Bigotry: The Dark Danger

"Under the name of Islamophobia they have convinced the world that it is permissible and necessary to kill Muslims"

The number of Muslims killed by other Muslims in Iraq in just last 6 months, as a result of suicide bombings and other bomb attacks, is 7000. Had such deaths taken place in Europe, even if 7 people die, let alone 7000, everyone knows how they would move the earth. The extremists have rendered Muslims worthless. They even regard one another as base and worthless. They regard it as normal to kill one another. They even regard themselves as base, it is unbelievable.

They have formed a mass of low-quality, ill-educated, ignorant and repellent types in certain places. They have turned Muslims into such masses. They are stinking types, mindless, who know not what they say, who know no forgiveness, affection or compassion, who favor violence and who are crude, with no humane way of behavior and who lack etiquette.


They have convinced the world that it is normal and even necessary to kill Muslims”


Europeans do not regard such people as human, and that is why they regard their being killed as normal, too. Of course, they martyr radiant, immaculate Muslims as well as bigots and fundamentalists. But it is of course terrible for anyone to be killed, or for a Muslim to be killed. It makes no difference, for it is horrible whoever it is.

Nobody should be killed, not even an extremist; they should be treated or educated. There is no need to hate bigots. They should be treated with affection. Because extremists do not emerge out of the blue. They are trained that way. Extremists are the result of that training. In the same way, you can also show a person the truth through education.

But they have led Muslims into the swamp of bigotry and on that pretext literally into the meat grinder. Thus they have slowly had Muslims killed. And the whole world is sitting by and watching.

Look, they have convinced the whole world of one of the most dangerous things, that it is supposedly legitimate to kill Muslims. People in many places believe that. That have shown them it is easy to kill Muslims, and that it is necessary. And they have familiarized the world with not reacting. For example, 1 million Muslims are killed in Iraq, but the world regards that as acceptable. Along with the extremists, there are also highly valuable people we lose in this way.  


“There is a policy of devaluing Muslims in the world today”


Today in Muslim countries, if a European for instance is killed, Muslims all protest. They all agree that this is wrong and ruthless, and embassies, consulates and ministries all go into action. But when a Muslim is killed, they have not the slightest problem with that. They do not even take it seriously. And no Muslim country or consulate or official department takes any action.

Look, they have martyred Muslims in Egypt, and would not even take them to hospital. They have not even allowed severely wounded people to be taken to hospital. But if one European, or three Europeans, is injured, they take them to the top quality hospital and look after them very well. The press and other people take an interest and it becomes a major incident.

They have convinced the world that Muslims are worthless, simple entities deserving of being killed. And they have developed this philosophy of killing under the name of Islamophobia. People kill Muslims, cut their fingers off and dry them and then hang them round their necks. And others admire this. They cut ears off and dry them and take them to Europe. And people admire that. As if they had killed an animal. You know the kind of people who cut an animal’s horns or head off when they kill it and then dry them and hang them on their walls at home. This is the same logic. They boast as if they had killed an animal, may Allah forbid. (Surely Muslims are beyond this).


“The policy of devaluation and hatred waged against Muslims is a result of extremism”


There is a system of terror and a policy of devaluing Muslims. That is the result of fundamentalist education. Because when asked, “Why do you do this?” they say; “This is someone who hates women and says that 99% of women will go to hell.” Extremists say that “Women are semi-human.” They regard them as “Mere creatures, equivalent to donkeys, pigs and dogs.” They say that they will “kill those who do not fast or pray or give alms.” They say they will “kill those who do not let their beards grow." The list goes on forever. When that is the model people see in front of them, “We hate such people and we want to kill them,” they say. That is how such a terrible state of affairs came into being.

The system of the Mahdi will resolve this. The followers of the Mahdi will resolve it. That is the reason for this vigorous struggle in the world. The followers of the Mahdi are passionately waging their intellectual struggle against such ideas in Europe, France and everywhere in the world. As a follower of the Mahdi I am also engaged in such a struggle in order to do away with this scourge, this policy of hatred." (Adnan Oktar, 29 October 2013, A9 TV)


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