Bigotry: The Dark Danger

There is great intelligence inside DNA also, since the spirit of God enfolds all places

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 10th, 2014

- Numerous conditions need to be met in order for protein to form. One of these is peptide bonds. There are various types of chemical bond in nature, but the amino acids that constitute protein have to be bound together with peptide bonds.

There are enzymes that control this, enzymes whose task this is. But when amino acids are released into a free environment they to a large extent bind together with another bond, known as a chemical bond. For that reason, the process in question has to occur within very special conditions inside the cell.

Adnan Oktar: If only we could enter into the world of the cell and live there. It would be breathtaking to be protein. One would be amazed inside one’s own body. ‘What an unbelievable intelligence there is inside me,’ one would say.

For example, protein has an immense energy. It has no need to rest or eat, and no need for anything. It possesses a breathtaking intelligence.

It finds the relevant piece of information from among billions of details in the pitch darkness, as if it had put it there with its own hands, and pulls it out with a wonderful operation, just as it wishes, like an architect.

This world is one of great fun. Its colleagues do exactly the same thing. All proteins have a huge intelligence. They have a mind-boggling intelligence.

Proteins turn to dust when they leave the body and no longer have any meaning. They are only significant inside the body. The spirit of God has to be upon them. When His spirit is upon them, the result is this glorious intelligence.

The Torah says there is darkness in the seas. "The spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, upon the face of the sea in vast darkness,’ it says. Since the spirit of God is everywhere, the result is a glorious intelligence.

- There is also intelligence in specific places as DNA synthesizes protein. And there are gaps in other places. Different proteins are synthesized when various combinations are created where information is present. Protein understands those empty places when protein is synthesized. Those places with no information combine and fold together by breaking up, and a glorious three-dimensional protein is synthesized.

Adnan Oktar: The intelligence in that protein can be measured in the quadrillions. All those qualities of intelligence are so delightful. The intelligence in a single protein is greater than that in millions of people all put together. Proteins are constantly operating in the body with that lofty intelligence.

People say, "I believe that the body came into being by chance.”

Now in the Hereafter, these people will be asked the same question that will cause them to fall to their knees. They will weep and wail and throw themselves round on the ground and will want to return to this world. They will admit that  "I was well aware of the extraordinary nature of creation, but I denied it out of pride and wickedness.”

"Were you not given enough time?’ they will be asked. The denier will admit, ‘Yes, I was.’ Then he will be told to be silent.

God says that if these people were to return they again would not believe. He says these people will retain the same character for all time. 

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