Bigotry: The Dark Danger



A9 TV; 2 November 2011

(An answer to the question, “How do you account for the fact that while our elders would not even stretch their feet out in the room containing the Holy Qur’an, yet you read the Qur’an when there are women who keep their heads uncovered when the Qur’an is read, even though our Prophet (pbuh) says, ‘speak to women from behind a veil’?)

Satan has played a trick to turn you away from the Qur’an and Allah under a guise of holiness, a trick that would amaze you. If you fall for that trap you will be very foolish indeed. What does that mean? Either you or the Qur’an will not be able to enter a house containing the Qur’an. And since you will enter it, the Qur’an will have to leave. Nonsense. They could not stretch their feet out in a house containing the Qur’an. So they could not lie down. So you would have to spend the whole night standing up. And since you could not sleep in that house, either you would have to leave it, or the Qur’an would. Look at satan’s trick. You can live in the best way of all in a house containing the Qur’an. The Qur’an is like bread, to be kept by the bed. “Is it right for the Qur’an to be read with people’s heads uncovered on your program?” So people whose heads are uncovered cannot listen to the Qur’an? What does that mean? Millions of people are listening to us now; 70%-80% of Turks do not cover their heads. So they would have to turn the TV off. So either we will not read the Qur’an, or else they will have to switch off. Both options are devilish and irrational. Both options serve satan. Do you see what satan does in order to turn people away from the Qur’an? How many roads has he blocked off? Do you see satan’s methods. He says, “.., I will lie in ambush for them on your straight path”. “When our Prophet (pbuh) spoke to women from behind a veil.” Do you not walk side by side with women on the hajj? Why are you lying? Why are you trying to alter Islam and the Qur’an? Why are you doing things that will cause satan to rejoice? That was limited to the wives of the Prophet (pbuh). Our mothers spoke from behind veils. Because Almighty Allah tells the wives of our Prophet (pbuh) “Do not be too soft-spoken in your speech lest someone with sickness in his heart becomes desirous.” They are our mothers. Of course this will anger us. We do not want anyone to look at our mothers out of the corners of their eyes. There are all kinds of people, and we cannot trust them all. Almighty Allah made things easier there, and our mothers spoke from behind veils. Because they were defamed and treated ignobly. They slandered my mother Ayisha (pbuh) and our other mothers. They acted dishonorably, and Almighty Allah acted accordingly. Allah says, “you are not like other women”.  What does that mean? The women of the Islamic community are different, the wives of the Prophet (pbuh) are different. Look, note this - you are not like other women”. What does that mean? The women of the Islamic community are different, their law is different, there is no need for them to speak from behind a veil. That refers to the wives of the Prophet (pbuh). Allah took that precaution at that time to stop people behaving wrongly, insha’Allah. The women of the Islamic community are all together on the hajj and on war. How can they be separate? Our Prophet (pbuh) loved women. And Almighty Allah told my beloved forebear, “After that no other women are lawful for you nor may you exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you.” Because our Prophet (pbuh) kept on marrying them. There was great demand. My forebear was very handsome and attractive. My beloved forbear and Prophet (pbuh) was so lovely women would fall in love with him at a glance. Almighty Allah took precautions when all women fell in love with him. But He said those he already had were not included in this. He excluded the concubines he already had. They say you can not lie down in your house. You put the Qur’an by your bedside. You must kiss and embrace it and live with it. How can you not stretch out? What a thing to say!. 

Look what Almighty Allah says in Surat an-Naml, 44: “To the Queen of Sheba; “She was told: ‘Enter the courtyard,’ but when she saw it she supposed it to be a pool...”” The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) was very sweet and lovely. He had it specially built to resemble a pool, it looked just like a pool as it reflected the light in waves. It looked like deep water. He invited Balqis the Queen of Sheba to enter the water. The woman bared her legs and prepared to enter the water. “She supposed it to be a pool.” Note that, not shallow water. And she bared her legs.  “He [Solomon] said, ‘It is a courtyard paved with glass’.” He said it was not a pool. She said, ‘My Lord, I have wronged myself...” The Queen of Sheba said, I have submitted with Solomon to the Lord of all the worlds.” She looks the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) in the eyes as she speaks, and the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) looks her in the eyes. He knows she will bare her legs, and he still tells her to enter the pool. You may tell me that is a very severe way of speaking. But I would never hurt a fly. My language may be harsh, but I have enormous love and compassion. I have fished many number of ants out of water. I cannot let them be harmed.

