Bigotry: The Dark Danger



A9 TV; October 22nd, 2011

That fool [Gaddafi] let his face be smashed. He laid the grounds for his face be beaten to death. Those who killed him are also abject. Those reptiles recorded his death on  video. How vulgar, how pitiless an image of a human being they present. Those fools, those filthy men present a false image which says,   “This is how a Muslim is.” They left him in an ocean of blood, look at that ignominy. Do you have the authority to murder a man there? If he surrenders, you can take him and deliver him to the State. Would one beat a man to death? Then they take photographs with the corpse, making the sign of peace with his fingers. The dogs. They attack him like wild dogs and present Muslims as shedders of blood , as persecutors. We struggle to lick these men into shape, Insha'Allah. Those opportunist dogs. At the time, they were currying his favor. They were the lickspittles of Gaddafi; they were fawning around him. They turn to wherever they see the power. In the time when he had power, they were docile like sheep, but when he had weakness they  beat him to death. This is great persecution and immorality. That animal; the man states that he had surrendered; there is law; the law of war. When he surrenders, it is over; you can take him as a captive, that is it. Would one ever beat a person to death? The guy says, “It is a sin, don’t do it.” But they still go on beating him. Then hundreds of them take photos  as if it were heroism. Great persecution and immorality. Both parties commit great persecution.

Love and compassion have not penetrated their souls; love has not penetrated their souls. They are good at hanging down, beating. They want to stink like animals; their women have beards and mustaches, they want women to be unkempt with beards and mustaches; the beards and hair of men, on the other hand, are matted and tangled. They look filthy like stinking badgers; they beat people to death, they are wild, sordid. They have their photos taken showing their yellow, filthy teeth. These animals present Islam to the world in this way. The destruction these people cause is incomparably greater than the destruction caused by the irreligious. Would one ever beat a person to death? The guy says, “I surrender”; what else can he say? May Allah grant guidance and wisdom. These are the portents of being in the End Times; the portents of the system of Mahdi (as). They present Muslims are so pitiless, so cruel. So greedy for money. They say that they will give two billion to anyone who kills, like a bounty hunter. In the past, such “wanted” men existed in American movies. Those who caught someone dead or alive were rewarded; it is the same image.

A9 TV; November 30th, 2011

(About people who like the violence and bloodshed of communists and thus became communists)

He must have just been a communist. He must have gathered information from here and there. Someone must have told him something. He must have got it  from magazines and so on. He has got in the mood of a communist. He must have viewed the pictures of Che Guevara. He might have been amazed with the beard of Marx, as in “What a thick beard  he has”. He might have liked the violence of the communists. Because as far as I can see from his manner, he looks like a ruthless man. He might have liked the sadism of the communists. He might have liked bloodshed. He might have liked that they are against  religion and what is sacred. He might have liked being psychopath. If you let him, he would become a satanist. What does he do instead? He says, “Let’s become a communist”. This is the thing. If these are not communists, they either become satanists or join  gangs. They join the street gangs. Or rather they join the mafia. Therefore, in such people such characteristics can be seen. You are very cultured and informed. So you can size him up in short. Even if he says, “I do not understand” he must already have.

A9TV; October 23rd, 2011

For instance Gaddafi was not clean. Some of the youngsters in Libya are like him as well; he has raised them to be Darwinists, materialists. He raised them with a socialist, Marxist mindset, with a Leninist mindset. He himself was a Leninist. Marxist, Leninist thought, the dialectic philosophy has been injected into the youngsters in Libya day and night with the hand of the state. Later on when those raving youngsters approached him, such a result had been attained. That is because people who do not have love for Allah, people who do not fear Allah become aggressive, they do not possess compassion, mercy. He then attempts to lecture them on Islamic law. In a welter of blood he says; "What you are doing is not correct, it is not religiously lawful, what you are doing is wrong according to the Qur'an. You have to act according to the Qur'an, you know it is wrong." he says. What have you taught them before, and what you are explaining now? Did you not teach them Darwinism, materialism? Did you not explain to them Atheism? Didn't you spread Darwinist propaganda at schools night and day? Were you not a socialist yourself? Have you not published a book called "The Green Book" against the Qur'an? Have you not told people, "Abide by this green book"? Have you ever said, "Abide by the Qur'an"? You said, "Abide by the green book." You have made socialist-communist propaganda night and day. You have raised people with the mindset of Che, with the mindset of Castro, with the mindset of Ho Chi Minh.  And then you are trying to influence them with a lecture on faith in a few seconds, you are trying to correct them. You are trying to stop them. Would that work? It does not, as you see. The men are smiling, making V signs with their hands, making the sign of victory. They are having their pictures taken. They have beaten the man to death. Even though he had surrendered, they  riddled him with holes. They have killed this man there both by beating and by shooting. That is a grave persecution. For someone who has surrendered, there is a law. If he surrenders, nothing can be done to him. There is a law of war. Seeing that law of war is applied, even if a foreign soldier surrenders, that is okay, you just take him as a captive.  Here the man says, "I surrender" and you are constantly shooting at him. And as if it was a great accomplishment, they all are having their pictures taken standing in front of the corpse. They are trying to present Muslims as if they were all such a brutal, aggressive, sanguinary, fierce faction.

