the universe indicates thousands of miracles of wisdom. To the degree of the Sun's light, the glowworm's light brightly testifies that those living beings exist due to the existence of their skilful and eternal Master, and that He deserves to be worshipped. 25 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

A small seed resembling a lump of wood is the source of countless fruits, flowers, trees, colors, perfumes, flavors and beauties sprouting from beneath the ground. Darwinists never think of this extraordinary fact.

Even though all plants are sown in soil with the same properties, receiving the same sunlight and irrigated with the same water, each has its own unique colors, scents and shapes, and that this alone is a proof of Allah's creative artistry.

Darwinists never appreciate that fruits with just the right level of sugar, unique perfumes and tastes emerge from a seed, and that this information cannot form in a tiny seed by chance.

Darwinists never explain how some tree species, such as poplars, lose up to 265 liters (70 gallons) of water an hour in hot weather, yet they never dry up. How did they come to possess an efficient root system, which cannot be a product of chance?

Darwinists never explain how pollens, essential to the reproduction of various plant species, are able to reach other members of the same species hundreds of kilometers, carried along by the wind.

Darwinists never realize that the outer surface of pollen grains are coated with a resistant substance known as exine, which protects the pollen against high pressure and temperatures. By whichever means it is transported, it can remain alive at a distance of many kilometers from the original plant.

Darwinists never account for the more than 500,000 varieties of plants on Earth, each of which has its own unique features and systems.

Darwinists never realize that plants need a root system to absorb substances they need from the soil, and that it is impossible for plants themselves to have designed this capillary mechanism.

No cell possesses the capacity to "learn"' a process in the true sense of the word. It is impossible for any cell to come by the ability to carry out such functions as respiration or photosynthesis, neither when it first comes into being, nor later in [its] life. 26 Hoimar Von Ditfurth, German biologist

Pollen, protected by perfect armor until it germinates, is the first stage in the formation of a glorious plant. The germinating plant develops flowers and bears fruit, proving it is a glorious work of art. This life form is a miracle created by Allah.

Darwinists never realize that each species of plant has unique features, such as its own scent, taste and color. Moreover, every single plant cell possesses far too complex a system to have come into existence by chance.

Darwinists never realize how it is that even while there is a high concentration of pollen in the air, a plant can transmit its pollen grains to other members of its species without their being caught by other species.

Have you thought about what you cultivate?
Is it you who make it germinate or are We the Germinator?
(Surat al-Waqi’a, 63-64)

Darwinists never understand how the process of photosynthesis, which cannot be fully replicated by scientists in a laboratory, is regularly performed by unconscious plants.

Darwinists never explain how annual desert plants protect themselves against droughts by remaining dormant in seed form, and that once it has rained, these seeds sprout very quickly. How are plants, devoid of consciousness, able to implement this plan?


Darwinists never realize how an apple seed contains all the information about the tree it will grow into, its shape and color, its fruits, the flowers that will bloom, the smell of those flowers and all the other features possessed by that tree.

Indeed, how could the creation of spring be difficult for the Possessor of Absolute Power, Who each spring makes the face of the world into a plain of resurrection, and brings forth there a hundred thousand examples of resurrection? 27 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Darwinists never realize how a single seed will eventually develop into a tree 4 to 5 meters (157 to 196 inches) tall and weighing hundreds of kilos. This growth cannot be explained by any scenario of gradual evolution.

Darwinists never realize that the leaves of coniferous trees possess a special protective coating against the winter cold, and that their waxy surfaces prevent water evaporation to make the leaves more resistant.

Darwinists never realize how all a plant's details—for example, the red color of the rose, the folds in its leaves, the number, the softness and the velvety texture of its petals, its perfume—are all installed inside the embryo. No coincidence has the power to gather together so much detailed information inside that tiny embryo's DNA.

Your Lord revealed to the bees:
‘Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees, and also in the structures which men erect. Then eat from every kind of fruit and travel the paths of your Lord, which have been made easy for you to follow.’ From inside them comes a drink of varying colors, containing healing for mankind.
(Surat an-Nahl, 68-69)

Darwinists never appreciate that a seed requires careful protection until the embryo can germinate. This is why seeds have outer casings that vary according to the species and to the conditions under which the plant lives, and that these casings' resistance has been specially regulated.

Darwinists never explain how a seed, which they claim came into being by chance, has been equipped with a special system to keep enemies at a distance. Some are covered with a bitter substance produced by means of the genetic information inside them.