How can you be unaware that satan will engage in such trickery? How can you not see it? You cannot sleep in a house with the Qur’an in it! Nor stretch your feet out! Nor sit in a chair! So what is the answer? To get rid of the Qur’an. And that is totally wrong. How can you not see that? Satan has tricked you, the dajjal has tricked you. Can you not see that? Have your brains seized up? Has Allah taken away your senses? Or have you gone crazy? You cannot read the Qur’an because there will be women with their heads uncovered. Look at that mentality! In that case the Qur’an cannot be read on any TV channel, in case people with their heads uncovered hear it. But 70%-80% of Turks do not cover their heads. Most women wear plunging necklines in the coastal towns. But I respect and love them all. I value and admire them all. The psychopathic bigots must not be offended by them. What kind of mindset is that? What kind of logic? They are radiant and immaculate Muslims.

Surah Yusuf, 23:

“The woman whose house it was,” who does the woman live with? With the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). “The woman whose house it was,” she lives in the same house as the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). In their eyes, may Allah forbid, the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) sins. Allah says they live in the same house. The woman wanders round normally, uncovered. “She solicited him. She barred the doors and said, ‘Come over here’!” She wants to make love with him.  “He said, ‘Allah is my refuge!” Why does he seek refuge in Allah? He says he will not engage in sexual relations with her. “Because He is my Lord and has been good to me with where I live. Those who do wrong will surely not succeed.

“She wanted him…,” my forebear, the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was highly attractive. All the prophets are very attractive. Their beauty has a huge impact on women. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) was the same. That is even in Pharaoh’s inscriptions. Idiots with donkey-minds. Look, they were not able to there. They say; “The scholar and sorcerer Yahuda is very expert in influencing women. It says the Prophet Moses (pbuh) is very expert. Look, they become tongue-tied. They have to admit it. Masha’Allah to the Prophet Moses (pbuh), my forebearer. “The woman wanted him,” because he [the Prophet Joseph(pbuh)] was so attractive. and he would have wanted her, had he not seen the Clear Proof of his Lord.” Who forbade him to stay in the same room, or to look at her and who forbade adultery, or sexual relations. He saw her and wanted her, but he did not enter into sexual relations. They were in the same place, but he avoided vice and adultery. That happened so We might avert from him all evil and lust. He was Our chosen servant.”

Surat al-Qasas, 23:

When he arrived at the water of Madyan, he found a crowd of people drawing water there.” Men and women. Standing apart from them, he found two women, holding back their sheep.” Bigots would probably have run away. But the Prophet Moses (pbuh) approaches them. He said, ‘What are you two doing here’?” He wants to help them.  "They said, ‘We cannot draw water until the shepherds have driven off their sheep’.” Because brainless types refuse to go anywhere near them. They recognize high-quality people. What do they say? You see our father is a very old man’.”

 “So he drew water for them and then withdrew into the shade and said, ‘My Lord, I am truly in need of any good You have in store for me’.

He desires good.

One of them came walking shyly up to him...” In their eyes, she had also sinned. Because she approached him. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) approached her, and she him. "My father invites you so that he can pay you your wage for drawing water for us...” They praise him to their father.  “When he came to him and told him the whole story he said, ‘Have no fear, you have escaped from wrongdoing people’.” They say to their father, “He is someone strong and trustworthy.

