Bigotry: The Dark Danger

The Muslim Brotherhood Should Take The Lead in Promoting Freedoms Instead of an Oppressive Radical System


Right now Egypt is going through hard times. Yet there is no need to wait for a long period of time for a new election in Egypt; democratic elections can be held within a month.
The Muslim Brotherhood should adopt a new and loving policy that respects everyone, embraces Christians and other sects of Islam in the same way it does it supporters and shows that less-modestly dressed women without the headscarf also support them as well as women with headscarf.

The Muslim Brotherhood needs to explain to the youth the errors of Darwinism in order to prevent and eliminate the damage materialist mindset has inflicted on society and in order to be successful in the elections.

Advocating freedoms and giving freedoms to women -especially while eradicating fanaticism- is of high significance.

Elections Should Be Held Within a Month

The fact that a person of whom the public has no positive convictions has come to power instead of the democratically elected Morsi should  be no source of  pride for that person.

The elections in Egypt should be held at the soonest moment possible and the Muslim Brotherhood and other parties should be given sufficient time to prepare for the elections.

Anti-Darwinist and Anti-Fanatic Education Should be Emphasized

The most fundamental way out for Egypt and all other Islamic countries is to educate and create an anti-Darwinist youth and prevent fanaticism. The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis should strongly state that Darwinism is an anti-scientific theory. If they come out without speaking out on the errors of Darwinism and materialism, they are bound to fail.

If radicalism persists, Muslims will be oppressed everywhere. God will not give success unless art, science, beauty, urbanity, elegancy and love is advocated.

The Muslim Brotherhood can be successful only if it uses a soothing, peaceful and loving language. No one should use the words of conflict, dispute, or blood-shed.

Women don’t want to live under restraint. They desire to live in freedom and joy. The Muslim Brotherhood should give freedoms to women to the utmost extent. Modern Muslim Brotherhood youth should not take on the oppressive understanding of religion.  

Some old-fashioned people with a radical mindset within the Muslim Brotherhood should not hinder modern youth.

Egypt should have an all-loving and all-embracing system. It should respect the Christians and the Jews also. The atheists should also be free in their beliefs.

God does not allow a fanatical system that is opposed to the Qur’an and that takes away people’s joy of living.  

The Muslim Brotherhood should definitely take love as its basis. Love should be spoken of in general in Egypt. The Army would also support a loving and modern understanding of Islam.

The US Should Support Democracy in Egypt

The US should stress that it is against arrests and give its support to holding of elections in the shortest time possible. 


No to Arrests in Egypt

It is a grave and historical error to arrest Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt. The Army should put a complete end to this practice.

The arrests in Egypt should immediately be nullified and the security and social order of Egypt should be restored.

We say ‘No to Arrests in Egypt’. It is important that this matter is emphasized until it is resolved.

The closure of the TV stations and newspapers is an atrocious act unless they make broadcasts designed to provoke acts of bloodshed. This error should immediately be put right.
 (July 4th, 2013, Adnan Oktar; A9 TV)


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