DARKDANGERBIGOTRY.COMhttp://darkdangerbigotry.comdarkdangerbigotry.com - History, Politics and Strategy - Recently AddedenCopyright (C) 1994 darkdangerbigotry.com 1DARKDANGERBIGOTRY.COMhttp://darkdangerbigotry.comhttp://harunyahya.com/assets/images/hy_muhur.png11666'Turkey's choice' is not only Turkey'sTurkey is gearing up for an important election that is going to take place on June 24th. Turks will choose their new President who will be in office for the next five years and they will also choose their candidates for the new 600-member Turkish Parliament. Although there is no certainty as to the percentages, many analysts agrhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/275165/turkeys-choice-is-not-onlyhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/275165/turkeys-choice-is-not-onlyhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/pravda_adnan_oktar_Turkey_s_choice_is_not_only_Turkey_s_2.jpgTue, 19 Jun 2018 16:04:11 +0300Our homeland is our honor and our virtue. There would be no meaning to life after losing this homeland. Giving our lives to protect this homeland is sacred for us. We are all ready to serve to protect our country on the front lines if our state entrusts us that task. (A9 TV; February 12th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275119/our-homeland-is-our-honorhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275119/our-homeland-is-our-honorMon, 18 Jun 2018 06:59:52 +0300Our martyrs are the honor and pride of our nation. Giving martyrs is not something we would be weary about. We are a nation that has given 200 thousand martyrs in Çanakkale. We have given ten thousands of martyrs in a single pitched battle. Our country, our state, our flag and our nation are sacred for us. We would never let anyone speak impertinently about God, about our homeland, about our state and nation. We would not let any attempt against them. We would never ever give away a single stone of our homeland. Asking for kilometers long land or a single stone doesn’t make any difference for us. All 83 million of us would lovingly choose martyrdom instead of having our homeland divided. Trying to wear down our government by using the number of our heroic martyrs as a pretext is a dissension, a fitna. If they imagine that we would say ‘we have given too many martyrs, we should give up this struggle,’ they are wrong. To protect our homeland, our flag, our state and nation we would altogether be martyrs if need be.(A9 TV; February 12th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275118/our-martyrs-are-the-honorhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/275118/our-martyrs-are-the-honorMon, 18 Jun 2018 06:51:58 +0300Let Muslims make a Pledge to Unite this RamadanMany helpless Muslim women, babies, children and elderly are losing their lives only because Muslims have failed to unite under one grand alliance. In consideration of the fact that Islam is the religion of peace and brotherhood, we wish and expect the month of Ramadan we are in to bring about a period of enlightenment and prospehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274743/let-muslims-make-a-pledgehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274743/let-muslims-make-a-pledgehttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/kashmir_reader_adnan_oktar_let_Muslims_make_a_pledge_to_unite_this_Ramadan2.jpgSun, 10 Jun 2018 18:47:27 +0300Maxim Babitski, Interview with Israeli Politicianhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/274675/maxim-babitski-interview-with-israelihttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Other-Talk-Programs/274675/maxim-babitski-interview-with-israelihttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/58-arkadaslarimizin-sohbet-programlari/babeng.gifSat, 09 Jun 2018 08:38:10 +0300All the institutions of our state should be on full alert against the homosexual clan that acts in an organized manner all over the world. There is a homosexual structuring that protects one another all over the world and that acts like a clan. It is possible to see a communist allying with a conservative in homosexuality. For such a conservative being homosexual might become even more important than religion. For such a communist homosexuality might become even more important than their ideology. That is why they very easily get along and form an alliance. They unite and carry out an organized activity against devout, sincere and genuine believers. It is of crucial importance to keep all the institutions of our state on full alert against this threat. (A9 TV; February 10th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274663/all-the-institutions-of-ourhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274663/all-the-institutions-of-ourSat, 09 Jun 2018 01:31:43 +0300May God give strength and power to our army. May God deem our army victorious with goodness, benediction and gentleness. (A9 TV; February 10th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274661/may-god-give-strength-andhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274661/may-god-give-strength-andSat, 09 Jun 2018 01:29:17 +0300In the Qur’an God tells us to give a struggle ‘until there is no more fitna (dissension) and the religion is God´s alone.” (Surat Al-Anfal,39) Homosexuality, Darwinism, materialism, communism, the PKK and other terror organizations, all sorts of perversion… All those are dissensions. If we strive against all these dissensions with science and knowledge with all our might, God would give us the abundance of that and would make Islam prevail all over the world. (A9 TV; February 10th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274633/in-the-quran-god-tellshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274633/in-the-quran-god-tellsThu, 07 Jun 2018 23:28:34 +0300May God bless and approve the martyrdom of our heroic soldiers who’ve been martyred today. May God bestow a beautiful patience, peace and abundance to their families. As a nation, we have come to these days giving martyrs all the way since the battle of Malazgirt. That is an honor for our nation. May God bless the honorable campaign of our glorious army. (A9 TV; February 10th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274632/may-god-bless-and-approvehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274632/may-god-bless-and-approveThu, 07 Jun 2018 23:25:48 +0300Unity of society is important. There is bound to be opposition, there should be an environment in which everyone would be able to voice their criticisms and the other side should be allowed to respond to these criticisms; all these are perfectly natural. But striving to prevent any damage on the spirit of brotherhood during such difficult times of Turkey is of crucial importance. That is why we need to keep the language used as calm as possible and be even-tempered. (A9 TV; February 