How could they know he was strong and trustworthy without seeing him? According to the bigots, they were sinning. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) also sinned. The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) sinned, too. And in their eyes, may Allah forbid, even our Prophet (pbuh) sinned. No. If I and the verses of the Qur’an are in error, let them say so to me. I read a verse and the bigots make not a sound. They even bring me reports from idols. Do not bring me reports from idols. Bring me information from the Qur’an. Do you cite evidence from the Qur’an? No. It always comes from idols. Tell me, “These verses you read are wrong.” But they are true. And you cannot say they are wrong.

Now satan has this trick. He says; “If your head is covered, if you are covered up, you cannot appear on television or go to the shops or to schools.” So do you know where there is freedom? Only in the grave. They have kept women away from Islam and the Qur’an by that method. They have produced thousands of obstacles to women with uncovered heads approaching Islam and the Qur’an. Satan has been really very clever. But I have thwarted satan with his own trick. All women with bare heads are immaculate Muslims. They are all our pure and spotless sisters. They are first class Muslims. So they can relax. The can read the Qur’an as they wish, and read the hadiths and the Risale-i Nur and need never bow to pressure. If we continue in this way them, insha’Allah, we will totally thwart this trickery of satan’s. Because they have made one nation out of bare-headed people and another out of those who cover up. As if they were from different faiths. They have managed to keep bare-headed women away from Islam and the Qur’an. A great many of them. By looking at them with anger and hatred. By developing a terrible hatred for well-groomed and made-up women, they have placed Muslim women, our immaculate nation, in the position of infidels or sinners or bad people. And that is why these bare-headed women feel a great hatred for bigots. A lot of them. A justified hatred has grown up. These people are doing all they can to keep them away from Islam and the Qur’an. But I have embraced them all and called them all to Islam and the Qur’an. At least 70%-80% of Turkish women are bare-headed. But I look out for them all. They are luminous Muslims. I have freed them from the clutches and assaults of the bigots. Well-groomed women who wear make-up are very dear to me. Bare-headed or covered up, they are all luminous Muslims. I have put an end to this trick of satan’s. Satan and the dajjal are squirming now. And I am enjoying watching them. The more we hit them, the more they squeal. We will put an end to this trickery, insha’Allah. There is no room for the way of the Mahdi. The dajjal attacks from two directions. One with Darwinists and materialists, and the other with religious bigots. Not that I have blocked the road ahead of both. Bare-headed women are now reading and listening to the Qur’an and learning about Islam. Their love for Rasulullah (pbuh) is rowing many times over. They are growing in awareness. Look, I read texts from the Qur’an and someone suggests the television should be shut down. What stupidity! I will continue on the true path, insha’Allah.

Many bigots hate well-groomed, bare-headed women. And all well-groomed women with bare heads all loathe the bigots. A great many of them are like that. I am eliminating that strife. I am cleaning out that filth, hatred and stupidity of the bigot mindset, insha’Allah. I take the nation as a whole. Our immaculate young girls are now going to Istanbul University. They go to Boğaziçi University. Modern young women. They are all radiant, immaculate Muslims. All radiant daughters of Muslims. They are immaculate, and can now be at ease.

People are unaware of the hatred bigots feel for well-groomed, bare headed women. But I regard that hatred as corruption and will eliminate it.

Muslims in the world are in the position of captives. Think – who did that? Why should one and a half billion Muslims be captives? Just think on that. Why are one and a half Muslims fragmented? Think on that. Members of what other faiths are so despised and persecuted? Just show me. They are despised and persecuted everywhere in the world. In much of it. The bigots are responsible for that. These things are due to the bigots. They have divided people into camps. Bare-headed people against those who cover up, women who wear make-up and those who do not. Their world is a dark one. Very, very sinister. You divide people by sect, by the headscarf, by make-up and by this and that. They divide them by groupings within sects. By schools. By regions. By everything. By parties. But Muslims are one single whole. Everyone is a Muslim, whether they cover their heads and wear make-up or not, or whether they go down to the beach or not, and they are all my dear brothers and sisters. They are all Muslims. Muslims are now hemmed into a narrow space because of that mindset. See what they say? You cannot stretch out your legs in a house where the Qur’an is read. One cannot enter a house with a Qur’an in it. Look at that mentality! And they try to tell me not to read the Qur’an in case bare-headed women hear it.

