Bigotry: The Dark Danger

Radicals: The Biggest Anti-Christ Army Islam Faces

Part 1

Radicalism is a system which strives to show extremism, something in complete violation of true Islam, as the religion itself. In truth, Islam commands peace, love, friendship, happiness, aesthetics, art, science, valuing women, forgiveness; in other words, everything that is beautiful.

Radicalism, on the other hand, offers a completely different perspective on religion swarming with superstitions and inventions that are in complete contradiction with the true faith. This system lacks love, and it feeds on hatred and anger. It is against kindness, cleanliness, art and science, it bans happiness and beauty , it harbors immense hatred towards women and children and is invented by satan to drive people away from religion. By the grace of Allah, this problem will be completely done away with by the means of Hz. Mahdi (as). 

Radicals have some very indicative qualities explained in the Qur'an and the hadiths. Now, let’s take a look at some of those:

Radicals try to prevent people from following the Qur'an

The radicals try to include things that are not in the Quran, in Islam. They also reject the parts of the Qur'an that contradict with their inventions and superstitions. The Qur'an commands love, compassion, mercy, peace, brotherhood and the Qur'an praises all beauties and encourages science and art. This fact infuriates the radicals.

That’s why the antichrist uses radicalism and extremists to strike and destroy Islam from within.

The radicals are the army of the antichrist

Bigotry, radicalism and extremism ARE THE BIGGEST ARMY OF THE ANTI-CHRIST FIGHTING ISLAM. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) told us about it in a hadith:

“Some seventy thousand turbaned scholars of my community will be subject to the antichrist.” (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Musnad, p. 796)

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), with this hadith, made it clear that this group that will be the most fervent enemy  of Hz. Mahdi (as) and they will try to do the worst harm to religion.

Radicals are against love 

Radicals hate everything that’s beautiful. They hate flowers, children, cats, dogs, rabbits. They are completely hollow and empty inside. There is not even a single shred of love inside them.

No one likes the radicals, their lives are dark

The radicals do not love anyone and no one likes the radicals. Everyone dislikes the  state of mind, the lifestyle and way of the radicals. Even the radicals hate each other. For this reason, they are always in a constant clash amongst themselves as well. They can never be united, or live peacefully and comfortably. Their lives are just as dark as their souls.

ADNAN OKTAR: Everything about them is irritating. The way they look, the way they walk, the way they act, the way they think. It’s like they are everything that is irritating, plunged into a sea of annoying behavior. Naturally everyone hates them. And as if that’s not enough, despite all their uselessness, they are very arrogant, pompous and conceited. They think no one is good enough. Smirking, sneering, not liking anyone, looking down on people, not taking others seriously, those are the things that they do all the time. However, a Muslim is always very modest and down-to-earth and full of love, with their feet on the ground with the knowledge  that they might be sent to hell any minute.  (December 16, 2011 Aksu, Kaçkar Tv)

Radicals are also hypocrites 

ADNAN OKTAR: Actually radicals and hypocrites are like the same thing, so a radical is essentially a hypocrite, as well. The main quality of a radical is his hypocrisy. They should read the verses about hypocrites in the Qur'an and they can understand what a radical is. (19 October 2010 Gaziantep Olay)

Radicals hate women 

Radicals do not value people, and they don’t think highly of anything that is alive. There is no room for kindness, consideration or compassion in their souls. As a natural outcome of that state of mind, they hate women. They abhor women. They treat women as third class citizens.  

ADNAN OKTAR: Their view of women is so twisted; on a constant basis, they seek  to insult women. They do not respect them, talking about them with disrespectful remarks. They harbor a lot of hatred towards women, these radicals, these bigots. I am not like that, I love them so much, they are extremely sweet.  And my love for them is so overwhelming, it surrounds me completely.   I feel so much love for them, I want to protect and take care of all of them. I feel jealous of all of them, all of them. I don’t want to think about a possibility that any harm could come to them, and if I hear anything like that, it really disturbs me. (October 25, 2010 Asu Tv)

ADNAN OKTAR: One has to give thanks to Allah for women, because Allah gave them the blessing of women. The animosity towards women is something the radicals are proud of, the hypocrites are proud of. They hate women. Those tasteless people do not understand women anyway. However women are great gifts from Allah. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) says: ‘I was made to love three things: one my beloved salat, second; beautiful smells and third, righteous women.” (October 26, 2010 Gaziantep Olay Tv)

ADNAN OKTAR: Do not believe in those fake hadiths which are against women. All those made up hadiths which insult women, they are the products of radicals who hate women, the blinded, hateful psychopaths. Woman is a very holy, very valuable being. Allah created them as an ornament, as the most beautiful adornment in the world.  Satan wants people to hate women as he truly hates women. Darwinists also hate women and so do the communists and the fascists, and the ones that hate women the most, are the radicals. They see women as low, third-class citizens. (October 26, 2010 Gaziantep Olay Tv)

Radicals are liars

Lying is one of the most common methods of the radicals to disguise their true face. It is a habit for them to lie. 

ADNAN OKTAR: “Do not say about what your lying tongues describe:” The hypocrites are very big liars, they lie all the time. The Qur'an draws attention to that. They are masters of lying. It is not only the religion that the hypocrites and the radicals lie about. They lie about their mistakes. They lie when praising themselves, they lie about everything, they lie constantly. Lie is their food.  The Qur'an refers to that. It says  “Do not say about what your lying tongues describe: This is halal and this is haram.” He says this is halal, this is legal. Based on what? Based on his own ideas. He says this is haram, illegal. Why? He says because he believes so. Is it in the Qur'an? No. (January 17, 2011 Adıyaman Asu)

Radicalism is the venom that the antichrist uses against Muslims

ADNAN OKTAR:  Radicalism is a sinister poison that the antichrist uses against the Muslims. The antichrist spiked the water of Muslims, with an invincible poison. Some come disguised in a turban, others a cloak, some with a certain type of mustache. They used that disguise to poison. Radicalism is such a sinister threat, it is the biggest weapon of the antichrist against Islam. It is the strongest weapon against Islam, striking Islam from within. Many Europeans think that Muslims are growling, bloody, brutal people with bushy hair and beards, looking like  beasts. We destroyed that idea and they were shocked to see the truth. And we showed the true modern face of Muslims to Europeans. Because Muslims are the world’s most quality, most perfect people. They are the most modern, most decent people in the world; but not everybody knew that.  It is usually known, but there were some places where people didn’t know this truth. We opened many doors, we started a new era. We also helped some of our conservative brothers and sisters, too… (May 16, 2011 Kahramanmaraş Aksu Tv)

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