Bigotry: The Dark Danger

"Violence conducted by the army in Egypt might give way to Al-Qaeda style formations"

Egypt is not a very reliable environment anymore. Common sense and reason is at a complete loss there. It will become the center of death, pain, fear and scourges from now on and blood will spread around the world from there; it will become a center of blood and violence. 

"Those supporting the coup are making a grave mistake"

Those, like the Saudi King, who are supporting the coup, are making a colossal mistake. Israel and people related with Israel have made a colossal mistake. This is major propaganda material to be used by the radical organizations. They will now be telling the Ikhwan, "We used to like your peaceful policies very much and we've put them in use and as you see, you've been ruined as a result of this. Your women, your daughters have been ravished, your people are put into prisons; they've killed your children and your families, they have ruined you. Violence is the only solution for this!" They will say, "It is time for weapons" and Al-Qaeda style formations will rapidly spread all around Egypt. 

People living there are already susceptible to this. Within the army itself, there are at least 80% with the Al-Qaeda mindset. They assume that the Egyptian army is a modern, reasonable army. However, everyone knows the psychopathic aspect of the Egyptian army. It is a maniacal army; the great majority of the army is like this. Of course there are some good ones among them as well; however even those among the public who used to be moderate and mild before will side with violence from now on. 

"The thugs might also realize that they've been used and start supporting violent organizations."

Even thugs might slip towards Al-Qaeda and other violent organizations because of the violence going on right now. People might assume that the thugs will always remain as they are now, but this is not the case. These people will realize that they've been used, that they've been committing murder and will bitterly regret what they've been doing and then they might switch sides. 

They are following a policy that will turn the whole world into a bloodbath right now. They are making a colossal mistake. 

"Unite the Islamic world so that we can calm down the tension and bury this dissension immediately.”

Unite the Islamic World so that we can calm down the tension immediately. Let love prevail at once; let Christians, Jews and Muslims join hands and let us bury this dissension immediately.  Let us cover it with soil and let it all be done with. Instead, some are constantly instigating dissension and saying, "Well done! That is great!" What is great about this? You've just strengthened a thousand-fold the system that will bring about your ruin, how could that be great?  (August 20th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

2013-08-28 21:20:06

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