“Why do you say that women were attracted to the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) when you talk about Surah Yusuf?” they ask. “There are children and families watching,” they say. What can I say to such people? They are embarrassed by these verses. “We are watching with our children,” they say. Look, Allah says, “Say: ‘If your fathers or your sons or your brothers or your wives or your tribe, or any wealth you have acquired, or any business you fear may slump, or any house which pleases you, are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger and struggling in His Way, then wait until Allah brings about His command. Allah does not guide people who are deviators.’” What mentality is this? “This is improper, you must not talk about that,” they. “The woman wanted him,” they say. “Why did you read that bit out?” Because it is written there! What am I supposed to say to these people? I pity their ignorance. I do not want to use harsh language. May Allah open their minds and grant them happiness. Would Allah have put anything embarrassing in the Qur’an? Where does your polytheistic head get that idea from?

A9 TV, 4 September 2011

Fanaticism is a huge threat. It spreads like filth and germs. It is amazing how it ruins lovely people. It turns their hands and faces into those of monkeys. Fanaticism takes away their humanity. You may as well throw acid into their faces. They both ruin people. That is why the whole world trembles in the face of fanaticism. It is a terrible scourge. Fanatics are utterly ruthless. For one thing it causes corruption. Someone who falls into that filth inevitably becomes immoral. He becomes gossipy. He spread slander and corruption. He becomes loveless and full of hate. He cunningly commits crimes. He no longer loves anyone. These immoral types first become inimical to Allah. Then to the Prophet (saas). Then these vile types invent a religion all their own. They encourage others to follow it. But they do not follow it themselves. Fanaticism is that kind of devilish trickery. It is satan’s filth. It ruins the world. It is one of the two horns of satan. One is Darwinist thinking and communism, and the other is fanaticism. Bigotry is the filth of satan. Satan is ruining and devastating the world with these two weapons of his, these two horns on his head. He is also ruining the Jews. There are Jewish bigots, too. And Christian bigots. He ruins them, as well as Muslim bigots. It was the fanatical spirit set up by satan that brought down the Ottoman Empire. He entered the Ottoman Empire through Darwinism and bigotry. That tore down the whole mighty Ottoman Empire. He drowned the Ottoman Empire in those two pools; fanaticism and Darwinist, materialist thinking. They were crushed between satan’s two horns. What is the Mahdi doing? He is using knowledge to tear out those two horns of satan’s. And as a follower of the Mahdi I am striving to break those horns with ideas, scholarship and science. These people are full of hate. But Muslims are excellent people, and full of love.

A9 TV; 5 November 2011

Our activities in America are really excellent. American people are mature. They support freedom of ideas. They are predisposed to look favorably on Muslims. They are predisposed to look favorably on Islam.  But people with bigoted minds of course muddy the waters. It is very hard to repair the damage they do. To compare the damage done by extremists to that caused by atheists and irreligious types, the extremists are a million times worse. In other words, it is the extremists who turn people off religion. It is terrible damage. Something very tine, like a fly, can still be totally disgusting. These people are very small but also quite disgusting. But it is very hard to explain that - because it is a closed system. It is impossible to talk or explain anything. I would explain things if they could talk reasonably. I would show evidence, but they are obsessed. And since they are ignorant they are also very aggressive and ferocious. But since they call themselves Muslims, people imagine that is what ordinary, normal Muslims are like. The damage from that is immense.

