Bigotry: The Dark Danger

"When our brothers in the Muslim Brotherhod and Egypt believe in the sufficiency of the Koran, all affliction will be removed"

The leaders there are not people who may not be convinced; God holds the hearts of those ones, too. For instance, you may persuade al-Sisi easily through discourse. Yet, if there is anger and an approach distant from the morals of Koran, then people lose their understanding. You cannot bring such people to reason since they only resort to fight and bloodshed by instigating terror. There should be trust in the Book of God. Firstly, they need to accept the sufficiency of the Book of God. The Muslim Brotherhood should believe that the Koran is adequate. The most important matter is this. Our brothers from the members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists should believe in the sufficiency of the Koran.

"For the resolution of problems in Egypt the second condition is ‘sincerity’ and third one is an ‘approach based on love’"

Secondly, they need to be very sincere, and third they should be filled with love. If they do this, all affliction and pain will be removed from them. If they do not do this, then these circumstances may persist until the Mahdi comes. This could last for months and years, may God forbid. The Mahdi will teach them love and how to be sincere, as well as the sufficiency of the Koran. Yet, if they practice this themselves, they would be freed of all afflictions  right away by the will of God.

God informs us that, “He will judge us by the Koran in the Hereafter.” You will achieve salvation if you practice what you understand from the Koran. This is God’s promise. God is teaching us, “Practice what you understand from the Koran sincerely, and I will only judge you by the Koran, and you will be saved.” What else would you want? How beautiful. And God tells us “Love each other.” Love is something very pleasing, what else would you ask for? “Be sincere, Love me” says God. How joyful, how nice and pleasant. Love of God is the greatest blessing, right? What a nice relief to be sincere, how affable. Ones who perform this will attain salvation: This is the formula. There is nothing complicated. They will be saved right away. If they do not achieve salvation, they may come and tell me. This is how they will find redemption immediately. All afflictions will be removed from them. They should say, “The Koran is sufficient.” Love and sincerity must be upheld with all their might. This is the [crux of the] matter, that is all.

"All ‘Governing Powers’ in the world belongs to God"

All governing powers belong to God. God has control over the Illuminati. And Freemasonry belongs to God. And God encompasses the Knight Templars as well as the Rosicrucians. It is God, Who leads the Deep World Government. Deep government in the US and Russia belong to God. These societies are established by people who are under the control of God: They are weak, helpless and poor before God’s Almighty power. It is so easy. They may turn in an instant. What should be done is to have belief in the sufficiency of the Koran, to be sincere and to have an affectionate deep love of God. That is all that is required.

If this is not done, if such morals are not abided by, then even if they release Morsi and have him come to power again in government and make him the Prime Minister they would still be under that affliction. Despite their putting  another person in place of him, they will not be able to change the circumstances. If sufficiency of the Book of God is not accepted, if they do not go for sincerity and if they do not welcome having the utmost love of God; then all the problems will persist.

"If they are very sincere and have deep love of God, then they will find Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who will be the means for people’s salvation"

But if they are very sincere and love God with true affection, then all matters will be resolved. When that happens, they will have found the Mahdi. The reason why people have not still found the Mahdi is because of their distance from full sincerity. Why were people not able to recognize our Prophet (pbuh) then? They were not sincere, and they were loveless people. How did the ones with love find him? How did sincere ones reach him? When they looked into his face, at that instant they said, “He is a Prophet.” At a glance they recognized him. For instance, there were Christian priests, they looked at his face and said, “It is impossible for him to be a liar.” Look, they had a converse mentality. Others saw him and said, “You have a pure face, with holy light.” “They say you are a liar, but it is not possible for you to tell a lie,” they said. “This is a righteous person.” “If he is righteous, then he must be a prophet.” They witnessed, “There is not any expression of a lie upon his face” Since his face was like holy light. He was very decent and honest. Liars have a crooked expression in their eyes. Something seems to be wrong, a kind of darkness. An impression. Our Prophet (pbuh) was extremely honest. Thousands of people embraced faith by only looking at his face. They looked and said, “This is not possible. Absolutely true, because he is so honest and the expression on his face is like the innocence of a child. He is definitely a prophet.” It is impossible for what he says to be a lie by the will of God. For that reason, the name of our Prophet (pbuh) is “Muhammad Al-Amin”. He was the trustworthy, he never told a lie in his lifetime. He does not tell a lie. Even if he is forced under circumstances, he does not do that. He speaks honestly in any case.” (July 7th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

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