The lupin estimates the prevailing weather and blooms when it is right.

Darwinists never realize how some species of plant seeds have a gelatinous substance made up of complex sugars on their outer membranes, and that this substance swells up in contact with water. This lets the seed easily adhere to moist substances, which play a major role in germination.

Darwinists never realize that this gelatinous substance is produced on the outer membranes of the seeds of certain species in a calculated manner.

Darwinists never realize that a single bean has a special connection known as a micropyle where it joins onto the pod. This structure resembles a baby's umbilical cord and serves to fertilize the female reproductive cell inside the pod. Then later, when the time comes water passes through it from the outside, allowing the seed to sprout.

Darwinists never realize how the center of gravity of the seeds of the plant Zanonia, which float in the air, is based on exceedingly delicate measurements, thanks to which the seeds can be hurled considerable distances. This special creation could never have come about by chance.

Darwinists never explain why seeds of cress and similar plants are covered in a hydrophobic (water-repellent) coating, which allows them to make use of water's surface tension and thus not to sink. Thanks to this system, such seeds are able to cross entire rivers.

Darwinists never understand how some plants realize that they must enter a kind of state of suspended animation in order to survive very arid seasons. They therefore lose the water they contain from their tissues through a genetically controlled process. By means of a hormone known as absissic acid, hormones inside the seed slow into this state of suspended animation, and this takes place in a seemingly conscious manner.

Pollens that travel hundreds of kilometers behave as if they know they will reach other members of their species. Darwinism remains speechless in the face of such a system.

Darwinists never realize how a seed under the ground is aware of worsening climatic conditions and decides to take precautions to delay sprouting.

For example, in the spring, all the trees are garbed in clothes as fine as silk, just like the houris in Paradise; they are encrusted with flowers and fruits, as if with jewels, and made to offer us numerous varieties of the choicest fruits, on branches delicately outstretched like the hands of a servant. Similarly, we are given wholesome and sweet honey to eat, from the bee with its sting; we are clothed in the finest and softest of clothes by means of an insect that has no hands; and within a small seed, a great treasure of mercy is preserved for us. It is selfevident that all of this is the effect of a most beauteous generosity, a most delicate sense of mercy. 28 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Darwinists can never realize how the lupine that grows in the Arctic tundra can forecast the weather. If conditions are bad, it enters a kind of suspended animation under the soil and waits for the weather to improve. If necessary, it can wait hundreds of years until the appropriate conditions arise and then begin growing again.

Darwinists never realize that in the roots of a sprouting plant are cells that perceive gravitational pull, and light-sensitive cells in the upward growing tips. Light and gravity determine the direction of growth of the roots and sprouts.

Darwinists never realize that with their photosynthetic systems that convert light into nutrients and break carbon dioxide into oxygen, leaves ensure the ecological balance and could never have emerged by chance.

Darwinists never realize how plants—which manufacture carbohydrates, the fundamental food source of all living things, by using solar energy—manage to carry out this process in as little as one billionth of a second.

We sent down cascading water from the clouds so that by it
We might bring forth grains and plants and luxuriant gardens.
(Surat an-Naba’, 14-16)

Darwinists never appreciate the process by which plants, which have no central nervous systems or any brain to control them, absorb specific quantities of minerals and water from the soil and make use of air and the Sun to produce food for all animal life.

Darwinists never explain that maple trees, which possess no intelligence, protect themselves against harmful pests with the tannin they manufacture. Much more powerful than man-made pesticides, its production can never be explained in terms of coincidences.

Darwinists can never account for the irreducible complexity in all plant systems by the theory of evolution.

Darwinists never appreciate how pollens, essential to the reproduction of various plant species, can reach other members of the same species hundreds of kilometers (miles) away by being carried along by the wind.

Darwinists never appreciate the extraordinary exception of the coconut, the seeds of palm tree. Most seeds that sprout as soon as they come into contact with water. But thanks to its tough shell, coconuts, do not germinate during their 80-day journey in salt water and are thus able to survive.

Since the universe and beings exist, and within them are acts and creation; and since an orderly act cannot occur without an author, a meaningful book cannot exist without a scribe, nor a skilful embroidery without an embroiderer, the purposeful acts that fill the universe surely have an Author, and the meaningful letters and amazing embroideries that cover the face of the Earth and are renewed from season to season have a Scribe and an Embroiderer. 29 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Pollens that travel hundreds of kilometers behave as if they know they will reach other members of their species. Darwinism remains speechless in the face of such a system.