A9 TV; 10 November 2011

One must try to put extremists right, rather than hating and putting them down. It is not rational to hate and exclude extremists. One must try to get them to adopt a rational, Muslim line, the line of the Qur’an, using kindness and good sense. There are some people who say, “We much crush the extremists into dust,” and that kind of thing. That is cruel and lacking in love. It is a psychopathic attitude. Muslims cannot do such things. One must save them with love. Because they are still servants of Allah. One should pity them. Other people might have ended up like them. We might have ended up like them, may Allah forbid. We must adopt a rational language and seek to liberate them with love. But extremism is an interconnected system, like a spider’s web. One extremists constantly motivates and encourages another. Extremists are like a chain. Pull one link and the next one moves as it is linked to it. Extremists do not easily abandon other extremists, and they act rather like a single clan. They act like a pack, in other words. So even if the extremist realizes something true, he is unlikely to admit it. Because bigotry is rooted in pride and arrogance. The extremist is a huge admirer of his own group or community. As the greatest of all. He therefore detests all other Muslims. He regards them as infidels and irreligious and apostates. As beneath him. He even regards it as legitimate for them to be killed and eradicated. That is why the extremist is so fanatical. One cannot respond using his own methods. One must respond with sense and affection. One may not get results, but at least one earns the merit, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 11 September 2011

Surat al-Zumar, 32:

Who could do greater wrong than those who lie about Allah    and deny the truth [the Qur’an] when it comes to them? Do the unbelievers not have a dwelling place in Hell?”

 “I speak on the basis of the Qur’an,” you say. But they say, “That is not enough.” “So what is to be done?” “Let us add an idol and speak on the basis of that idol, too” they say. Allah has set it all out in the Qur’an. He says He has left nothing out. But some people still say the Qur’an is deficient. “How are we to complete it?” we ask. “With an idol,” they say. Allah will turn that idol against him. “Do the unbelievers not have a dwelling place in Hell? He Who brings the truth and He Who confirms it”

As for those who see the sufficiency of the Qur’an, “…those are the people who are heedful.” If they say, “the Qur’an is sufficient,” then Allah says they are heedful, insha’Allah. They will have anything they wish for with their Lord. That is the recompense of the good-doers.” Is Allah not enough for His servant? Yet they try to scare you with others apart from Him.” I once opened the Qur’an in times of trouble and this verse appeared before me, insha’Allah. If Allah misguides someone, he has no guide.”

They tried really hard to prevent me talking about materialism and Darwinism. When I first spoke about the way of the Mahdi the fanatics all went crazy. They threatened and pressurized me. But I kept right on talking about it, and am still doing so. They cannot and will not stop me. “And if Allah guides someone, he cannot be misguided. Is Allah not Almighty, Exactor of Revenge?”

Now they praise themselves. Who should you praise? Allah. Allah has two effects. He creates, and He also creates the appreciation of what He creates. He creates beautifully, and creates fervor out of beauty. He creates an effect and the appreciation thereof. All three belong to Allah. That is a beauty beloved of Allah. And that is what Allah will apply in paradise, insha’Allah.

14 November 2011; A9 TV

(In response to a viewer who said, “Islamists’ opinions are generally conservative, but not yours.”)

Yes, I am not conservative. I try to be expansive, insha’Allah. I am on the side of freedom, and democracy, and love, and fervor. I favor what is good and beautiful. I am on the side of truth. And beauty and art. Therefore, I am also on the side of the essence and truth of Islam. I am a sword of knowledge against bigotry, insha’Allah. I am a sword of knowledge against corruption, insha’Allah.

The fact is that the good thing about us is this: there is a terrible, deadly hatred of fanaticism in the world. They first inflict the scourge of fanaticism on Muslims, and then slaughter them. They put them in the midst of bigotry. The fanatics say, “Come and be a fanatic.” They turn them into fanatics and then put them to the sword. Fanatics are also highly irrational and foolish. They cannot explain anything. These idiots can only behave like hyenas among their own circles. They cannot stand up and discuss matters at the Istanbul Technical University, for example, or Robert College or METU. They would merely be laughed off the premises and humiliated. They in any case have no self-confidence because of their stupidity. They could never do that. But I go to places these types could never even bear, or imagine, and talk explicitly and convincingly about Islam and the Qur’an, in such a way that no objections can come from the other side. But the fanatics talk about things utterly foolishly and stupidly and inconsistently, in a nonsensical manner. They are harmful. I am always trying to put right the harm they do, to correct their inaccurate statements. And I have been really successful. Normally, Iran would long since have been invaded. But I prevented that by dint of intensive efforts. They were thinking about it last year. I am now trying, insha’Allah, to make up for that strife. They try to provoke war between Israel and Turkey, but I calm things down again. They spread corruption. They then try to provoke conflict somewhere else, and I calm that down, too. But this is all a religious observance, of course, and a good thing, masha’Allah.

