Alhamdullah, MashAllah. Bigotry: The Dark Danger is another manifest evident that the light (Imam Mahdi) has appeared. by researching, exposed and explaining in details all the weak or fabricated Hadiths which leads to false ideology that are causing problems to muslims, islamic countries and even the neighboring religious is some thing worth appreciating, for that we give glory to Allah once again, and continue to pray for Mr Adnan a.k.a HARUN YAHYA and his entire team for all the effort their putting, i ve really understand islam originally through your works. may almighty Allah continue to bless you, help you and reward you with the best as promised. may almighty Allah also facilitate the appearance of prophet Jesus a.s and Hazrat Mahdi, Ameen. MashAllah.
Nadada Kabiru . C - NG
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