This Libya incident is very significant. I have said this about Gaddafi months ago as well. I've said, "Look, do not educate youth as socialists, do not raise them to be Darwinists or materialists. They will then cause trouble to you." and warned him. I have said this earlier as well. "And one day you will be up against the wall." I have said. Look, all that I have said has come true. And they have become a trouble to him; the youth of his own nation has caused a trouble to him. Those are the men he raised himself. That is because you have come up with this green book against the Qur'an. I've been saying this for months. I've said this even before this riot in Libya has appeared. I told him, "Not to come up with that green book." I have told him, "To show himself with the Qur'an." I have warned him to drop the Darwinist, materialist training as well. But he did not heed my words. And then he attempts to lecture them on Islamic law within his last five minutes. Could that work? It could, but they still do not listen to him, as you see. That is because the man has lost his ground. He has lost himself. 

A9TV; September 12th, 2011

Some people keep saying "Mahdi will not come! Mahdi will not come!" day and night. That is because the existence of Mahdi does not serve their purpose. When Mahdi (pbuh) comes, he will stop the persecution but those men are very eager for persecution. They enjoy shedding blood and if nothing else works, they attempt to strangle each other. Moreover they dissent and argue  about their football teams and attempt to slaughter each other even because of that. For instance they try to stir up fights in between two different neighborhoods. They attempt to stir up fights in between tribes. They insistently attempt to shed blood. If nothing else works they form mafia groups and attempt to slaughter each other. Satan inseminates such pugnacity in people's souls, it inseminates carnage, it inseminates persecution. 


A9 TV;  September 18th 2011

President Erdogan is a compassionate person. You can rely on my guarantee. He does not want war. He is not a person who will stir up war. He is a man of peace. You do not look at the statements. On his behalf, I give my guarantee. Neither war, nor conflicts will happen. There is surely  disorder and grief ensued by the [Mavi Marmara] incident. But it will not turn into a war or violence. He is also a compassionate, merciful person who has awe of Allah. He loves people, and he is in favor of peace and democracy. In this respect, you can be convinced.

Mr. Erdogan is indeed a compassionate person. He merely feels resentment and grief in his heart. He is sorry for those people who martyred there, who suffered, who were wounded there. He feels sorry for every deceased person; he feels grief, be it for  a Jew or a Muslim. He considers the incident from this perspective. No war ship will ever come there. Nothing of that sort will happen. Be at ease. No war will break out.

A9 TV; November 26th, 2011

(Regarding an Iranian commander who recently made the statement, “We will first destroy the anti-missile system in Turkey in retaliation of a possible attack targeting Iran.”

There are some people who want to set Iran against Turkey in a war. I really do not know if that brother actually said something like that. If he really said it, then that means he is explicitly deceived. First of all Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not allow for  a war between Turkey and Iran and secondly Prophet Jesus (as) does not allow it. As  living beings. And Hazrat Khidir (as) does not allow it. These are very harmful words. They should never utter them. Neither Iran attacks Turkey nor vice versa. We will bring down the heavens upon those who attempt it. No one can dare to commit such a stealthy act. Neither Turkey can attack Iran, and nor Iran can attack Turkey. Nothing of the sort can ever happen. Those who try to set a Muslim against other Muslims are perfidious. As the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as), we do not allow such perfidy or such a conspiracy. This is unlikely.

A9 TV; October 6th, 2011

Actually what is normal for people, is to live in peace. And the world does not have such a structure that could cope with wars. When Armageddon takes place [from this point on] there would be no person left alive on earth. It would be the end of the world, the world would simply perish. That is to say, that there is no reason to be so eager about Armageddon. Some people regard Armageddon as if it is a war that would erupt between Iran and Israel, or between Turkey and other countries. That is not so; the war which took place in between Iraq and America is called the Armageddon. When we look at the hadiths, we see that they are completely compliant. Verily, an army had disappeared in the desert in a very short period of time. Iraq has been invaded by many countries. Both the location and the timing, and the disappearance of an army within an instant and the Iraqi currency being taken out of the circulation are all completely compliant with the events foretold in the hadiths. I mean, Syria being stirred up right after that is nothing else other that what is foretold in the hadiths. Armageddon has ended with that. There will be no Armageddon apart from this. In such a type of Armageddon, no one could remain on this world, let me say that much. It would be good to state this once again. But we will not let anything like that to take place, and it will not take place anyway insha'Allah.