9th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274625/unity-of-society-is-importanthttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274625/unity-of-society-is-importantThu, 07 Jun 2018 23:03:40 +0300Darwinist education is a grave disaster. Darwinism denies the existence of God. Darwinist education creates the philosophical foundation of the PKK. Emphasizing this fact insistently and raising awareness about this threat right away is of crucial importance. (A9 TV; February 8th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274611/darwinist-education-is-a-gravehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274611/darwinist-education-is-a-graveThu, 07 Jun 2018 02:12:45 +0300The most crucial step that should be taken to put an end to terror and the existence of the PKK is to immediately stopping the Darwinist education. Instead, the existence and Oneness of God and the invalidity of the Darwinist claims should be explained to the youngsters who’ve been receiving Darwinist, materialist education starting with their junior and senior education. Youngsters are receiving anti-scientific education starting from their years in junior high school which wrongfully teaches them that their ancestors were apes and the their forefathers lived in communal societies. It becomes very easy for the PKK to persuade people who’ve been brought up with this by saying ‘conflicts, terror, anarchy are merely the clash of thesis and anti-thesis’. We should educate these youngsters with science, persuasion and indoctrination. This is the only way to dispel the destruction done on them. The system of the dajjal uses Darwinism and against that we do need anti-Darwinist education. Against the claims of Darwinism, the facts leading to faith and the miracles of the Qur’an should constantly be told in books, periodicals and conferences. Only with the Qur’an can Turkey stand against the system of the Dajjal.(A9 TV; February 7th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274597/the-most-crucial-step-thathttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274597/the-most-crucial-step-thatThu, 07 Jun 2018 00:44:29 +0300We are against the PKK, a structuring that wants a communist, Stalinist state, that carries out massacres and that wants to divide Turkey. Otherwise our Kurdish brothers who are friends with Turkey, who are respectful towards Islam, the Qur’an and our sacred values are very dear to us. (A9 TV; February 6th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274312/we-are-against-the-pkkhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274312/we-are-against-the-pkkThu, 31 May 2018 05:56:26 +0300We are fully supporting our President Mr. Erdoğan and the operation our honorable soldiers are carrying out with our President at the South East borders. No one should try to distract our attention with vain attempts of changing the agenda. (A9 TV; February 6th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274311/we-are-fully-supporting-ourhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274311/we-are-fully-supporting-ourThu, 31 May 2018 05:53:34 +0300The path of our President Mr. Erdoğan is an auspicious path; it is a path of goodness and the language he uses is an auspicious language. He is acting in compliance with the Qur’an and he will continue to do that. He should keep his heart at ease and not carry the least of worries, the Turkish nation is right behind him. (A9 TV; February 6th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274295/the-path-of-our-presidenthttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274295/the-path-of-our-presidentThu, 31 May 2018 02:35:13 +0300Refugee children should be Europe’s big concernWhenever a child goes missing, a huge frenzy starts. Thousands rush in and help search for the lost child. Although sometimes the search yields heart-breaking results, most of the time, the child is happily reunited with the family. This is what usually happens in most parts of the world, because no person with a good consciencehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274196/refugee-children-should-be-europeshttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274196/refugee-children-should-be-europeshttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/hindustan_times_adnan_oktar_refugee_children_should_be_Europe_s_big_concern_2.jpgSun, 27 May 2018 23:55:43 +0300Unending Ordeal of ChildrenAll over the world, kids pay a heavy price when adults make irresponsible choices. As long as there is the will to help, there is virtually no limit to what can be done Certainly, the world doesn’t have a problem with regards to meeting everyone’s needs in food, shelter and safety. However, there is relentless inequahttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274177/unending-ordeal-of-childrenhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274177/unending-ordeal-of-childrenhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/112-hos-sohbetler/the_pioneer_adnan_unending_ordeal_of_children2.jpgSat, 26 May 2018 03:41:00 +0300The Horrific Return Of Racism. Or Was It Always There?Racism was supposed to be finished in Europe. Europe and the Western world were supposed to have learned from the horrific consequences of their past. According to the official narrative in the Western world, the acceptance of racism is not even a question. They are the foremost defenders of human rights and they would never tolehttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274173/the-horrific-return-of-racismhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Articles/274173/the-horrific-return-of-racismhttp://fs.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/bernama_adnan_oktar_the_horrific_return_of_racism_or_was_it_always_there2.jpgSat, 26 May 2018 01:17:57 +0300Some people are in a panic since our President Mr. Erdoğan will become even more powerful if he unites with the enlightened and modern section of the society, so they are trying to do whatever they can to drive a wedge between our President and such people. We will always keep our enlightened, modern youth right beside our President Mr. Erdoğan insha’Allah. (A9 TV; February 5th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274157/some-people-are-in-ahttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274157/some-people-are-in-aThu, 24 May 2018 01:28:35 +0300The British deep state and the homosexual global structuring are in a campaign against Turkey. They are trying to – in their own minds- disrupt the quality, skill and the reliable structure of the Turkish state. To prevent this threat, the secular, enlightened and cultured members of the society should definitely support our President Mr. Erdoğan and not leave him alone. (A9 TV; February 5th, 2018)http://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274155/the-british-deep-state-andhttp://darkdangerbigotry.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/274155/the-british-deep-state-andWed, 23 May 2018 23:54:33 +0300