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Ramadan, which comes to a close this week, has given Muslims in Bahrain a chance to reflect on God and beauty – which is everywhere one looks; on the face of a cheetah, the rippling leaves, a rose bud that gracefully comes out of earth without a blemish on it, in the spiral galaxies that display spectacular shows of colourhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/275169/time-to-reflecthttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/275169/time-to-reflecthttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/gulf_daily_news_adnan_oktar_time_to_reflect2.jpgTue, 19 Jun 2018 18:24:45 +0300Welcoming a Second Golden Age: La Convivencia“La Convivencia” refers to a period of time when Muslims, Jews and Christians lived peacefully together in Spain, under Muslim rule. Over the course of seven centuries, members of the three Abrahamic religions worked together and developed one of the most advanced parts of Islamic civilization our world has ever witnehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/275167/welcoming-a-second-golden-agehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/275167/welcoming-a-second-golden-agehttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/egyptian_streets_adnan_oktar_welcoming_a_second_golden_age_la_convivencia2.jpgTue, 19 Jun 2018 18:15:08 +0300'Turkey's choice' is not only Turkey'sTurkey is gearing up for an important election that is going to take place on June 24th. Turks will choose their new President who will be in office for the next five years and they will also choose their candidates for the new 600-member Turkish Parliament. Although there is no certainty as to the percentages, many analysts agrhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/275165/turkeys-choice-is-not-onlyhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/275165/turkeys-choice-is-not-onlyhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/pravda_adnan_oktar_Turkey_s_choice_is_not_only_Turkey_s_2.jpgTue, 19 Jun 2018 16:04:11 +0300Evolution theory could not be proven – Once againFor 25 years, evolutionary biologist Professor Richard E. Lenski has been conducting a set of mutation experiments on 12 different E.coli bacteria population encompassing 60,000 generations. The aim was to be able to conduct an observable evolution experiment called LTTE (Long-term evolution experiment). With the efforts of thehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/275163/evolution-theory-could-not-behttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/275163/evolution-theory-could-not-behttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/ecoli_bacteria2.jpgTue, 19 Jun 2018 13:22:12 +0300When Muslims warp Islam Fasting during the month of Ramadan became a religious duty for Muslims in 624 C.E., during ‎the Medina period when Islam began to spread rapidly. Fasting is not only a ‎religious observation but also an important message to the Muslim world ‎with immense spiritual value. However, this spiritual value becomes ‎aphttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274930/when-muslims-warp-islam-http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274930/when-muslims-warp-islam-http://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/israel_hayom_adnan_oktar_when_Muslims_warp_Islam_2.jpgThu, 14 Jun 2018 13:09:12 +0300Another Ramadan Amidst Gratitude And PrayersIn the month of Ramadan which is a mercy, blessing and beauty for all Muslims, we sit to break our fast and we give our thanks to God for each and every meal, every provision He has provided us with. As a matter of fact, we should display the same level of gratitude for all the blessings bestowed upon us everyday and always. We shttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274928/another-ramadan-amidst-gratitude-andhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274928/another-ramadan-amidst-gratitude-andhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/bernama_adnan_oktar_another_ramadan_amidst_gratitude_and_prayers_2.jpgThu, 14 Jun 2018 12:38:30 +0300Istanbul Tour with Our Guestshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/274912/istanbul-tour-with-our-guestshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/274912/istanbul-tour-with-our-guestshttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/50-kisa-filmler-mutlaka-izleyin/ttt.gifThu, 14 Jun 2018 07:39:36 +0300Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation with His Guests from Israel and Abroadhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktars-conversations-with-guests/274835/mr-adnan-oktars-live-conversationhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktars-conversations-with-guests/274835/mr-adnan-oktars-live-conversationhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/120-adnan-oktar-in-konuklari/bc.gifTue, 12 Jun 2018 23:16:22 +0300Exposing the secret dictatorshipIt imposes a political agenda and creates a situation of oppression wherein physical prowess is used to drive people towards atheism and turn them into selfish materialists who view this world as an arena of struggle. This is the dictatorship of Darwinism and the world doesn't even know that it exists. For the last 150 yearshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274833/exposing-the-secret-dictatorshiphttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274833/exposing-the-secret-dictatorshiphttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/the_pioneer_adnan_oktar_adnan_oktar_exposing_the_secret_dictatorship2.jpgTue, 12 Jun 2018 19:50:25 +0300Let Muslims make a Pledge to Unite this RamadanMany helpless Muslim women, babies, children and elderly are losing their lives only because Muslims have failed to unite under one grand alliance. In consideration of the fact that Islam is the religion of peace and brotherhood, we wish and expect the month of Ramadan we are in to bring about a period of enlightenment and prospehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274743/let-muslims-make-a-pledgehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274743/let-muslims-make-a-pledgehttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/kashmir_reader_adnan_oktar_let_Muslims_make_a_pledge_to_unite_this_Ramadan2.jpgSun, 10 Jun 2018 18:47:27 +0300A sharp mutual prejudice used to rule between the religious conservative section and the secular section of the society. A flood of rage was waiting at the door and the society was divided into two in the smallest incident. We have removed that rage and reconciled these two. Our modern, enlightened and vivacious side, and our being very devout has been the living proof showing that both sides can come to terms and reconcile. (A9 TV; February 11th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274673/a-sharp-mutual-prejudice-usedhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274673/a-sharp-mutual-prejudice-usedSat, 09 Jun 2018 07:00:34 +0300One other good aspect of our activities is that we have an understanding that conciliates the conservative part of the society with the secular part. There is a lack of communication between these two parts that is being used by those who want to dissociate the society. Many examples of these have been experienced in the past. Our activities are of crucial importance to avoid experiencing similar incidents again. Both parts are the children of this country, both sides are valuable. When there is a rigid understanding, it would not be possible for the conservative part to reach people who live by the shores, to the secular ones. Both sides continue their lives among themselves. By explaining the fact that the Qur’an brings democracy, secularity and freedom, we remove the prejudices of both parties. But it seems as though some bigots are determined to divide society, so we are trying to correct this. We will insha’Allah live together as brothers with love.(A9 TV; February 8th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274608/one-other-good-aspect-ofhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274608/one-other-good-aspect-ofThu, 07 Jun 2018 02:08:58 +0300Prayers In Ramadan For Muslims' SalvationAs we are enthusiastically observing another month of Ramadan that enables us to become closer to God and show our unwavering love for Him, our brothers and sisters in faith who suffer oppression all across the world doubtlessly occupy our thoughts and prayers. The aggrieved peoples of the Middle East are plagued with mischiefshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274508/prayers-in-ramadan-for-muslimshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274508/prayers-in-ramadan-for-muslimshttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/bernama_adnan_oktar_prayers_for_salvation_of_Muslims2.jpgMon, 04 Jun 2018 15:53:49 +0300A spirit of interfaith solidarityRamadan is not only a month for spiritual awakening that sees Muslims reaffirming and expressing their love for God through fasting, but also a month where people with different faiths, opinions, languages and ethnicities come together and bond in an exemplary show of solidarity and peace. For this reason, it is important that duhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274493/a-spirit-of-interfaith-solidarityhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274493/a-spirit-of-interfaith-solidarityhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/israel_hayom_adnan_oktar_a_spirit_of_interfaith_solidarity2.jpgMon, 04 Jun 2018 01:12:11 +0300A month-long festivalIt is almost miraclulous that despite changing times, advancing technology, shifting habits, disappearing traditions and newly emerging ones, in Bahrain, Ramadan is a beautiful, reassuring constant. Its warmth is unlike any other: people are simply better. Children are happier, adults are kinder, and the elderly are more respectehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274490/a-month-long-festivalhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274490/a-month-long-festivalhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/gulf_daily_news_adnan_oktar_a_month_long_festival2.jpgMon, 04 Jun 2018 01:01:02 +0300A9 TV Traditional Iftar at Ciragan Palace, 2018 (3)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/274474/a9-tv-traditional-iftar-athttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/274474/a9-tv-traditional-iftar-athttp://fs.fmanager.net//files/videoimages/03062018//ciraganiftar_25_mayis2018_bahce-son_20.jpgSun, 03 Jun 2018 13:39:46 +0300A9 TV Traditional Iftar at Ciragan Palace, 2018 (2)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/274473/a9-tv-traditional-iftar-athttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/274473/a9-tv-traditional-iftar-athttp://fs.fmanager.net//files/videoimages/03062018//ciraganiftar_25_mayis2018_a9pano_son_05.jpgSun, 03 Jun 2018 13:35:03 +0300A9 TV Traditional Iftar at Ciragan Palace, 2018 (1)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/274472/a9-tv-traditional-iftar-athttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Short-videos---Dont-miss/274472/a9-tv-traditional-iftar-athttp://fs.fmanager.net//files/videoimages/03062018//ciraganiftar_25_mayis2018-en_01.jpgSun, 03 Jun 2018 13:30:52 +0300Ramadan: The Month of PatiencePeople tend to be impatient if they do not use their mind, conscience and will. Usually, people seek to easily get what they want with little effort, solve a problem immediately, overcome a difficulty, and that the troubles would pass quickly. However, as a requirement of the trial on earth, sometimes things are not solved in suchttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274434/ramadan-the-month-of-patiencehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274434/ramadan-the-month-of-patiencehttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/kashmir_reader_adnan_oktar_Ramadan_the_month_of_patience2.jpgFri, 01 Jun 2018 23:48:37 +0300The Sultan Of 11 Months, Welcome!As we are enthusiastically observing another month of Ramadan that enables us to become closer to God and show our unwavering love for Him, our brothers and sisters in faith who suffer oppression all across the world doubtlessly occupy our thoughts and prayers. The aggrieved peoples of the Middle East are plagued with mischiefshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274382/the-sultan-of-11-monthshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274382/the-sultan-of-11-monthshttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/bernama_adnan_oktar_the_sultan_of_11_months_welcome2.jpgFri, 01 Jun 2018 14:59:16 +0300