Darwinists never realize that chance can never account for how trees can supply water to even their uppermost leaves, without the need for any pump or similar system.

Darwinists never realize the intelligence and consciousness with which trees' leaves carry out complex chemical processes in their cells in order to fall only in autumn.

Darwinists never admit that the superior, highly rational system by which the plane tree emits poison into the soil to protect the tree from weeds without damaging the tree itself could never emerge by chance.

Darwinists never realize that plants were created, together with the many various defensive mechanisms they use to protect themselves.

Darwinists' theory of evolution can never account for the way that when attacked, a leaf informs other leaves on the same plant and tells them to protect themselves by emitting jasmonic acid.

All of these fruits and the seeds within them are miracles of Divine wisdom, wonders of Divine art, gifts of Divine mercy, material proofs of Divine unity, and bearers of the good news that Divine favors will be granted in the Hereafter. Just as they are all truthful witnesses to His all-embracing power and knowledge, each of them is a mirror confirming His unity in all the corners of the world of multiplicity and in all the parts of the world of this tree, a world that has become multiple. They turn the gaze from multiplicity to unity. 30 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

It is He Who sends down water from the sky from which We bring forth growth of every kind.
(Surat al-An’am, 99)

Allah is He Who created the heavens and the earth and sends down water from the sky and by it brings forth fruits as provision for you.
(Surah Ibrahim, 12)

Darwinists fail to consider that plants and their leaves have a sublime evaporative cooling system, a system that can never be accounted for in terms of chance.

Darwinists can never explain in terms of evolution how the impermeable waxy layer covering the leaves' surfaces, known as the cuticle, reduces water loss to a minimum.

Darwinists never realize that chance cannot explain how desert plants "learned" to conserve water rather than allowing it to evaporate, and how they came to possess features ideally suited to harsh desert conditions.

The lotus plant uses rain drops to clean the dust particles from its surface. Darwinists never think that this attribute, which they try to imitate using contemporary technology, could never come about by chance.

Darwinists never fully understand how trees, despite their outer surfaces being covered in a dry bark can pass many tons of water up through their trunks and in the absence of that mechanism, could never survive.

Darwinists never realize that Allah created plants in such a manner as to give pleasure to humans with their matchless colors and differing tastes and aromas, despite their growing in the same soil and being irrigated with the same water.

Darwinists never realize that the way that cultivated trees absorb into their fruits only those minerals essential for human beings, just like a nutritionist.

Darwinists never explain how certain trees, devoid of any means of planning, adopt the most stunning colors in the autumn. This cannot be explained in terms of evolution.

Darwinists never account for the leaves of trees in cold climates being coated in a waxy substance, for which reason they can survive without suffering water loss. This adaptation cannot be accounted for in terms of blind chance.

Darwinists never admit that architects who design the roofs of houses in sharp peaks to avoid damage from the weight of heavy snow are inspired by the evergreen trees created by Allah. A great many other highly rational structures in nature inspire engineers, none of which can have emerged by chance.

Darwinists never admit that the biological clocks that plants possess in order to survive cannot be accounted for by the theory of evolution.

Darwinists never recognize that their theory is wholly refuted by this admission of Anthony Trewavas, a member of the Edinburgh University Institute of Cellular and Molecular Biology, that appeared in the 21 February, 2002, edition of Nature under the title "Plant Intelligence: Mindless Mastery": "Internally, plant cells and tissues communicate with each other using proteins; nucleic acids; many hormones; mineral, chemical, hydraulic, mechanical, oxidative and electrical signals; peptides; various lipids; sugars; wall fragments; and other complex carbohydrates. Quite how individual plant cells accommodate this prodigious amount of information is not understood."

On the page of the Earth, raise your head, open your eyes, and look at the great Book of the Universe. You will see that on it as a whole a stamp of Unity is read out which is as clear as it is big. 31 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Darwinists never realize that the process in which the lotus plant wipes away the dust particles on its flat leaves by using raindrops could never have come about by chance.

Darwinists never think that the theory of evolution can never account for the camouflage ability possessed by many plants to protect themselves from predators and is able to deceive humans as well.

Darwinists never realize the way that the numerical series known as the Fibonacci series, is encountered so often in different plants that it can never be explained in terms of evolution.



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