Bigotry: The Dark Danger

The reason behind Turkey’s not being accepted in EU is bigotry

What He Said?What Happened?

February 22nd, 2013: A9 TV
ADNAN OKTAR: The reason why Turkey is not accepted in the European Union is bigotry. If this issue is solved, they will accept Turkey. Otherwise, no way! Gunther Oettinger said not long ago, “They will beg Turkey to join us while crawling on their knees.” However these words have been said in order to become a main topic, hit the headlines and to please the Turkish people. Thus, it really hit all of the headlines. Practically, it is out of the question for any European to do something like that because you are talking about a manner that will paralyze his life. With such a bigoted mentality, even paying a compliment is forbidden. However, Europeans love to compliment each other. Bigots forbid paying  compliments, laughing, wearing perfume, and using toothbrushes. For example in such a mentality, it is forbidden for a woman to color her cheeks or apply lipstick. Europeans are always well groomed. Aren’t they? They are always clean and well groomed.  However, such a bigoted mentality will call them blasphemous people. Do you think these people will put up with this? They will definitely become uncomfortable. If one always look at others in such a way, how can people feel comfortable with that person? They will use such  language. So, they cannot live comfortably, as it will affect their honor. The same point of view is available in furnishing a house. Everything is forbidden according to such bigoted minds. This system is unbelievable, unacceptable for Europeans. They will never want to live in this way and never associate with people who want to live in this way. Therefore, this is not something to slide around. This is almost an illness. So, it must be explained that  real Islam is not like that.  This kind of mentality is not included in the Qur’an. In fact such a mentality belongs only to  people who have bigoted minds.  
A9 TV, February 4th, 2013
ADNAN OKTAR: I see that they are against the Muslims. Germany is against the Muslims. The European Union is against the Muslims. But, what kind of Muslims are they against? They are against the so-called Muslims who have bigoted minds. Why don’t you mention this? These bigoted people walk around with swords and talk about cutting people up. They say they will kill those  who do not perform prayers. They say the Christians need to be pushed to the roadside. They say the trees will inform them about the places of Jewish people, so they will find them and kill them, even if they are children or women. So the Europeans also hate the bigots. This is the issue. Why do Europeans feel uncomfortable when they see a sincere Muslim of high quality? They are not, in fact, afraid of Muslims but rather bloody-minded psychopaths. In other words, the Europeans are afraid of bigots.



March 10th 2013,  Haber 7




In his interview with Samayoluhaber, Jack Straw, the former Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom, said that he was quite angry but also sorry about the issue of Turkey’s becoming a member to European Union having been  suspended. He also said that although this has not been stated openly , Islam is the real obstacle for Turkey  becoming a member of the EU. 


2013-03-29 21:26:24

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