Ibn Arabi says that hypocritical teachers will oppose Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). But this is explicitly set out in the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh) and Shiite sources; Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) does not now Arabic. That is an important characteristic. It means he is not in Mecca and Medina, insha’Allah. Cübbeli [hodja] also says, “he has not been trained in a madrassa.” “He is not affiliated to one hodja or sheikh,” he says. In other words, “he has no special learning. Allah has given him divine inspiration.” “He has given him special knowledge.” “That is why he is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh),” insha’Allah.

I have been instrumental in millions of people coming to have faith. I have saved millions from the scourge of Darwinism and materialism. I have been instrumental in strengthening the faith of millions of Muslims through my books and works. You cannot do it all at once. You have to do it in stages. You must first talk about faith. You must give people fear and love of Allah. You must settle that first of all, not last, insha’Allah.

Some of our brothers do not understand the Qur’an and Islam. It is the conception of Islam that produced Gaddafi and Saddam and these terror organizations. This wretched state of mind is also totally ruthless in regard to women... There is no beauty, no quality, no depth, no love, no passion and no anything in these people. Disbelief and hypocrisy. Allah says they stem from one another. They try to drag us into their filthy world. That is why you end up like that, that is why you are so beaten and wretched. Pull yourselves together. And it also means you are causing other innocent Muslims to be oppressed. You caused those poor people in Libya to be persecuted. Gaddafi was a typical extremist, totally irrational. He was a materialist and a religious extremist. And you can see the results of that. Saddam was the same. He harbored trickery of all kinds. He also had the same extremist mindset. And you have again seen the results. These people reject art. They reject just about everything to do with it. They reject science, and love, and joy and beauty. I have managed to put a few people right on that. But that harshness in their minds has still not gone away. We need the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) for that to be resolved entirely. The followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will put these bigots and hypocrites right. And since we are his followers, we are obtaining excellent results. In other words, I am reaching them to live like human beings, like Muslims, to be fine and good people, to be filled with love. They have shamed Muslims before the whole world. So Muslims adopt this defeatist attitude. They picture Muslims as eating only minimum, clothing the outworn and living where one single light bulb burns. For example, they say, “There is a fly in the soup, so we must drown it at once.” They turn the nation and ordinary people inside out, they disgust them. They say; “There is poison on one of the fly’s wings and the antidote on the other wing. If you stir the fly well into the soup you can get people to eat it up.” “If the fly dissolves, that will make the soup quite perfect. The poison and the antidote will mix in together and neutralize one another, and it will all be quite delicious.” They are so disgusting, and I am only citing one example. But there is no end to it. They are watching in amazement the way people are good quality and excellent and full of love. How there is no rudeness, no oppression of Muslims, no aggression toward Muslims, no filth and no anything else. People are utterly stunned. “What kind of life is this? You are so radiant,” they say. They are stunned by this quality and beauty. The bigots were also stunned by the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). Allah bestowed enormous splendor on him. He built a glorious temple. He had 300 wives and 700 concubines. May Allah have mercy on our mothers. They were most beautiful. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) had 1000 women. They were the most beautiful of women, masha’Allah. That made the bigots of the time really crazy. That is in the Torah, and in the hadiths. Allah gave him very lovely horses. He delighted in beauty. His soul rejoiced in love. Allah says he used to caress their necks and legs. Then He says, “they were taken out of sight behind the curtain.” Of course, there is a special meaning here. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) employed all the means made available by technology. He used art and beauty and all means. Everywhere was filled with gold. He had everywhere decorated with precious stones and lovely wood carvings and decorations. The architecture was glorious, the clothes were stupendous, people were beautiful, life was lovely, speech was good and the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) produced a life as perfect as that in paradise. Now look at the disgusting nature of extremism.

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