DARKDANGERBIGOTRY.COMhttp://darkdangerbigotry.comdarkdangerbigotry.com - History, Politics and Strategy - Recently AddedenCopyright (C) 1994 darkdangerbigotry.com 1DARKDANGERBIGOTRY.COMhttp://darkdangerbigotry.comhttp://harunyahya.com/assets/images/hy_muhur.png11666We have given hundred thousands of martyrs for this homeland yet we have never given a handful of our soil. We would never give. The British wanted to enter Turkey from Afrin in 1918, but our beloved leader Ghazi Mustafa Kemal, realizing the importance of that region, defined a line there and did not let the British even a step in.(A9 TV; March 1st, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/276025/we-have-given-hundred-thousandshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/276025/we-have-given-hundred-thousandsMon, 09 Jul 2018 21:22:11 +0300Some people hold big headed, pedant types in awe. They coddle those who act snobbish. They think very little of those who talk about love. One needs to see lack of love as a moral corruption and not give those who do not talk about love the time of the day. The doors of hatred should be closed tight. Hatred is a serious problem in the Middle East, it is important to avoid everything that might incite hatred. (A9 TV; February 28th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/276018/some-people-hold-big-headedhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/276018/some-people-hold-big-headedMon, 09 Jul 2018 20:49:58 +0300Our President Mr. Erdoğan is like a lion masha’Allah, he is complete Anatolian young man. May God give him a long and auspicious life. Our President Mr. Erdoğan will always be the leader of our nation also in 2019, 2029, 2039, with the help of God insha’Allah. He is always in front of the eyes of our people with his good morality, him honesty and sincerity. Our President Mr. Erdoğan was raised by our Master Necmettin Erbakan. He is a faithful and conscientious man of cause, just like our Master Erbakan was. Mr. Erdoğan is never deceived by the fuss people make and he listens to his good conscience all the time. (A9 TV; February 26th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/276005/our-president-mr-erdogan-ishttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/276005/our-president-mr-erdogan-isMon, 09 Jul 2018 20:00:46 +0300It should be made clear that no one should give credit to the false reports made about the Afrin operation. Turkey is advancing very cautiously and very carefully because she is painstakingly careful about the protection of civilians. Turkish army is very conscientious and merciful. There are some provocateurs who want to create an atmosphere as if we are giving so many martyrs. In such a period the best thing to do is to close ranks around the national leader. We – as the Turkish nation- are beside our President Mr. Erdoğan and our honorable army, with God’s help. We will never surrender any piece of our homeland to the system of the dajjal. It is time that the British deep state and their sycophants drum this thoroughly into their heads. (A9 TV; February 25th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/276002/it-should-be-made-clearhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/276002/it-should-be-made-clearMon, 09 Jul 2018 19:50:54 +0300Mr. Bahçeli is a very valuable, very smart, perfect person with a superior culture of governance. He adopted the morality and personality the late Türkeş. (A9 TV; February 24th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275999/mr-bahceli-is-a-veryhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275999/mr-bahceli-is-a-veryMon, 09 Jul 2018 19:35:12 +0300It is not possible for great incidents that make history to take place with a mastermind behind. Great wars, uprisings, rebellions would not take place without a mastermind behind either. The notion of a “mastermind” is not a conspiracy theory. (A9 TV; February 23rd, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275994/it-is-not-possible-forhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275994/it-is-not-possible-forMon, 09 Jul 2018 19:20:29 +0300Both Palestinians and Israeli are from the line of the Prophets. They are the two sons of the same Prophet. We want an environment in which the sons of the Prophet love one another, in which they live as brothers and companions. Love is the only solution to all problems. When the sons of the Prophet Abraham embrace each other, the region will become Heaven on Earth. This love will be the first step of the Islamic Union. (A9 TV; February 22nd, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275956/both-palestinians-and-israeli-arehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275956/both-palestinians-and-israeli-areMon, 09 Jul 2018 02:01:35 +0300The hypocrites do not help the Religion of God. They do not help those who help the Religion of God. On the contrary, they constantly try to stop them. Loneliness is one of the greatest punishments God gives them in response to this. Hypocrites live all alone in constant rage and anger. Only sewage flow out of their mouths and they neither talk about the invalidity of Darwinism, nor about the erroneousness of materialism, or the British deep state or the threat of the PKK. They only talk about the Muslims and nothing more with their swamp-like mouths. Trying to demoralize believers, to dishearten them and to be annoyed with their success is all they ever have in their twisted hypocritical minds. (A9 TV; February 21st, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275797/the-hypocrites-do-not-helphttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275797/the-hypocrites-do-not-helpSat, 07 Jul 2018 20:25:08 +0300The fickle traitors of the British deep state are still making plans and devising plots ignominiously and despicably against our nation and our state. Our President Mr. Erdoğan gave them the most beautiful response by saying “Those who want to learn about the Ottoman slap should have look at the Kut Al Amara and the Gallipoli campaign.”(A9 TV; February 20th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275768/the-fickle-traitors-of-thehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275768/the-fickle-traitors-of-theSat, 07 Jul 2018 16:40:46 +0300Hypocrites are one of the greatest dangers facing the Islamic countries. Hypocrites present themselves as honest, rational people who live by Islam. But it is not Islam that they live by, theirs is a religion they have come up with in their minds. 