Bigotry: The Dark Danger

Had all Muslims determinedly resisted in unity, they wouldn’t have been able to execute Abdul Qadeer Molla

“Tajul Islam, the defense lawyer for Abdul Qadeer Molla, leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party in Bangladesh, stated that before his execution Molla said that he is being killed only because he is the leader of an Islamic party;  he also stated that “God is the One Who gives life and death. God is the One Who creates destiny and I am content with all that comes from God,” were Molla's last words. 

Adnan Oktar:  “People’s perspective in the Middle East is very different from that of people in Europe, it’s very different from Americans as well. For instance, there is the death penalty in the US. Those people are open to love but they are also open to violence. I mean they do not feel uneasy about the notion of capital punishment, they regard it to be reasonable. They can easily say, “Let us hang this man!” This was the case in Bangladesh as well; even young girls were screaming out at the top of their lungs saying, “Execute him!” It is really bewildering that they are in such a furious state of mind that demands hanging a man. It is unbelievable for a young girl to want a person’s death. They do not even know this man, they have never met him; how could you do something like that? How could they raise themselves to be such wild people? 

Wanting someone’s death is very difficult, it is really terrible, may God forbid. Almighty God says, “...if someone kills another person, it is as if he had murdered all mankind.” One should refrain from killing even a bug. One tries to avoid stepping on a bug, doesn’t even want to step on an ant. What does killing another human being mean? Young men, young girls are uttering screams of death, they are screaming out for hanging. They are crying out saying, “Execute him!”

And this is all caused by lovelessness in the world but it is really bewildering that they have taken lovelessness to this point. On the other hand,when the Prophet Moses (pbuh) kills a man by mistake, unintentionally, God says, “We’ve saved you from an intense sorrow. You’ve experienced a great sorrow.” I mean the Prophet Moses (pbuh) experienced an awful sorrow because of that. All his years passed in repentance. He constantly suffered for unintentionally killing that man. But these people here are after killing one intentionally. That is really surprising. It is really bewildering that the feeling of violence is so widespread in the world. A cruel, relentless public opinion has formed, that is the problem.” 

“The General Manager of Anadolu News Agency Mr. Kemal Öztürk said that only Turkey stood against execution and showed an effort in this respect and tweeted saying; “We’ve contacted the Ministries of Foreign Relations of many Western countries regarding the execution in Bangladesh, yet none of them wanted to react  in any way.”

Adnan Oktar: “Well my brother, no one was aware of it even in Turkey. May God be pleased, an agency informed us. They have informed us three hours before the execution. We’ve kicked up a row there and then. After that, they had to postpone the execution: See how important the Islamic Union is.  They panicked in the first reaction they’ve received because it was very powerful worldwide. The world constantly spoke about this, it was the first topic being talked about. Of course there was an evil cunning approach in that as well. They waited and then  public opinion calmed down; when people calmed down, they executed him. 

Had the public not  calmed down, had they sustained that excitement, that fervor, they wouldn’t have been  able to execute him. I mean if the whole world, all people were to stand against that, they would have said, “We cannot do this!” But they looked and when they saw that  public resistance faded, they executed him right away. In such matters, the fervor and excitement should be loud and should never fade. 

And there lies the importance of Islamic Union. Here we saw a very small implementation of Islamic Union; they were very furious but then instantly calmed down. However, when the strength of Islamic Unity faded, they looked at public opinion and saw that people got used to it, they said, “This topic is done with, we can now execute him!” For that reason, such fervent excitement should never fade in matters like this one.  

That is why those who try to stop the Unity of Islam, those who consider the Unity of Islam to be somewhat unimportant, those who say, “Mahdi has already come and gone,” are unintentionally serving this system to the fullest. They have created a languorous, exhausted mass of Muslims, they have demotivated and broken the fervor and determination of one and a half billion Muslims. A timid, introverted, shy and egoistic group of Muslims with a mindset saying, “Let the snake that doesn’t touch me live for a thousand years” has been formed in the Islamic world. The majority of them are like this. There are many good ones, of course, but the majority of them are like this. And under the cover of this, they are thus ripping the Islamic World apart. 

And they have put forth a satanic claim. They said, “There is a blessing in the conflicts of this ummah.” Meaning Muslims struggling with each other, being divided, their having differences in opinion is a blessing! Actually our Prophet (saas) says that it is a disaster, but they have changed it into a “blessing” and thus they have ruined the Islamic world with this satanic indoctrination. Many of them do not know that this is a satanic fabrication, that this is a satanic lie. They are implementing this without being aware of it and they are constantly ripping the Islamic world apart and continuing to crush them. The Islamic world is being torn to shreds. One of them calls an act that is lawful in one view, unlawful and the other calls what this one calls unlawful, lawful. They are all mixed up. 

Look, no one was even aware of that blessed person’s execution, they were going to execute him just like that. Had we not put it on the  agenda, they were going to execute him quietly. The whole world heard about it, but then they have seen that the reaction it created in the world is not constantly strong. Then they said, “Well, that is the time! Let us execute him.” Actually if people were to hold demonstrations everywhere, if they were to make protest marches, if they were to make this topic a top story  constantly in Facebook and Twitter, if the press, the papers were to talk about this all the time, they would have been paralyzed and they wouldn’t have had the courage to do this. 

And it has drawn my attention that the lies they have put forth are atrocious. I do not know those people, I have never met them. I just got to know them by these incidents. But hundreds of letters were sent to us from Bangladesh. They all wrote atrocious slanders like, “This person bothered little children. He violated underage girls, he engaged in sexual intercourse with them.” Look, this is a method always used against Muslims, do you see this? Even for Bediuzzaman, who was an eighty year- old blessed religious senior, they  cast slanders against him saying, “Late at night prostitutes, trays of baklavas and boxes of rakı are delivered to his house and Bediuzzaman is drinking alcohol and having fun with those women all night long” and there were people who believed in those slanders. 

Look, that poor man was about to be executed and all they had to say in a hurry were two things; first they said, “This man killed people.” When you ask them “Who killed those people?” they say, “The Pakistani army killed those people but this one encouraged them.” And secondly they said,“He raped underage young girls.” Since sexuality, women, honor and sense of protection are sensitive matters in  public opinion, people were made to say, “Well if that is the case, if he had raped underage young girls, he should be executed!” Actually even if this was the case, it is not a reason to justify execution. You can sentence him to  life imprisonment and make him serve his time. Nevertheless, such  propaganda should not be done, this is a grave cruelty. 

See what they tried to make out of a Muslim. And they have quietly executed him. What happens now? He went to Heaven, insha’Allah, but those remaining behind; you are to continue living in Bangladesh with that grudge you hold inside. Do you think that you’ve done something against him by martyring him? Actually, you’ve done him a favor: He went to Heaven, insha’Allah. (Adnan Oktar, December 13th , 2013: A9 TV)


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