Bigotry: The Dark Danger

“Our Prophet (saas) loved women as a manifestation of Allah”


Our Prophet (saas) liked women. There is no need for bigotry. They are so bigoted. It is delightful that our prophet (saas) liked women. In paradise Allah will give houris to our Prophet (saas) and to Muslims and they will delight in their houris. What is surprising about that? Why does Allah create houris. He creates them for us to delight in. Why does He create women? He creates them for us to delight in. He creates them so we can love and delight in those whom it is lawful to do so. But then there is this totally unloving mentality that crops up when women are mentioned. The meaning of loving women is to love them as manifestations of Allah. It is to admire Him. To value them. Some people have a most primitive mentality and regard them simply as objects of lust because there is no love in their hearts. No compassion and no fine feelings. All they have is lust, so that is the first thing that comes to their minds when women are mentioned. This is very wrong. They must correct that mindset.

“The meaning of delighting in women is to love them as manifestations of Allah, to value them”

When someone says that he loves a woman, or that he loves a flower, he loves a manifestation of Allah, that is his love of Allah. When one says that the Prophet (saas) liked woman, does that mean simple lust? No. What it means is that he loved them as a manifestation of Allah, he saw Allah’s name of Jamal in them. He saw Allah’s name of Latif. He saw the names Rahman and Rahim. His heart was eased. Allah says that He creates spouses as sources of comfort and ease for one another. It does not mean lust. It is the manifestation of Allah there, the peace bestowed by the mutual repetition of the name of Allah, peace and comfort. But these people are terrified by the way that our Prophet (saas) delighted in women. Yet there are trustworthy hadiths on it. Our Prophet (saas) says, “I love women,” and he says, “I have been made to love three things; prayer, the light of my eyes, lovely perfume and honest women.” Look, “...honest women.” People fail to understand the beauty of this, and that stems from their failure to understand the Qur’an and the spirit of Islam. (Adnan Oktar,  January 26th, 2013, A9 TV)

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