99 % of the Qur’an doesn’t exist in the religion of the hypocrites. (A9 TV; February 19th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275743/hypocrites-are-one-of-thehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275743/hypocrites-are-one-of-theSat, 07 Jul 2018 03:40:01 +0300High quality countries do not collapse. Countries in which women enjoy their freedom, in which arts and beauty progress, do not collapse. Those countries in which arts and aesthetics are destroyed, in which women are oppressed - May God forbid- collapse. Therefore our President Mr. Erdoğan’s speech about the importance of culture and art is crucially important. (A9 TV; February 17th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275735/high-quality-countries-do-nothttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275735/high-quality-countries-do-notSat, 07 Jul 2018 01:58:59 +0300The buildings should definitely carry an artistic value. It is not right to construct buildings only based on functionality. When looking at a building the first feeling that it evokes should be admiration. Architecture based on functionality only uglifies cities.(A9 TV; February 17th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275730/the-buildings-should-definitely-carryhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275730/the-buildings-should-definitely-carrySat, 07 Jul 2018 00:23:15 +0300We will insha’Allah put an end to this fight between Israel and Palestine. We want these two peoples both of which are from the lines of Prophets to live together as brothers. The one who martyrs an innocent Palestinian and the one who martyrs an innocent Jew are both persecutors. We are against all kinds of persecution. We want our dear Palestinian brothers and sisters to live in peace and safety. We want the Jewish people all of which are the children of the Prophet Moses who are in our safekeeping to live in safety everywhere. By the Will of God this beautiful peaceful environment would be attained in the time of the Mahdi. (A9 TV; February 16th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275702/we-will-inshaallah-put-anhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275702/we-will-inshaallah-put-anFri, 06 Jul 2018 21:31:42 +0300It will not be possible to establish peace in the world without intellectually bringing down the system of the dajjal. With the system of the Mahdi, peace will prevail in the whole world as the attacks of the British deep state will be completely wiped out. (A9 TV; February 15th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275688/it-will-not-be-possiblehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275688/it-will-not-be-possibleFri, 06 Jul 2018 17:39:24 +0300The British deep state uses homosexuality to weaken the spirituality in Muslim countries. In their own twisted ways, they are trying to legitimize homosexuality that God deemed unlawful. It is of crucial importance that all the institutions of our state are vigilant against this grave threat. (A9 TV; February 15th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275686/the-british-deep-state-useshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275686/the-british-deep-state-usesFri, 06 Jul 2018 17:24:27 +0300Homosexual upper identity is above all ideologies and faiths for the British deep state. When the British deep state wants to lay hold of some place, they spread homosexuality among that society. A Japanese homosexual would then come fight at the ranks of the PKK. They are gathering homosexuals from all around the world at the Turkish border with a special goal. They are using homosexuality as an upper identity to completely degenerate the region and to corrupt all the values.(A9 TV; February 14th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275651/homosexual-upper-identity-is-abovehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275651/homosexual-upper-identity-is-aboveThu, 05 Jul 2018 19:30:52 +0300Let us develop a very modern Turkey in line with the Qur’an, shaped with the understanding of freedom defined in the Qur’an. If Turkey becomes ultra-modern, if women are provided an environment in which they would live freely as they like, if freedoms are broadened, Turkey would become the strongest state of Europe. (A9 TV; February 13th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275648/let-us-develop-a-veryhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275648/let-us-develop-a-veryThu, 05 Jul 2018 19:17:36 +0300If Turkey becomes very modern, all the attacks made against Turkey by the West would be rendered ineffective. If Turkey emphasizes that we advocate an ultra-modern life-style, there would be no such thing as the US support for the PKK either. Turkey would certainly continue her justified, rightful struggle against terror. But it is of crucial importance to emphasize that Turkey is a modern country, if we are in search of a solution from a philosophical point of view. (A9 TV; February 13th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275647/if-turkey-becomes-very-modernhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275647/if-turkey-becomes-very-modernThu, 05 Jul 2018 19:14:12 +0300It would be an abnormality if we do not defend ourselves against those who try to annihilate Turkish Nation. Every Turkish citizen should stand by our President Mr. Erdoğan in this rightful cause. We would not stand by as mere observers during the attacks carried out against our nation. We, as the Turkish Nation will not let the PKK have their way. (A9 TV; February 13th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275640/it-would-be-an-abnormalityhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275640/it-would-be-an-abnormalityThu, 05 Jul 2018 18:58:07 +0300Every single member of the Turkish nation is responsible for defending his homeland, his nation and his flag against those who want to annihilate the Turkish nation. Being a ghazi or a martyr is not intimidating for us, on the contrary we regard them as an honor. We will take a very hard line against the PKK and intercept all their attempts. We fully support our President Mr. Erdoğan. Together with our police officers, soldiers and all the institutions of the state, we are right beside him. A national leader means the state. Closing ranks around a national leader means closing ranks around the state. All our enemies would flee once we close ranks around our President Mr. Erdoğan. (A9 TV; February 13th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275635/every-single-member-of-thehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275635/every-single-member-of-theThu, 05 Jul 2018 17:09:29 +0300