A9 TV;October 7th, 2011

We will put aside the grudges and rage. If we look at things with a grudge and rage, no one can ever be friends with another. For instance, if you look at things with this mentality, an American animosity might develop because America had caused an enormous bloodbath in Afghanistan and in Iraq.  I mean millions of people have been slaughtered, millions have been martyred. If we look at things with this mentality, we should not forgive America under any circumstances. But that would be very illogical because the American people have no fault in that. Those who are at fault are a handful of administrators. We believe that they are the ones at fault. We evaluate the American people separately. We evaluate the Israeli people separately. Peoples are, in general, innocent and inoffensive. None of them would support war. People hate wars. A handful of administrators under the influence of satan drag them into  blood, sufferings and pain. There were a very few people who supported Hitler at his time. But through the use of  mass psychology, a significant part of the German people supported Hitler. But now, they are feeling embarrassed because of this. We do not feel an ongoing hatred, rage towards Germans.  We feel anger towards those who are at fault there, we feel rage towards those and we want them to be punished. But we believe that the German people are innocent and immaculate. The events should be evaluated with this mentality. If one does not evaluate things with this mentality, no country could ever be friends with any other country.  Then we would have to feel hatred for Greece, we should hate the Russians as well. We should then hate the Serbians, the Greek, the Arabs; we should hate everyone. That is very very wrong. What happened in the past stays in the past.

No Islamic country would have a war with Israel. Such an incident would not happen. And it will not happen anyway. That is because we are in the age of peace. There may be a pressure applied psychologically; I mean they might give an impression that says; "None of us loves you".  And that would be a grave mistake as well, because the Israeli people do not have any fault in this. Some certain people among the executives are at fault. Those who are acting are some certain people. They are the ones at fault. Consequently, there will be an environment in which the Israeli people will be embraced, protected and watched over with love and compassion. This shows itself in the system of the Mahdi. At the moment, Israel is under the shadow of the system of the Mahdi. I mean she is under the shadow of the King Messiah, Shiloh. For that reason, that is why there are no negative moves in the region if you pay attention and there will never be.


A9TV; September 12th, 2011 We want all the people in the world to be happy; Christians, Jews, everyone. The morality of Islam; in the Turkish-Islamic Union, what is it that would prevail the world? Justice, love, compassion, mercy, goodness, beauty, art, aesthetics, science, everything that is humane, all sorts of beauty. Why should Palestine live with fear? Why should Israel live  with fear? I always keep saying that we should tear down those walls and open up the region. Why is there the need for police control points, my brother? Let them live as ever they like. When we brought our Jewish brothers here from Spain they  said; "Alhamdulillah". We've brought them to a very beautiful place, to Istanbul. We brought them to the most beautiful city of the empire. We've welcomed them in the most beautiful city and they enjoyed the utmost freedom. Let them be free again, let them take comfort in that. Why should those people be living in fear? Why should Palestine live in fear? Feeling the fear of an operation every instant, feeling the fear of the police. Let us remove all these. All these are unnecessary, all of them are plots of the satan.  Money continually goes to armaments. Why is there the need for weapons? Everywhere is full of hungry people. Let us send food to them, let us send them clothes, let us buy elegant clothes, beautiful cars for them.  Let us send them cars instead of tanks. What is the meaning of sending tanks? Instead of sending them warplanes, let us send them cargo planes. Instead of building military fortifications let us build hospitals, let us build schools.  



A9 TV, 1 May 2012
Where is Leninist think without terrorism? You cannot be a Leninist without there being terror and violence. The communist system always comes to power through violence. You cannot have communism through peaceful means. That is a fact. That is why we need rational and scientific activity.
(The persecution of Muslims in Uzbekistan)
Why is the regime so harsh? There are two possibilities. Either the administration has fallen under the control of the alleged terror organization, or else they may have developed a fear of bigotry. They may be scared of bigotry. The communists are also very aggressive. There is nothing calm and tranquil about them. Education levels in the country are generally low. People sometimes become aggressive. They are very prone to street protests. That person (Karimov) is not that lacking in conscience. They should talk to him. And why is he so worried about the students of the Nur? The students of the Nur are very tranquil people. If it were left to them, the country would be very fine and fertile. Very well off. But he imagines they will destroy the State since he does not know the law of Allah. But that man would not be so afraid if the Muslims there concentrated on the State, secularism and democracy. Yet there can be many other things behind this. If the alleged terror organization Ergenekon has taken over the administration, there would not be much he could do. Because it is a despotic organization. This subject must be kept in the public agenda.
(Regarding troops shooting Muslims in Afghanistan)

The reason they shoot them is because they regard Muslims as poor and helpless. Could they shoot a European there, a Dutch tourist for instance? No. Could they shoot an American? No. But they shoot Muslims. Because Muslims are regarded as of little worth. They regard them as weak, crushed, needing to be killed and even, may Allah forbid, as the people of Gog and Magog. Muslims hate Muslims. But they are much more respectful toward irreligious people



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